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This is my second testimonial in 2 weeks, just finished BASS Elite Series as a Co-angler at Kissimmee Chain in Florida. The fishing was all over the board. Fish were caught on just about every technique depending on the day and the weather. I finesse fished, wormed, cranked, through a chatter bait, a spinner bait, flipped and pitched. As a coangler you are limited to very few rods and I used my 7' MH Helium 2 LTX rods for all these purposes and cashed a check in the first two events I ever fished like this. They are strong, light and extremely sensative. I'm not sure I really need any other rods in my arsenal anymore. Thanx Kistler, couldn't have done it without you!

Dr Kurt Michaux, LTX's for every need, Florida

Just fished my first BASS Elite Series as a co-angler and used my brand new LTX 7' MH's and I made the cut and got a check. The bite was real tough, but with the sensitivity and strength of the best rods made, I did awesome for my first time. They are so light weight, that after 3 days of fishing, I barely had any shoulder or wrist fatigue too........thanx Kistler, I'm ready to get a few more. May God continually bless your company.

Dr. Kurt Michaux, LTX's Are Awesome, Clermont, FL

Products Purchased / Services Used: LTX's

My name is Dillon Tucker and I am 15 years old. I won the 2007 Junior State Championship on Logan Martin Lake. I then advanced on to the world Champioship in Hot Springs Arkansas. I finished second in the southern division. I just wanted to tell ya'll how much these rods helped me land fish in these tournaments. These rods are so sensitive. If it wasn't for these rods I may have never done that good. I just wanted to say thanks! Dillon Tucker

Dillon Tucker

Hello there let me tell you these are the best rods in the world i have 3 of them and i don't know how i can catch fish with out them they are so light and you can feel everything. i try whenever i am out weather at a tournment or fishing show, show off my kistler stuff because they have some awsome stuff

Mark Rose, Tournment fisherman, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Magnesium Ts all purpose, drop shot, tube bait

First things first, right? It's very refreshing to see Christianity practiced openly as part of your business model. I am furthermore honored to purchase and support a company that God has blessed and is prospering! As with many who have said before me, I've used all of the rods out there and still use GLoomis (GL3/GLX) and St. Croix (Legend/Avid), till I called to get them to change something/add Fuji Sic guides. To my astonishment that is when I was told they did not do that sort of custom work! Makes you wonder why they call themselves "Custom" rod builders. My first Helium LTA was a stock 7' Med action and I thought I had the perfect Rod till Clifford put together a custom built 7'6" Helium LTA, He76MS and yes he wrapped it with my supplied Fuji Sic guides for Red fishing here in N.E. FL---Wow-beautiful work and great customer service Clifford and all the staff at Kistler!!! You have a customer for life. Thanks again!

Greer F., "Custom" fishing rods, US Army, St. Augustine, FL

I used to be the type of angler that would go for a cheaper rod, and didn't think it made any difference...That was until I used my first Kistler. I got it a season or two ago. It was a Helium LTX 2. It truly changed the way I fished. I never knew a rod could make that much difference, but it definitely does. I started using Kistler Rods in both my everyday fishing and during bass tournaments. I started catching more bass almost immediately. The quality of a Kistler is another thing that keeps me coming back. I gradually started replacing all my rods with Kistler Rods. We've even started using Kistler Rods with kids when we take them out during our Fishing Tree classes. The kids can really tell the difference in a rod also. When we teach them to fish with a Texas Rig for instance, the reactions they make when they feel that fish take the worm are priceless. Thanks to Trey, Cindy and everyone at Kistler for making such a great product!

Rob Gross, Fishing Tree Instructor, The Fishing Tree, Minnesota

Products Purchased / Services Used: Heliums, Magnesiums, Numerous Models

Worked at Cabela's Spring Show as member of Kistler Pro-Staff. We sold numerous rods, especially when comparing against the other high end rods. I have used the rods myself for over 4 years and was sold before I was asked to join the Pro-Staff.

