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I have been using Kistler rod for about 7 years now and I truely believe the they have turned me from a middle of the pack finisher to a threat in each of the tournements that I fish. They are the most sencitive rods on the planet. Thanks guys for such a great product.

Bryan Wright, Alexandria Alabama

Z-Bone delivers winter performance! During Dec-Jan I was in some area club events and my 5 new Z-Bones brought it home. The custom-made 7 ft H was 100%, I mean 100% for jig bites felt and in the livewell. I like. A tough chilly early December day but 4th with 6 keepers for a 12.12# limit helped in the points race on Lake Bruin near St. Joseph, La. Then Jan. 15th I won a small closed no points event with another club on Lake Concordia near Ferriday, La. The Z-Bone ripped that 5/0 jig hook into the daily 4.50 lunker early and despite only 1 limit my 4 keepers...10.25# was just enough for the .25 edge. Sensitive power is the Z-Bone way and easy casting thanks to the micro guides. Game, set, match!

Doug Schexnayder, PhD (ret), Vidalia, La. 71373

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z-Bone LE rods

Just received my "Z" bone custom designed rod on Thursday. Wasn't suppose to be here till Friday had a hard time finishing out the day then Friday as well, already have a Helium LTA and a Helium LTX went fishing this weekend. You can feel every pebble, twig and shell as you slooooowwwwwly drag a 1/8oz plastic craw with a 5/0 frog hook, you can feel every turn of a spinner blade with a Shimano Core 50mg7 can sling any bait a country mile. Thanks for a 3rd time to all the folks at Kistler Rods they are more sensitive and lighter than any St. Croix or Quantum rods I have.

Bill Weaver, owner, Leather, Guns & Etc. inc., On the Red River at Lake Texoma Dam

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Fishing rods

It was almost embarassing this year guiding using a Z-bone while some of my clients used their brand x rods. I did make some believers and new Kistler die-hards though! Keep up the great work...

Bob Bott, Fishing Guide, TGIF Outfitters, La Crosse, WI

I have been using Kistler Rods exclusively since 2004 I have seen Kistler change and grow each and every year. The reason I will never fish with another rod is because each year they out do themselves from the year before and come out with yet another amazing rod. Trey and his staff really do a great job and it is because he makes it his business to make sure you have a more enjoyable time on the water fishing with an incredible product. Thanks

Richard Cooper, awesome, NC

Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium lta, Helium 2ltx,Z bone, Magnesium, Carbon steel, graphite series

Guys I have to tell you about my catch on the Tennessee River over Thanksgiving. I went fishing with my Mom, Dad, and girlfriend and like all good stories this one started out kinda rough. We had just started heading up river when the motor on my Dad's boat failed. With nothing to do but float back to the boatramp I decided to pick up my 7' medium heavy carbon steel Kistler rod and try and catch a few fish. I droped a 3/8 ounce gold spoon to the botton and bounced it twice when something huge pounded the line. The fight lasted about 15 minutes and by the end I had a 50lb flathead catfish in the boat. Your rod once again performed flawlessly. THANKS!!!!

Darin C., Frisco TX.

If you are looking for the best fishing rod money can buy LOOK NO FURTHER. If you are looking for the best value in a high end rod LOOK NO FURTHER. If you are looking for one of the lightest rods you ever had in your hand LOOK NO FURTHER. If you are looking for the most sensative rod you have ever used LOOK NO FURTHER. Read all the testamonials on the Kistler Z-Bone line of rods these are the truthful facts from everyday ordinary people using a extraordinary fishing rod made by people that want to and do produce the best fishing rods on the market. I have used many high end fishing rods over the last 20 years- G.Loomis GLX, St Croix, Powell, Power Tackle- and was constantly searching for the ultimate fishing rod and I can honestly say that I have found it. If you are on the fence about the purchase of a Z-Bone rod get off the fence and make the purchase . If there is one rod on the market that can help you become a better fisherman or fisherwoman or a better tournament angler this is the one! Powerful, light weight, extremely sensitive and the best value in a high end rod. After using my Z-Bone LE 7'6" H at a tournament during a cold front in Florida, I am convinced that had I not been using that rod that I would have not felt most of the bites that I got that day. I am also convinced that my partner and some of the other competitors had some bites that day that they never felt . I also wonder about all the past tournaments I fished how many bites I had and never felt ? I am sure that there was many. After using the Z-Bone you will be left scratching your head also! Rodney Orlando FL

Rodney Glunt

Have 3 old kistler rods..An argon, magnesium TS, and carbon steel. Have had problems with two of them. The Fuji eyes and ceramic inserts are worthless. I have several loomis rods and they stand behind there product. Cant believe I have to pay to ship these rods back to get fixed. Im getting my mag ts fixed so I can sell it and be done with Kistler

Maxx Manes

I want to first say Praise God for the message that comes on every tag, in fact that is why I started fishing Kistler 5 years ago. I bought my first, a carbon series worm and jig brush buster heavy b/c of the message on the card.. Then I got a few more. I have 7. I tried a few combinations outside of the Kistler family but, have realized that there is no place like home and no rod like Kistler. Proud to buy a product from a company with such a good root in what is important. Thank you.

