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I have been fishing since I could walk, and have used every rod on the market today. But I had never felt a rod as sensative as the Helium 2 or Magnesium TS series from Kistler. Being an avid tournament angler, I depend on bites and being able to feel those bites in any conditions. These rods are built to let you feel the slightest pick up or bump on that bait, but still have the backbone to put that fish in the boat. I am a loyal Kistler Rod user and will continue to be as long as Im standing on that front deck casting and competing! I highly recommend you trying these rods out and better understand their saying: "Fishing Never Felt So Good." Thanks Kistler for making a rod with such high qualities!

Chris Sinkey, Pro-Craft Texas State Team Member

I have purchased 4 Kistler rods since 12/09/06. My rod collection consists of All Stars, Castaways, Falcons, Fenwicks, G Loomis's, and American Rodsmith rods (24 rods including my 4 Kistlers). About half of my non-Kistlers will go on ebay once I cull through the 'junk'. I've only been able to use them once because of the weather (at Lake Fork Texas) I had 4 bites (3 of which I never would have felt on any other rod) and caught a 7lb and two 5 pluses. These are the best rods in the country.

Chester Winans

I have have been bass fishing for the last 7 years and have fished everything from shimano to G-loomis to falcon. But in the last 3 years I found Kislter. Fishing 25+ team tourneys a year these rods have put me over the top in the last three years compared to all others, with hardly a single problem and alot of added winings to my credit I am know confident and happy to take it to the next level.

Derrick Patch

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Just acouple of things to say about the Kistler rods and the staff that works for Kistler, Great product and great staff. I've fished with kister rods for 2 years and want fish with anything else. If you haven't tried one your missing out on the best rod out. If you have any question the staff will help you and get the rod for your personal need. You will catch more fish, feel bites you did'nt feel before. Thanks to Trey and his employees for a great product. Alsome!!!!!!!! C Vaughan

C Vaughan

Just picked up a Kistler Magnesium 6-6 Med/Heavy all-purpose casting rod and my wife and son purchased a Helium LTA 6-6 Med/Heavy rod for Christmas, well with the very mild temps in NJ I was able to land 2 early season bass on them and I am very impressed by these rods, felt everything and bites I may have missed in the past. Great product and I see other rods being added to my boat.

William Minaeff

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Helium LTA,6-6 Med/Heavy casting, Magnesium TS 6-6 Med/Heavy casting

I was shopping for some new rods for myself and my customers and was turned on to Kistler rods by a salesperson at Cabella's in Buda,Tx.. I really was impressed with how the rods felt so I decided to buy 3 baitcasting rods for myself to fish tournaments with. I have had the good fortune of catching some really nice trout and redfish with these rods and I don't think I will fish with anything else. I am really happy I purchased these rods and am looking forward to being a part of the Kistler rod family for years to come. Thanks for the quality. Alan Thompson.

Alan Thompson, Very happy new Kistler customer, Artificial Intelligence Guide Service, Corpus Christi, Texas

Making a living putting customers on fish on a daily basis with all the different weather conditons that I face throughout the year is stressful enough .I would like to think all the people at kistler for the fine quality rods that you make. Not having to worry about rod failures makes my life whole lot easier. I have 6 kistler LTX rods that my customers use and I have not had one complaint yet, Lots of compliments on how light and sensitive your LTX rods are. This year my customers have boated 14 largemouth bass over 12lbs, those bass come from stumps,grassbeds and other various cover and i have not had one thing go wrong with my kistler LTX rods. Thank-you Richard Belott Texas Fishing Adventures

Richard Belott, Guide/Tournament fisherman, Texas Fishing Adventures, Amarillo tx

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Oh boy! Picked up one of your prototype Helium II LTX rods on E-Bay last week at a dream price, and I can't put it down. What a fantastic rod: light, powerful, and an absolute joy to fish with. Thank you for the fine product, and keep those "one of a kinds" flowing...I'll be picking up several more as soon as I can. Please pass on a collective "thank you" to everyone in the company...it's a real pleasure to know folks can build them better than anyone else right here in the USA!