Ken Parker

What a great Rod, I have lived here in Texas for a year now and started with all lamiglass custom rods, well I guess somebody needed them more than I, broke into my rod boxes and all gone with reels, well you can bet it was expensive to replace so I opted to go with Falcon, well my wrists were getting tired and finally tried a Kistler Mg7 footer and was in love, well I now have all Mg and LTA rods, and now my wife who also tounament fishes with me is using all Kistler spinning rods and she just loves the feel,weight and sensitivity she never had before.

Rick Muir, Smokey, Bedford Tx

Products Purchased / Services Used: great customer service, sent wrong rod,decided to keep, had already sent new rod and didn't have to ask superb company

2 for 2 with the new Mg Series! Kistler Rods' new 7' MgTS Senko Rod is like fishing an extension of your arm. The sensitivity is almost a part of you and the strength that the rod has is unmatched! Last weekend's 8.9# post spawn hawg "ticked" the senko and then blasted off after the hookset. The bite was light, the fight was wild, but the new Mg Senko rod performed like it should. 22.76 last week, 20.40 the week before. Thanks Trey!

Allen Rhoden, Huntsville, Texas

Products Purchased / Services Used: MgSWMH70

I finally got a Helium 2 LTX rod for my birthday! I went down to a local canal, that has a lot of hydrilla mats. i caught 5 fish because of the power of my rod! The fish altogether weighed 20 pounds. If i would not of had my KISTLER rod to pull the fish out of the mats, would have lost the 5 and 4 + a hlf pound bass to that unforigving hydrilla. These rods are the BEST on the market that i know of. If you dont have one you are missing out on everything. THANK YOU for making such a GREAT ROD!

kelly parker, Port Charlotte, Florida

Products Purchased / Services Used: bass fishing/ He2MHC70

These are the best rods out there.The craftmanship of these rods are of the upmost of quality.Kistler rods, if you want to be the best,fish kistler rods.God has surely blessed your company.

Douglas Raines, Sales Consultant, Dick Genthe Chevrolet, Southgate Michigan

Products Purchased / Services Used: lta,mag,plus series

I gotta tell ya I have used many rods over the years and I am not an easy person to please I want what I want after all its my money and more than that fishing is my time and my passion. Thanks Kistler for giving me a rod worthy of my time on the water.

Chuck Wiginton, Marion Arkansas

I was first introduced to Kistler Rods throught fishing the Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail. I purchased my first Kistler (6'6" MH Graphite Plus) over 5 years ago, and I now own 8 Kistler Rods (2 Graphite Plus / 2 LTA's / 3 Magnesiums / 1 Helium 2 LTX). They are the lightest, most sensitive, and innovative rods I have ever owned or fished with. The hook hanger is awesome because you do not have to remove the hook from your plastic bait in order to place it on the hanger. Also, Kistler is constantly seeking to improve their rods. The customer service is first class, and I admire Trey for sharing his faith in God very openly on the labels that are attached to the rods when you receive them. Kistler Rods is a first rate company that builds a first rate product and backs it with first rate customer service. It just doesn't get any better than that!

Michael L. Smith, Minister of Students, First Baptist Church, Americus, GA

Products Purchased / Services Used: 6'6"Graphite Plus MHC / 6'6" Graphite Plus Dock Skipping Special / 6'9"HeAPC / 6'6"HeMS / 6'6"Magnesium All Day Flipping stick / 7'Mag. Crankin' Rod / 6'9" Magnesium Drop Shot - Finesse Worm Spinning / 6'9" Helium 2 LTX MHC