Josh E. Lovett, The Message, USA

just a line to say thanks again for my new 7'3" Z bone heavy action rod "AMAZING" I truly believe it helped me win the Ghosts and Goblins this year we had 28.30lb's you can see the fish on bigreel.org when I tell you it felt like a bluegill pecking at my bait, the Zbone is so sensitive i could immediately feel them, not to mention drag them out of the heavy cover, there were alot of great fisherman in that tournament, and I was thankfull to have any advantage, thanks again for building the best rod I ever used. Charlie.

charles librizzi, sales, adi, boynton bch florida

I bought a Helium 2 LTX 6'9" MH spinning rod and used it to throw soft plastics and jigs. The sensitvity was great but the strength of the rod is very poor. I had 3 different rods in the back of my truck with a cooler. One was my Kistler, a G Loomis IMX, and a Shimano Crucial. We were driving a little too fast down a dirt road, which was my fault, and the cooler started bouncing around. When we stopped to check the rods, only the Kistler was broken. The other 2 were fine. (This is the first time this rod broke). They sent me a replacement and for a year and a half it worked fine. Then one afternoon I was throwing a 1/4 ounce jig. I rared back to cast it and when I started to whip it forward, it snapped in half, half way down the rod. Unbelieveable. If you are going to purchase a rod this expensive the warranty should be A LOT better than what it is. Needless to say, I WILL NOT be purchasing a $350 rod that is no stronger than that.

Matt Eads

I'm not one to jump on the bassn equipment bandwagon when it comes to rods and reels very easily. I received a Kistler spinning rod from a guy on BBC in exchange for a SS prop. That's all it took for me to start switching out my rods to Kistlers. They are awesome! Quality, comfortable, light, sensitive, strong, functional, the list goes on and on.

Craig Gilham

Products Purchased / Services Used: now own several spinng and baitcast

My son and I fished our local club tournament yesterday, at the Tensaw delta, it was an incredible day we had a couple of huge blow ups on frog but the fish did'nt commit, but we ended up with 9.10 with our best 5 for third place! Just want to thank Kistler so much for having great fishing rods! These rods make so much difference, with the sensitivity. You feel the strike so much better, whether you are fishing a crank bait , spinner bait or a worm. These rods totally will improve your fishing! You find the fish and these rods will put them in the boat! Thanks Kistler! and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

mike chavers, baldwin coutny alabama

Trey: I just wanted you to know. I could not have done this without your rods!!! After being held to the bay at the FLW in Erie,PA. on day one. I managed Fifth after blanking on day one. Your rods really made the difference when we were allowed on the big water and fishing down deep. I am still amazed after all of the years I have been fishing your rods how I consistently catch more fish than others using different rods. As soon as I give up one of my Kistlers, the sides even up and I have made several believers into new Kistler owners. All it takes to sell one is to let someone use one! Joe Stois Sr.

Joe Stois Sr.

I have never met a more amazing group of people, not to mention they create an awesome product. I have been using kistler rods for about 6 years now and just when you thought it couldnt get any better, they pull another model out. The new z bone puts you in the drivers seat from design to production. These rods are made from the most sensitive blanks on the market, paired with extremely high quality components, the fish don't stand a chance.

richard cooper, raleigh nc

I have never met a more amazing group of people, not to mention they create an awesome product. I have been using kistler rods for about 6 years now and just when you thought it couldnt get any better, they pull another model out. The new z bone puts you in the drivers seat from design to production. These rods are made from the most sensitive blanks on the market, paired with extremely high quality components, the fish don't stand a chance.

richard cooper, raleigh nc

Just wanted to thank Kistler again for making a great rod. I have now fished with my new z bones on several occasions and I have not one bad thing to say about these new z bones. Kistler has created probably the most lightest and sensitive rod on the market today. The z bone with the new fugi titanium micro guides and the new smart grip has these rods weighing about as much as an Eagles feather. And the sensitivity is just out right amazing. You can feel way more bites, you can cast your lure much farther, you can hold these rods in your hands all day without fatigue, no more line slapping, this list goes on and on. I can honestly say that these new z bones have increased my fish catching ratio by a great percentage. Feel more bites = catch more fish. If anyone out there is looking for a great rod, then I suggest trying one of the new Z Bones, you will not be disappointed, I guarantee. AND, the customer service at Kistler rods is the best. Thanks Kistler for a great fishing tool.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Z Bone

Recently I was out fishing on the Potomac River and the bite was tough. The sensitivity of a 7 foot Heavy Zbone LE flippin rod made the difference in my fishing day. My friend could not believe how I was getting bit and he was not. He was just unable to feel the bite. We realized this after I let him use the Z-bone rod that I was using. As soon as he started fishing with it, he started catching fish. If there is one rod that can improve your fishing the Z-bone is the rod.

Corbin Gotwalt

Went fun fishing with my sons on Sat. for about 6 hrs and we now all fish with kistler rods, we have carbon steel rods and magnesium rods. They are awesome we really caught a lot of largemouth using chatterbaits and crankbaits. We have been so excited since we got our new rods, so we are in the process of purchasing a couple of z bones for my oldest son and I. It is so unbelievable how much more you can feel with these rods! It helps all of us to feel bites quicker and feel the structure when you are bottom fishing! my youngest son is only 9 and it has helped his catch ratio due to being able to feel the fish sooner! These rods are amazing! Thanks Kistler for quality equipment!

mike chavers, angler, baldwin coutny alabama

Thank-you guys for the awesome rods. I used my Z-Bone and Magnesium rods this past weekend at Lake Eufaula to finish 6th in the AL B.A.S.S. Federation Nation State Championship and qualify for the State Team. The bite was tough and subtle which is where the sensitivity that these rods provide came in handy. If you haven't experienced the sensitivity of the Z-Bone, you are missing out. Again, Thank-you guys and God Bless.

Phil Williams, Bay Minette, AL