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My wife gave me a Helium LTA 7 ft. Medium rod for my birthday....Have been overwhelmed with feel of rod as well as how it handles fish..... Hope to be able to add more Kistler rods to my boat..... Thank You , John R. Petrea

John R. Petrea, Mining & Quarry Specialist, Fabick CAT, Pittsburg, IL

Products Purchased / Services Used: Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium LTA 7 ft. Medium

In 2 years of using Kistler rods, I have gone from 2 rods to 16 Kistler rods in the boat at all times. I have also went from years of winning a couple hundred dollars to now winning in the thousands. No more holding my finger on the line to feel bites its all felt in the rod. These have to be the lightest rods in the world. I dont have sore shoulders after a three day tourney of flippin'.Come on people get with the program and get a Kistler Rod!!!!! It doesnt matter which one wether you have Heliums, Mags, or Graphite plus rods I have some of each. If you want more sucess fishing get the real deal, Get a KISTLER!!!

Philip Wright, Bedford , KY

I purchased a Helium LTX II rod. As a bonus I received a Magnesium TS medium light as well. I now fish all my small crankbaits with this rod only. I have never fished with such a sensitive rod. My fishing buddy keeps trying to "borrow" it. Not going to happen. I still havent even fished the He2HC that I purchased! As soon as I find the right reel , I know I will enjoy it as much as I do the free Mg.

Rob Earickson

Recently a reed buy a magnesium (All Propurse) and truth do not change for another brand, I recommend my friend the Edgar Tellez (BassAr, in Monterrey Mexico) is very light and excellent sensitivity.

Armando Gonzalez

I recently purchased a helium 2 ltx rod and I only have one word to describe fishing with this rod AMAZING! I have never felt my baits better and had more hookups! thanks trey marco claudio

marco claudio

I have to say your rods have made me a better fisherman. They are so sensitive i am feeling more bites than ever before, and i know that your rods are going to take me to the top of the fishing game. Thank you for building such a top notch product i think everyone should use your rods to become better fisherman!!!!

Bill Bishop Jr

These Helium LTX II Rods are unbelievable. I thought the Helium was the most awesome rods that I had ever used, but these are even lighter. I now can say that everyone who uses Kistler Rods has got to at least have one of the LTX II. I fish with all of them, freshwater and saltwater, casting and spinning, "Silver Series" to the LTX II, and the rods that are being built today are the finest on the market. I also want to give a big shout out to Cindy Pyle, for her kindness and promptess when ordering rods and handling warranty issues. Keep up the great work Kistler Team. Ken Parker Boerne, TX

Ken Parker

With the Magnesium and Graphite Plus rods, Kistler has taken all the guess work out of selecting a rod for specific situations and lure presentations. I know of no other manufacturer that has done this for their customers. Great job Kistler!!

Jim Tomsovic, Kistler takes all the guess work out!!

I have 3 magnesium rods and they work great. the crankin rod is awesum. Kistler needs to make a pro fishing jersey with the magnesium logo.it did win the classic,right.

Bob, Pa

I've used to fish using other brands, and the pain in my shoulder after a couple of hours of casting and pitching used to be the reason to stop fihsing, or to decrease the intensity. Four years ago, I meet KISTLER and my shoulder pain it´s gone. Here at Mexico, we need a strong and sesitive rod in order to take those big bass out of the mezquites or some other heavy cover, we also need a sensitive rod to feel the soft bites, and with KISTLER we have it. My fishing level in mexican tournaments has been growing in the last four years. Thanks a lot! Gustavo Leal Logistics Manager H-E-B Mexico

Gustavo Leal, Logistics Manager, H-E-B Mexico, Mexico

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Heluim II H, Kistler Helium MH, Kistler Helium H, Kistler Magnesium Cranckbait special, Kistler Cuchillo Special XH, Kistler California H.

I am up to 8 Kistler rods now. While not inexpensive, they are absolutely the best value on the market in a market where 'crap is king and its all about the bottom line has been the rule. Most recent purchase is a great spinner bait rod- that combined with an excellent Competitors Wdge spinner bait makes a touch to beat combination in the spring.

Chester Winans, Pricing Analyst-Marketing Director, Smithville Bassmasters, Smithville MO

Products Purchased / Services Used: Rods Purchased at Cabela's in Kansas City KS

I very recently visited your shop and purchased two of your graphite rods and one of the tournament jerseys. After using them at Fayette County the other day I have reached a conclusion: Never again in my life will I buy another fishing rod unless the Kistler name is on it. The quality and craftsmanship of Kistler rods are second to none and I will recommend them highly to everyone I know and fish with. If they're good enough for Bassmaster Classic winner and fellow brother-in-Christ Alton Jones, then they're good enough for me! On a side note, the sales staff and customer service folks at your shop were the most gracious and helpful people I've ever met. I will be back for more Kistler rods and gear as soon as I have the chance! Please keep up the fantastic work!

