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I bought my first Kistler rod 3 years ago (HE76HC). During the first day on the lake I realized that I had something special. The sensitivity and performance was amazing. With out a doubt Kistler rods have made me a better angler. That rod has payed for itself many times over. Special thanks to Trey Kistler, Lance Stringer and everyone at Kistler!

Greg Sallee, Kistler Pro Staff, Magnolia KY, Great Investment

I went fishing in a guided tour on lake rosalie. The guys i went fishing with let me use one of his kistler rods and I fell in love with it! It was so light and I could feel every bite i had. I'm going to see if my mom will get me a kistler rod for christmas. Thanks for make such a great product!

kelly parker

I just wanted you to know you have the greatest rods. I started with the Graphites 2 years ago and worked up through all the offerings. I am a die hard LTX guy. Love the grip and 0 weight. Dont think it is all about bass, my rods are hooking Walleye on a regular basis. Thanks

Jay Couch

I was handed a Kistler HE70MHC, a7ft. Med/Hvy baitcaster one day by one of my clients to fish for a couple of minutes. That was all it took to give Trey a call. The top of the line rods I owned felt like clubs in comparison. I have put these rods into the hands of many a fisherman since and within a few minutes they all say the same thing. Man, is this rod light and sensitive, where can I purchase one! Thanks Trey. Capt. G.J. Longley

Gary Longley, Pro Guide and tournament angler, Mission Fishin Guide Service, Vermont and Southern Quebec

Products Purchased / Services Used: Mag. Dropshot, He 7ft all purpose, Mag 6'10" tube spin, Dockskip special, 7'6' Heavy

Hi Kistler family,I own four of these rods they are the best feeling rods that i have ever owned,they have great reaction and flexability. I would tell everyone to buy a KISTLER ROD , they are great.

Corby Tinney

Being in the fishing industry, I have had the opportunity to fish with many of the "High-End" rods on the market. After hearing about Kistler from one of my pro-staffers and friends, Art Ferguson, I decided to give them a try. The 1st tournament I fished with my new Kistler's was the FLW Tour Championship on Lake Logan-Martin in AL. I was in 3rd after the first day after catching a 3.5lb and 4lb largemouth in the last 30 minutes. The amazing thing is that the bite was so light, that I don't think that I would have felt those two "key" bites on any of my other rods. I replaced all of my rods with Kistler's and have been a loyal user ever since.

Troy Cox, VP/CEO, Mizmo Bait Company, Jonesboro, AR

Products Purchased / Services Used: He70HC Heavy

Iwould like to say these rods are the best I'v ever had in my hands. These rods are so sentive you can feel a fish fart before they hit your baits. Thanks Cleo

cleo jennings, warehouse coordinator, Trane Parts, Knoxville,Tennessee

Products Purchased / Services Used: Iown several

Hi kistler family, my name is Alessandro Villari, an amateur angler fishing at the federation nation tour in Italy. Thanks to my 7'6" helium ltx i got the big bass honor + the 2nd place at the ELITE tournament trail in europe. Thanks to kistler rods for a great product and thanks to Livio @ t2distribution to make this happen. Nuff Respect!Alessandro

Alessandro Villari, Mr., Triton Boats Italy, Italy

Been using Kistler Rods for 4 years now and I couldn't be happier with the new products they keep coming out with. If you haven't tried the Magnesium series rods....TRY THEM!!! Comfortable beyond measure and so sensitive, I can feel a fish "thinking" about biting my bait!!! HA....thanks Trey, God bless, Art Ferguson

Art Ferguson, Professional Bass Fisherman, Art of Fishing Guide Service, St. Clair Shores, MI

One day while shopping at cabela's in fort worth I walked by the fishing rod racks and saw a name I have never seen before: KISTLER. I was intrigued right off the bat. Until I picked up the Magnesium series of rods and held them in my hands, I was now hooked. LIGHT, BALANCED, AND EXTREMELY SENSITIVE. I purchased the all purpose magnesium that day. I fished my local lake in fort worth and absolutely hammered them, largest was 6 lbs. I would have never felt that 6lb bite with my other rods. I have used loomis, st croix,daiwa, lamiglass, and kistler has them all beat by miles.

jason m. schack

Products Purchased / Services Used: magnesium crankbait, all purpose, jig and toad, and 2 spinning rods

F.Y.F.I. #1 Just wanted to let everyone out there know how will the KISTLER HELIUM LTA He66 Medium Spinning Rod performs. This past March I was on Caddo Lake fishing like I always do, with Fineness baits, fishing one of my big bass area. It was about 9am and I was using my He66 MS Rig with 8 lbs Shakespeare Cajun RED line with a June bug Fineness Worm rig on a MrBlitz 1/32oz Weedless wacky hook and flip it to one of many cypress trees in this area, low and behold a 9.25lbs bass jump on it. I didn?t know how will this He66 MS would handle a fish of this size, I was thoroughly impressed with this Rod, the sensitivity and the power in the way it handle this fish. fishingwithdennis.com Dennis North

Dennis North

Well, I just got finished cleaning my boat and everything in it. To my amazement I realized I have more than 15 Kistler rods. From HII's to composites. I have been using these rods for more than 5 years. I will not settle for less when a tournament is on the line. One word that can sum up Kistler; SUPERIOR.

