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I have been using Kistler Rods for about 2 years now. All I can see they are incredible . Had our first Fishers of Men event this weekend in the Iowa division . Fishing was slow to say least I was able to get a few on 3/16 shaky in about 15' of water. Using a 3 MH Z Bone. My partner who I am working on converting couldn't believe I could feel the bite considering wind was blowing about 15-20 most of time. I am so proud to be part of Kistler Rods legion of fans.

Dave Greer, Omaha, NE

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z bone, Helium and Magnesium

just wanted to say i love my kistler roda i have 4 of the and they are great i caught an 8.3 pound largemouth bass on one of my kistler rods hilum ltx ll and an 8.13 pounds bass on one other kisyler rods they are the best i have ever used

bud barker, bass fishing, louisiana

Mike Chavers Ok folks, you will have to be patient with me for about 2 months. All of my Kistler reports will be from bankpondlake fishing. As soon as my boat is sold I will be back on the tournament scene, just had to take off till I get my new rig. But on another note the good news is KISTLER RODS perform the same anywhere! Tha...nks KISTLER for putting more fish in my boat and more fish on the bank! And more money in the bank! See More

mike chavers


steve cagle, farmerville la

Club tournament last Saturday found very finicky bite for Josh and I. We caught an abundance of fish thanks to Kistler carbon steel rods. Seemed like the fish were in a post spawn mode tired from fanning and chasing predators so they were biting very subtle but the CARBON STEEL RODS really helped us pick up on the bite so we could set the hook a littler quicker. Thanks Kistler for helping us have such awesome and productive fishing trips!

mike chavers

Had a great day on the water yesterday thanks again to Kistler Rods. I was fishing a tournament when a fish blew up behind me. I grab a rod and fired a Baby Torpedo out to the area where the blowup occured. Then there was another blowup. This time on my bait. It was a 6lb Striped Bass. Man can they fight. I gave up a half hour fishing for spotted bass to catch over, what I estimated to be, 30 pounds of Stripers. The rod was a Micro Magnesium 7' Medium. I never lost a fish and was able to play them just right. I did finally get on some decent spots that weighed around 2.5 to 3 lbs. Kistler Rods will definetly make you a better angler. You feel more, control fish better and you are less tired at the end of the day. Enough said. THANKS TREY AND ALL THE PEOPLE AT KISTLER RODS. You are all a blessing to me and my family.

Billy Richards, Moundville, AL

I fish tournaments all over North America in all kinds of different conditions, Using techniques from Heavy Flipping on Lake Okeechobee to Drop Shotting on Lake Norman The Kistler Z-Bone Rods give me an edge incomparible anywhere in the Industry!

Spiro Agouros, On Tour Productions

Another great day on the water with my new z bone. Like Shaw Grigsby said, I had a Jesus day today. These new z bones are the greatest rods out on the market today. Kistler has created the lightest and most sensitive rod that anyone could ever dream of. It don't matter if the wind is blowing 20 to 30 mph, you can still feel a fish pick up your bait. Truely an awesome rod created by an awesome company, thanks Kistler for making fishing more fun and exciting.

Ray Long, z

Products Purchased / Services Used: 7'-3" Kistler Z Bone

I recently recieved my new kistler z-bone le4 mh, and WOW. This rod is light, and extremely sensitive. I fished a tournament on march 26 th, even with frezzing cold and numb hands, the bites were easily felt. I feel this rod helped with our win. I also have 2 magnesium ts rods, and a helium ltx II, and every one of these rods are great. Not only do you get a great product, the kistler staff really cares about their customers and will always help.

Ronny DeNayer

My son Josh and I would like to thank Kistler for doing it again! We ordered the new KISTLER hoodie and jersey and they are AWESOME! They really look great, feel comfortable and keep you warm on those cold mornings! My wife saw them and said I should have gotten her one also. We wil both be sporting our jerzees, hoodies and rods at the junior state championship at Lake Mitchell, Alabama on April 9th, As Josh goes to fish for a scholarship Thanks for all your quality equipment, from the AWESOME apparel we wear to the AWESOME fishing rods we fish with! May God bless!


I have got 3 Z-Bones recently and they are totally awsome great senaitivity. I have a LM action that I was throwing 1/8oz shakey heads about 75 to 80 feet with little effort and this is on a casting rig. I really believe Kistler has really made some great improvements in their already good product.

Joe Armold Lake Fork

I think you make a great rod. I have a 7" jig and toad rod. I have fished with the rod about 20 times and I really like the feel of the rod. I have recomended your rods to many people. But now I must say that the sad thing is that it broke on a hook set the other day and it is less than a year old and I am told I have to pay $70.00 more to replace the rod. I am not made of money so when I buy a rod I have to save my money to do it. I try to buy good rods and I know they are not cheap. I am very upset with having to pay $70.00 and I just don't think it makes since. If the rod was 3 or 4 years old I would understand but I am not happy with this. I will be telling everyone I know that your waranty program is not very good. I was told if the rod broke after two trips it would have been free to replace it. So that tells me that you stand behind your ros for about a week or how ever long it takes to go two times. I am sorry that you do not have a better program

Scott Browning

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Magnesium TS Jig and Toad rod

I have 4 kistler rods and love them. Wish I could afford more but too steep for my living. I was fishing a night event and one of my Kistler rods with my best fishing reels was knocked overboard and I was lost. I got out a large sinker and treble hook to retreive but to my disbelief the rod and reel were floating like a stick on the water so saved about $500 in short time. I keep trying to find them cheaper if I can and so far have found just one in yard sale. Love my Kistler rods.I am a small time fisherman but spend many hours on water bass fishing.

