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When big smallies are biting light, there is nothing more sensitive than a Kistler Rod.

Steve Hashimoto

Kistler rods is not just a great product, but a name of integrity. I started using them only after hearing the good reports of the people behind the rods. I am thoroughly impressed with the huge selection of styles and actions and most impressed with the sensitivity and lightness of the rods. In January of 2005, I was blessed with a MONSTER, 11lb. 1oz. bass in the BASS Tour and I credit the POWER behind the 7'6" Helium LTA (He76XHC) to fight that fish in from the bottom of Harris Lake, FL.

Art Ferguson, 4 Bassmaster Classic Qualifier & FLW Tour Pro

As a professional angler making my living on the BASS and FLWtours, I'm in constant search for a competitive edge. I believe Kistler developed the perfect technique specific rods that have the right tip action that I needed to increase my hook/catch ratio. In my opinion, this Kistler rod definitely makes the difference between winning and losing.

Chad Morgenthaler, BASS and FLW Pro Angler

When I hooked on to this Big Trout, I knew I had her stuck good and wouldn't loose her because of my experience with my favorite Kistler Rod. You guys have created unbelievably sensitive and light tools for my beloved hobby. Thank you Kistler staff.

Charlie Miller, Award Winning Gulf Coast Angler

I have been using Kistler Rods for three years now because I have total confidence in their rods. I feel the lightness and super sensitivity of these rods help you feel even the softest of bites. These rods will give you a definite advantage.

Scott Martin, Pro Angler with Career Earnings of $600,019

Through out my fishing career I have used hundreds of different rods, until I purchased my first Kistler. Now I only use Kistler Rods. I can honestly say it fishes like no other Rod I have ever used. I 100% believe it has greatly increased my fish catching and casting ability. Wether it be the lightness, sensitivity, strength, or even no line twist due to the guides, Kistler ranks above the rest. Thank you Kistler for making great products and increasing my ability to become a better angler. God Bless

Kirk Mannon, Scottown, Ohio

Products Purchased / Services Used: Magnesium Line

I started using the Heliums about 10 years ago and they never let me down...even hoisted 3 bass over 5 pounds into my boat...now that is backbone! Superior sensitivity on those weak bite days is a huge plus also...along with light weight.

Doug Schexnayder, Vidalia, La.

Products Purchased / Services Used: Heliums, Z-Bone and KLX

I closed the garage door on my new Helium 3 spinning rod and bent it to a crazy angle. I heard the noise and ran to stop the door but was too late. I went back to see how many pieces it was in but to my surprise " no damage". How can rod that fast and light take that kind of abuse. Beats me but it did. What a great rod.

David Trevathan