Use the Frequently Asked Question section for immediate access to information about Kistler Rods products, services and other issues important to you, our customer!

Why should I try Kistler over another rod brand? What makes Kistler Rods worth the money?

Experience matters: it is the foundation to a truly great product and business.  For over twenty-five years I have invested my blood, sweat and tears into developing elite fishing rods that exceed consumer expectations.  My family and I have invested all that we have - our entire selves - into Kistler Rods' brand, name, products, and legacy.  No other rod company founder, owner and president have over 25 years of hands-on experience like I do. Passion for helping anglers achieve their recreational and competitive fishing goals guides our every manufacturing and supply decisions.

During the last quarter century, Kistler Rods has lead the way by using the American-Made North Fork Composite graphite blanks.  I thoroughly test each and every rod blank before is crafted into a full-fledge fishing-catching tool! This means, then, each fishing blank has undergone significant stress tests before a rod is produced. You can view me testing blanks on the Kistler History Video series found on our website - it’s an amazing process and 99% of the time, I weed out flaws in a blank’s construction, if any, before a customer is ever sold a rod.  Once I finalize blank durability testing, I oversee every single detail of production - along with hiring and training each and every single Kistler Rods employee.  Our exceptional rod builders’ individual and collective dedication to consistently produce the industry’s best fishing rods is a reflection of my high standards. That’s why I can put my own family name right on each rod to prove that I am proud of our product and to be able to extend a competitive fishing rod warranty; however, it’s unlikely you will ever need to use our warranty in relation to a manufacturer defect.  

I want to earn your business, loyalty, and trust. Customer satisfaction is paramount to the business, not profit. From my family, our pro staff, our rod builders and our team members, we cannot thank you enough for your business. I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit our web site and all of our many social media accounts - all of which will give you an in-depth look at our unique fishing rods in action. If you’ve never tried a Kistler Rod before today, I invite you to change your fishing forever and see how The Kistler Experience will improve your fishing success.  Kistler Rods welcomes you to our growing family of dedicated fishermen. Thank you, Trey Kistler

If a rod is out of stock but I want to reserve one for myself, can I pre-order?

Yes, please email or call in to reserve your rod before we oversell again on the most popular models. This will guarantee yourself a rod from the next production run. Most rods will come back into stock within 2 - 3 weeks but some are selling faster than we can build them. Good luck getting yours!

What if when I receive my rod, try it out and find that I just don't like the action or power or anything else....can I exchange or return it for a different model?

Absolutely YES, because we guarantee 100% of your satisfaction and want you to be completely happy with your rod purchase. We will either give you a full refund or exchange the rod for you. All we ask is that you help pay the extra shipping cost involved which is around $35.00.

Do you ship Internationally and how much does it cost to send a rod and how do you ship?

Yes, everyday we ship to different countries all over the world including Italy, France, Spain, China, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and many others. Fed Ex base cost to ship one to eight rods in our PVC pipe container is $99. In some occasions we must increase price due to your address but we request your approval before processing payment.

How do I keep my Magnesium2 Winn Grips clean and tacky?

Cleaning a Winn Grip

Because Winn grips have absorbent properties, they may eventually soil from dirt and perspiration from your fishing glove and hands. This does not affect the performance of the grip.

To clean a Winn grip, apply a small amount of water to a soft towel, and gently rub the grips. Do not saturate the towel. Never use a brush and soapy water to clean a Winn grip because it may damage the top surface and destroy the tackiness and slip-resistance of the grip.

DO NOT immerse Winn grips in a bucket of water to clean them. This will saturate the underlying layer of the grip and may ruin the grip.

Grip Care In Wet Weather

When playing in wet weather, do your best to keep your grips dry. If your grips do get wet, use a soft, dry towel to pat them dry. Never rub a Winn grip vigorously with a towel! This will damage the top surface, thereby undermining the tackiness and slip-resistance of the grip.