Murray White, Kistler ProStaff , AZ

Where I live, you can catch 100 bass in a day on 50 different presentations. From flippin' deep grass to crankin' ledges and all the way to drop shotting out on the rough waters of Lake Erie, I have total confidence in my Kistlers to help me produce fish in any conditions mother nature may throw at me.

Ben Lipiec, Fishing Associate, Gander Mountain, Erie, PA

Recently returned from a 3 1/2 day fishing trip at Lake Fork. Caught 67 Bass (Biggest was 9.89) and a 17lb Grennel (sp). All fish were caught on the magnesium series multipurpose rod. Rod worked very very well- was sensative enough to feel the slightest tick, and also had the strength to pull fish out, and away from cover.

Chester Winans

I have used pretty much every rod out there and was really never satisfied until i got hooked up with kistler. Up here in NY we have huge weed beds which take a sensitive rod to feel the bite and a heavy rod to get them out when they bite. Kistler puts together a great package. From pitchin a 1oz to1 1/2oz jig to where the big boys live to throwing a 1oz spinnerbait for our out of control NEW YORK smallmouth kistler has the rod for you application

TJ, Kistler Prostaff, Rochester, NY

Products Purchased / Services Used: all kistler products

I just want to thank Kistler and all the people involved in making the most incredible fishing rod on the market. On March 11, 2007 my partner and I caught one of the largest one day tournament stringers of fish in the past 15 years on Sam Rayburn Resevoir. Our 5 fish largemouth bass limit tipped the scales at 35.26 lbs and included a 12.16 lb bass. There is no way we could have landed these fish with any other brand of flippin slick. We both have been using Kistler for years and this year we upgraded to the 7 ft grass puncher just for Sam Rayburn. We were sight fishing in really heavy matted grass and brush. No one even came close to us, we were landing fish that couldn't be landed with other flipping sticks. This all added up to an $11,000 day of fishing. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Jaret Latta Todd Castledine

Jaret Latta, Nacogdoches, Tx

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler 7ft grass puncher

Just spent 3 tough days on Bull Shoals in the FLW Sren Series. The wind blew 30 to 40 mph for all three days! I was blessed to finish in the top 20 and very close to the final day cut. I was pitching 5/16 oz jig on a Helium LTA 6'9" MH. I gave my nonboater one of my jigs and in one hour the craw had teeth marks all over it. He could not feel the fish pick up the jig in the high winds. I am sure he will have a Kistler Rod before the next FLW. God bless you all and good fishing. Jim Cunningham

im Cunningham, Winchester Fishing, Nixa Mo

I went out fishing in Feb. on Monday and broke my new Helium II LTX rod and was feeling bad because I was leaving for Lake Amistad the following Sat. for a week long trip. I was resigned to the fact that I would be without my best rod. I shipped the rod back to Kistler next day UPS Tuesday after work, on Friday after work the replacement rod was waiting for me at my front door. That is the most AWESOME service I have every had! I got to take LTX on the trip and it caught several good bass. I love the rods and will be a customer for life. Rodney DeLong

Rodney DeLong

I have been bass fishing for sixteen years and I have used g loomis, castaway, diawa, bass pro shops,and other fishing rods.about three years ago I won a kistler drop shot rod from an anglers choice tournament. I was amazed at the sensetivity of that rod. I live out west and I am used to fishing deep water up to 75 feet. I have purchased four kistler rods since then and I can say that they are the most sensative and comfortable rods that I have fished with.To give you an example, I recently fished the b.a.s.s. federation club regional tournament at lake Amistad.On the last day I found that my shallow bite had died by 2pm. It was very windy and I needed two more fish for my limit. I went to a spot to drop shot.Because of the conditions,I needed a 3/8 weight because I was fishing 60 feet deep.I used my magnesium ts 7ft. jig and toad special rod with 10lb. test. I was still able to feel the bite with that rod from 60ft.It is amazing that that big rod still had the sensativity for that condition. I was able to get two more keepers and my team wound up coming in third place. I am sold on Kistler rods.

mark hedstrom

I consider fishing similar to golf. If you don't have at least 12 rods with you when you go out, you are cheating yourself. I have also learned the advantage of using quality rods and reels vs. best price. This started with buying, Fenwick glass, the original Ugly Stick in 74/75, the first Browing Boron, St Crouix Premier, Fenwick HMG, Daiwa, Shimano, G Loomis, Bass Pro Shop, Gander Mountain etc, etc,etc. Of all the rods I have used, in my opinion, the feel, sensitiv, castability, lightness and fish catching ability of both the Helium LTA and LTX are the finest I have used. Thank You

Ron Pocius