Matt Dillon, Federal Officer, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, Texas

Products Purchased / Services Used: Grass Puncher X-Heavy/Buzz & Pop Special

I purchased a Helium II LTX MH about 6 months ago, since then I have caught more large bass than I have ever caught before including yesterdays 7.2. I am a "touch and technique" guy, you know plastics, jigs, etc. so feel is paramount to my style. However many of the rods with "touch" don't have the power to fight something large, so you are forced to "dance" around your boat or shore to land it. On the other hand the rods with power sometimes have the characteristics of a broom handle. The Kistler has been nothing short of amazing. Not only does it have exceptional feel, but it has the backbone to control your fish, not to mention it is ergonomically perfect, its about the only baitcaster, that I dont have to adjust my body or grip to it, I dont even think about the rod in my hand, the handle length and reel seat position are perfectly balanced and spaced. Great rod!

Virgil Pattarino, Safety Coordinator

I just want to write a quick note about a recent event. I took one of my fellow team members out on a lake in Phoenix, Arizona in February. He was fishing with a higher end rod/reel (not a Kistler) and he accidentally dropped his rig in the water. OF course it sunk and my response to him was "you should have been fishing a Kistler, they float". Well the truth is I had never dropped one of my Kistlers into the water until 2 weeks ago. Even with all my rigging it floated and was rapidly retrieved. Now let me tell you my team member, the only way he got his rig back was to fish for it with a crank bait and it took 40 minutes. Time better spent fishing if you ask me.

David D. Meeks, Owner- Team Meeks Fishing, Team Meeks Fishing, San Antonio, Texas

Products Purchased / Services Used: LTX 6'9 med heavy w/shimano

If you have never read a bias testimonial, you are about to. In 1983, I co-founded AllStar Rods and in 1990 I founded Castaway rods and from 1983 until 12/14/98, I built the best rod that I could with the finest components available. My son, Trey, worked in both companies with me and believed then and now in customer service and quality.. I was out of the industry for almost ten years and did not miss it at first but now have re-entered by joining Trey. I was not able to help him early on because of a non compete agreement. I have now fished with Trey's rod since 11/07 and am as proud of Trey's company as I was of mine. Sure, I am his father(earthly) but there is one promise I can safely make; If you try his product, you will improve your fishing abilities.The proof is in the fact that there are very good and prominent fishermen using his rod successfully because of the uncomprimising committment to excellence. If you already are using Kistler, thank you and if not, do some due diligence and consider trying Kistler, to see what I am talking about.

Billy Kistler, Montgomery, Tx

I've lived on a lake in MA since I was 5 years old. I have been fishing since my very first summer here almost 20 years ago. In the last 3 years I have gotten very serious into tournament bass fishing and I have always been someone who demands the best equipment I can possibly afford. I have used All Star, Daiwa, Falcon, Fenwick, Shimano, St. Croix, and just about every brand of rod. I had rods that I thought were so sensitive and light and responsive...until the first time I picked up a Kistler. Out of all the top-of-the-line lures, line, plastics, jigs, rods, and reels that I have used over the years, none of them have changed my fishing anywhere near as much as Kistler rods have. They enable me to detect subtle bites that I would've never even known happened before. I fish a lot of ultra-clear, deep lakes with lighter line and it takes a very sensitive rod to detect some of these bites, without Kistler I am SURE I would not catch as many fish. When I read these testimonials before I got my first Kistler I thought most of them were a little over the top, or dramatic or maybe even people who worked for Kistler. Now I understand. These rods are SECOND to NONE. This is in NO way a commercial for Kistler. I am a bass angler that wants to help other bass anglers by clueing them into the BEST rods on the planet. Believe me, I've tried them all just about and nothing fishes like a Kistler. If you're debating what brand to try next, use this testimonial I am writing as the deal-closer. GET A KISTLER, I promise you, it will change your fishing.

