Fishing Report Section to help you find the fish in your area February 04, 2011

You may not realize it, but we have had this feature on our web site for some time now. Well I wanted to make you aware of it today in case you would like to get involved and take advantage of other anglers'  fishing reports. 

The Kistler Rod Fishing Reports  section designed for our you to post fishing reports, tricks that made the fish bite or any feedback on your most recent fishing adventure. Me and thousands of others would love to learn about it and see your big fish pictures.

So the next time you go fishing and have a good day, let us all know about it so we too can learn from it and enjoy your fishing stories.

Thank you for helping us to add more value to our web site which will ultimately help anglers all over the world learn more about how to catch their favorite fish.

Click hot link below to get you right to the REPORTS page. The only other link is found at the very bottom of each of our web site pages in red