San Antonio Reefs

October 8, 2013
Fall is probably my favorite time of the year to fish. Temperatures are milder and the water temperatures also are getting cooler. Big trout have moved…

Summer Heat is Tough

September 17, 2013
Trout fishing is tough in late August and September. It is fishing in the heat and humidity. Wading chest deep takes care of the heat and patience takes…

Toledo Bend Deep Grass

August 7, 2013
Fished Pepper grass and Pads in Clear Creek area from Daylight til 10 am. Caught fish on Stanley Ribbit Top Toad over pepper grass. Caught a 7.62 on Zoom…

Awesome Surf Fishing

July 15, 2013
Saturday morning at safe light the Gulf out of Port O'Conner was flat. A very good friend of mine, Larry Shine had drove in from Livingston for a day of…


July 12, 2013
John Dear and Ann Strickland were my clients and with the holiday crowds in the bay systems, I took advantage of the almost flat Gulf and we busted the…

God Has A Time For Everything

May 22, 2013
With one client aboard with me, we set out for an afternoon fishing San Antonio reefs. We were about 3 miles out into the bay from Seadrift boat ramp.…

Special Day in May

May 11, 2013
We caught a day in May where the day before we had variable winds and Monday morning we had a 5 mph wind out of the North. The surf was literally flat.…

Spring Has Sprung

April 25, 2013
With Spring warming our surface temperatures into the low 70's, the trout are coming out of their winter patterns and chasing the bait fish. Right now…

Falcon Lake

March 12, 2013
The fishing on Falcon has been really good lately. I have been mostly fishing the main lake stuff at the mouths of the creeks. The fish have been relating…

Frogs and Haygrass around Pads

May 8, 2012
Worked white frogs around pads and underwater willows and haygrass from 1' to 6' depths. Changed up to flipping the frogs into the thickest stuff you could…

Toledo Bend

April 17, 2011
Fishing 4' to 10' depth dragging baby brush hogs aroun scattered grass. Tough day fighting the wind but did manage to catch 18 fish up to 51/2 #.

Speckled Trout turned on

July 23, 2010
We have been tearing up the trout in San Antonio Bay, just out of Seadrift, Texas. Our retirement home is there and I guide out of the area. On the 16th…