The one that didn't get away.....unfortunately! Well, to set the stage, I have been fishing for about 28 years now. Other than top water, fishing an ultra light combo is my next favorite way to catch largemouth bass here in Florida. (now the technique is called Finesse Fishing) I have used rods from many companies, but when I picked up a Kistler Rod, I was blown away. I have been switching all my rods to Kistler now. I bought a Magnesium Drop Shot Rod, it was the perfect ultra light rod for me. Light, extremely sensitive and now I know ultra strong. So I'm on Lake Harris using 6 lb. BPS flouro carbon on a drop shot rig in 15-20' of water with my new Kistler. I feel tap, tap and I set the hook. Wow! The fight was on. My drag started screaming. 15 minutes went by and I was sure this was the "big one". 30 minutes went by and I'm fighting and now starting to try to horse the fish in thinking this is not a bass but a cat fish. I had to chase the fish all over with my trolling motor to keep from getting spooled, but my rod is doubled over the entire time and is holding up. 45 minutes go by and now several boats have stopped to watch, but can't get her to the boat. At the hour mark, I'm now getting frustrated cause its stripping all my line off the reel, then I chase her, horse her toward the boat and as soon as she sees the boat, the fight starts again. 75 minutes and now I am holding the spool expecting my rod or line to break and literally forcing her to the surface. I'm done with the drag. I'm tired and need to get on with my pre-fishing. It was literally like pulling a small car off the bottom. Is it a catfish, a carp, maybe, just maybe the world record bass who didn't want to jump? I still have a slight hope in my mind. Nope, its an 8' foot Florida Alligator on 6 lb test and a Kistler Medium Light Rod. I know it sounds crazy, but it is completely true. Then of all things, she is sitting under me and I'm looking down to her and the hook gave way and it was over. Interestingly enough, she came up and sat right next to my boat as if she wanted to play some more tug of war, I guess no other rod ever gave her a good fight like that. I forfeited and went to another spot. Could you ever have a more magnificent testament to the strength of Kistler Rods? I don't think so. Oh, by the way, she is 1 of 2 gators I caught on a Med Lt Kistler rod. The other was on a shaky head in 6' of water with an LTA, same story, but she was only a 6 footer.

Kurt, The one that didn't get away.....unfortunately!

I've been using Kistler rods for about 4 years now and could not be happier. A few weeks ago someone must have thought they would like to feel some of that same happiness as they broke into my barn and decided to steal them. What a testiment to a great rod, when burglers break in, have the opportunity to steal thousands of dollars worth of stuff but took only my Kistlers, a life jacket and two shimano reels. Anyone in the mid-Michigan area know someone who just came across some Kistler rods, I would love to know their names. Thanks Troy Moiles tmoibass@aol.com

Troy Moiles, Gaines MI

Over the past four years I have been using kistler rods. I am pleased with the sensitivity and performance of the rods.

John Ross, Farmerville, LA

Products Purchased / Services Used: graphite composite, lta, ltx, and magnesium series rods

I have been a fan of Loomis rods for a long time, but two years ago, I started converting over to using Kistler Rods after trying a friend's rods. The performance has been fantastic and thay have helped me boat quite a few more fish. They seem to have a rod for everything if you do your homework. I fish a Senko a lot, and mostly fish it Wacky-style. That HE69APC with 14-16lb Flourocarbon is a deadly outfit for that bait, and also worls well for creature baits too. Last summer I won a two-day club tournament on Oneida Lake here in upstate NY using that rod with Senkos, and I never lost a single fish! The rod is flexible enough to throw the bait a long way with 16lb line , but has plenty of backbone to set the hook. Try it with an Abu Revo-the combination is perfect.). Also, the magnesium Flippin rod is an awesome rod for large tubes. We fish the large tubes for Smallmouth (Schubert) and that rod works great for that! Thanks Kistler and keep up the great work!

Paul Pflieger, Upstate NY

Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium LTA and Magnesium



Products Purchased / Services Used: CRAINK BAIT

A year ago i bought my first Kistler Rod, a Jig n' Toad Special. This is the best frog rod i have ever used. Recently i purchased the Kistler Helium 2 LTX and all i can say is ...EVEN BETTER! I sold all my other rods(G-Loomis), they just didn't compare to the Kistler rods. Thanks for making such a great product!!!!

Jeremy Johnson, Tournament Angler, Longview, TX

Hi Kistler Family, The first Kistler Rod I purchased was directly from you because we had no dealers in Valdosta. After receiving the rod (UPS), taking it out of the tube was exciting (Helium 2 LTX Spinning). I have to say that these are the best rods you can buy. Since that time, 2 years ago, I have purchased 4 more. I now own 1 Magnesium LTA Bait Caster, 1 Helium 2 LTX Bait Caster, and 3 Helium 2 LTX Spinning Rods. You have a loyal friend of the Family of Kistler. Thanks, Kirk Johnson Jr.

Kirk Johnson Jr., Valdosta, GA