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 Trey Kistler’s 100% Pure Fluorocarbon and Braided Fishing Line Here!

Our Fluorocarbon has an extremely high knot strength property, is very abrasion resistant and strong yet it maintains a very low memory.

Trey’s “truth in diameter to linear strength ratio” is unmatched. While fishing, the feel is unlike any other fluorocarbon lines and so has been designed for easy, hassle-free casting and fishing.

It has very low stretch and fast sink rate characteristics yet it is soft and supple while providing you with the utmost in sensitivity.

Most importantly to anglers all around the world is the reliability and consistency of quality and performance…these are Trey Kistler’s primary concern for meeting his customer’s needs as well as his own demands.

Grab a few spools and fill up your reels and get to fishing! You might just find your new favorite fishing line!

ALSO NEW! Trey Kistler's Braided Line! 8 Carrier (pre-stretched) with Slick Coating for smoothness while reeling and casting and fighting your trophy. 



LB Test 12 lb Fluoro
Spool Length 150 yds