David A. Cringle, Indianapolis

My son is 15 and he used a KISTLER Carbon Steel rod fishing a soft plastic bait Saturday, out of the back of my boat and put on a clinic for me! The fish we were targeting would hit a fast bait but they were'nt eating it, so he slowed down with the plastic and at the first feel of anything he was setting the hook. I could still feel the fish that would hit my fast moving bait with my Magnesium, but they were not commiting. So needless to say I had to humble myself and go to fishing the plastic, I did catch fish but he culled everything I caught! Great job son! Thanks Kistler! We really enjoy using your fishing rods! God bless! Mike chavers

mike chavers

Man what a beautiful day on the water Sat. We did'nt win but we were one fish away from it. My Son put a fine 3 lber in the boat early that morning and we had our 5 fish limit by 7:30. My son said to me. Daddy I can't believe how much difference my Kistler rods make, I can really feel the fish and the bottom alot better now! Its awesome that he is 15 and understands the importance of quality equipment. The great thing is, is that you can use the rods in competition or just having a day on a lake or pond! And I firmly believe after watching my two sons consistently catch fish, that the sensitivity of these rods helps their and my catch ratio! Thanks Kistler for fine Rods! Mike, Josh and Zevin Chavers

mike chavers

Man, another beautiful day on the water. The fish bit fair not as good as practice but good enough to be right close to the money. Crankbaits were the key Saturday which is my passion and when you combine that with a kistler magnesium rod, things get exciting! The thing about it is that we were fishing shallow water and using small shallow diving square bill crankbaits and they would dig the bottom picking up straw, weeds and grasses. Well with the magnesium's action you could rip it on the retrieve and get the debris off of it, not wasting a cast having to slap it in the water or pick it off by hand and in doing this most of my bites would come from the rip. These rods are awesome! God bless! Thanks Kistler! GREAT PRODUCT! 5 STARS!

mike chavers

Another great day on the water with the first big tournament of 2011. It was 22 degrees at launch with a nice north wind. Me and my partner pull up to this creek mouth and start chunking crankbaits (after thawing out a little). We had a few short strikes but no hook ups. I pick up my z bone spinning rod and chunk it out there and can feel the wind whipping my line. I fish along and barely felt a little tap, set the hook, and, fish on. First keeper in well. Throw back out, felt something very light, set the hook, fish on - keeper number 2 in well. Partner not getting any bites. An hour goes by and the z bone has put 5 keepers in the boat. Okay, we are throwing the same baits, same line and I'm up 5 to 0. What can I say, z bone versus brand x......z bone wins yet again. I felt every little bite that I had and I know it was because of the sensitivity in my rod. Kistler has designed a world class fish catching machine in the "Z BONE".....I proved that Saturday.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: z bone

I was introduced to the Kistler line just prior to the 2008 Bassmaster Classic. Alton Jones was giving a little talk/demo and I was convinced to give them a try. Needless to say I was not dissappointed. The sensitivity each rod has is amazing. Three years and 13 rods later, it's Kistler or nothing. I've even gotten my nephew, HM1 Shane Gilley, hooked on Kistler's. While he was deployed I had Trey and his staff make him Z-Bone spinning rod made was he ever surprised when he got back. I'll be taking 4 of my favorite rods to Florida Feb 15th in search of that 10#+ bass, pics to follow. Thanks to Trey, Lance, Rueben, Cindy and the rest of the staff.

Paul E. Fisler, CCEMT-P, The Woodlands, Tx.

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! KISTLER RODS WIN AGAIN!!! IN LARGEMOUTH VS KISTLER! Practice day today was awesome, multiple bites that were so easy to feel, I was using a carbon steel mh for worm fishing and had my magnesium on the cranking bite today. It was such a blast the fish were in bite and fight mode today when I set the hook on the plastic they were caught and all I had to do on the crankbait was just reel into them! You always have to play a fish correctly but it sure makes it easier with a rod that is designed for it's assignment. So excited about Sat. I know my KISTLERS are ready I just hope the fish are! Pics on facebook soon! Thanks again KISTLER! God bless!

mike chavers

Man I am stoked! First big tournament of the year coming up on Sat. I got the Kistlers rigged and ready to rock! See the deal with fishing with Quality KISTLER equipment is, just knowing that when you come thru or across that structure you can feel it or when that fish taps it or starts walking with it you can know it! It gives you confidence in knowing that when you swing for the hook set that its going to have resistance behind it, because you know when it's a fish! Seriously you can go back to old school fishing with a quality rod like this. You count down to the bottom, feel the bottom and then you can read the bottom with the sensitivity. I am not saying it is a depth or bottom finder but this is the way the old timers used to do it! Again Thanks Kistler for such fine quality fishing rods!

mike chavers, Baldwin county, Al.