Tanner Paulini, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Products Purchased / Services Used: The Kistler Forum, Customer Service. Helium LTA 6'9" APC Med-Heavy, MagTS 7' Medium Composite Cranking Rod

On Thursday 3/19/08 I was introduced to Kistler Fishing Rods by Eddie Bussard of Bass Challenger Guide Service while fishing the St Johns River near Orlando Fl. We fished all morning throwing jerkbaits and Texas rigged worms as well as Carolina rigs. We caught around 25 bass to six pounds (all on various Kistler Baitcasting Rods) and never have used a lighter rod with so much backbone. At noon my guide suggested we try some golden shiners for St johns giant and an hour later a 9.5 lber (my personal best) was caught and released again using Kistler Rods. I was so impressed that I went out the next day and and purchased a KSRM7 for fishing in the ponds at Sawgrass near my home. Two days later (the first morning fishing with my new rod) a 10 lb bass was caught on a Senko! I truly have become a Kistler fan and will no doubt be buying many more Kistler products. Keep up the good work. Photos will gladly be sent on request. Thank You for a great product.

Charlie Corring, Ponte Vedra, Florida

Products Purchased / Services Used: KSMR7

Trey; Before I go any further I want to thank you for clearing up something for me. I have been hearing many of the Pros. referring to their rod and reels being an "extension of themselves". I have just thought they were selling fishing equipment because I have used so many rods over the years and never have I fished with any rod that came close to feeling like an extension of an appendage until the day I took my first LTA to the Lake. I now am trying to change all of my rods to Kistler. I also give credit to my 7' medium/heavy LTX for a big part of catching the fish in the picture. I would not have felt the bite if not for that rod. The week before catching the fish in the picture, my Nephew and I were fishing an all-night tournament in one of the many what I refer to as extreme fisheries we have in our area. I believe I counted 18 great bass lakes within 1hr. 45 min. from my house including the California Delta. The lake we were fishing was Lake Don Pedro. Our lakes out here are smaller, deeper and clearer than the lakes the B.A.S.S. Elite series generally follow. I hooked one about 2:00 am and had her at the boat twice but had left the drag on my reel set too tight and she turned left and snapped my 14lb. Fluorocarbon like it was thread. She was a minimum of 3-4 lbs. larger than this one. The following week my Son-in-law and I went back to the same lake about a mile from where I was the week prior, using the same lure I found this little lady. What really makes this so cool to me is that there was a bite I had been missing. Maybe some of you that are pros. or just better fisherman than I am have felt this, I have always used good equipment G-Loomis etc. but there is a difference between good and great. To get back to where I was, this bite felt more like the fish was humming ever so slight with it in her mouth for a second then nothing then back to that very slight vibration. What does everyone say? Pulling is free! I pulled and she pulled back. It was an awesome day for me and I wish everyone could experience it. One last thing but it is the most important too me, I had her weighed by the park Rangers and the Marina and took her back to where I caught her and released her back. Our fishing used to be rough around here because everyone kept the fish they caught. Now most all-bass fishermen around here release their fish and we have, I think the best bass fishing there is anywhere. Please practice catch and release. They now make replicas that will last your lifetime and you can't tell the difference. Leave them so you can come back and catch their offspring. I am now saving for a LTX 7' 11" Swim Bait rod. I am fishing with my 7' M/H and it is not made for the heavy Swim Baits I am throwing. I have found that buying the right rod and reel for a specific fishing method makes it much easier to increase your catch ratio. I did not mean to make this sound like a Kistler commercial but changing to Kistler has increased MY catch ratio by a big margin. Dave Bell

Dave Bell

Ladies and Gentleman, If you havent fished with a Kistler rod you are missing out on the Best Rod money can by, I have been fishing with Kistler Rods since there inception and they have always built the very best rod I have ever fished with. My job allows me to fish many days a year and all my customer are very impressed with these rods. From the Graphite Plus to the H2's they are built with the best quality components the industry has to offer. You can feel confident wheather you are a seasoned Tournament angler or just a Weekend Warrior that Kistlter rods will not dissapoint you, and you can have the peace of mind knowing you are purchasing a piece of fishing equipment that carries the best Warrenty in the industry. When you do business with Trey Kistler and his staff they treat you like you are there most important customer, that is a great feeling to know that they are very accessable when you need them or have a question, not to mention Trey Kistler is one of the finest Men I have ever met. I look forward to many more years using Kistler Rods and I hope you will too!! Go pick one up today and fish with it!! "Kistler Rods, Its not just a Rod, it is a Feeling"!!

Gilbert Ornelas - A.K.A, Spring, Texas

I have a customer that has a lot of kistler rods that he purchased through my store. He was coming home from the lake last sunday and got side swiped by a truck, it hit his boat and knocked it off the trailer. He had some rods on the deck of the boat, some kistlers and some st. croixs, they bounced down the road for about 100 yards along with his gps unit. Everything that was on the deck of the boat broke in pieces, except for all the kistler rods that he had on the deck. Amazing rods, that is all that I can say. Thanks for making such a great rod.

Dustin Dunn, Manager, Black Oak Sports, Mascot, TN

Products Purchased / Services Used: All Kistler Rods