John Policastro, COntracts Manager, DCMA Springfield, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ

Products Purchased / Services Used: LTX Helium II 6'3" Medium Light Prototype Baitcasting Rod

Trey, just a little blurb to let you know how it all worked out. Clifford was very good to work with. He talked with me and resolved my delema with a custom build. From initial conversation to finished product in my hands, less than 3 weeks. The workmanship is simply outstanding and the service absolutely premium. Anyhow I just wanted to let you know you can put me down as another satisfied customer. Your brother, Bert Slane

B Slane, ID

My Kistler KTNT68 Tails and Topwater rod is by far the most versitile rod I've ever fished with. Wether you are battling big redfish in the marsh or hauling lunker bass from the lake this rod can do it all. Lightweight and strong this rod can walk the dog or bump a jig equally. If I could only have one rod this would be the one. I also own several Helium baitcaster and spincast rods. I'm often amazed at their lightweight strength and sensitivity. The fit, grip and balance of the Helium spincast rods are like shaking hands with an old friend. Once you put one of these rods in your hands someone will have to pry them away from you.

Vincent Rinando Jr., Houston/Galveston

Products Purchased / Services Used: TailsNTopwater, Helium Baitcaters and SpinCast

I have been fishing for a long time. Quality and durability are essential considerations anytime I make a purchase for my saltwater angling endeavors. Without the slightest reservation, I suggest anyone who wants quality and durability in a fishing rod, consider a Kistler. Kistler craftmanship is fantastic. My rod is sensitive enough to feel a lazy winter trout bite, yet strong enough to muscle the big bull reds to hand. I've fished 'em all, Loomis, St. Croix, Shimano, etc. and nothing compares to my Kistler. Thanks Kistler!

Jeff Herman, Quality of a higher order, Ocean Kayak Pro Staff, Houston TX

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Speck and Red Special

Not only are Kistler Rods the lightest, most sensitive rods available, the customer service is unreal. On a Friday prior to the 3rd leg of the Kayakmaster's Series, I broke my Topwater Rod. A quick Call to the fine folks at Kistler, and an hour drive, I walked into their office, and was back on the road within 5 minutes with my rod replaced. I have been absolutely astonished at how sensitive these rods are. At times, I feel I could tell how many teeth the speckled trout at the other end of the line had. And The wader Special Med Light, when combined with a top quality reel can outcast any spinning rod when it comes to throwing weightless soft plastics.

Robert Harvey, Houston, TX

Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium Topwater Rod, Graphite Plus Corky Special, Graphite Plus Drop Shot Special, Graphite Plus Wader Special Med Light, Graphite Plus Cajun Special, and Helium 6'6" spinning rod

I was looking to purchase a quality rod and just happened to pick up a Kistler Rod at a dealer store and knew immediately I had found it. Although I was not ready to buy that day I read the "Dear Fellow Angler" note from Trey Kistler and bought the rod immediatley. These days, not many are willing or have the courage to stand on their Christian values and I applaud and support him for it. I believe Christians should support fellow Chritians. You won't go wrong with the right heart. However, make no mistake if the the rod was not as good as advertised I would not buy another one, because I am kind of cheap. Long story short, the rod is great and better than advertised and I will make Kistler my mainstay rod. Thanks, Ben

Ben Bruner

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I was throwing 1oz. football head jigs in a recent tournament. The bite was pretty good, so I had two rods rigged up. One was a 7' Heavy Kistler H2 LTX and the other was a 7' Heavy action "other brand" (still a very good rod). I couldn't believe what a difference that H2 made. When throwing 1oz. jigs all day long, the lighter your rod, the longer you can keep casting. It's still hard for me to believe how light the new rods are, while still keeping all the sensitivity and feel, and not to mention the hook hanger. Don't leave home without your Kistlers!! Thanks guys!

Derek Yamamoto, good guy, Kinami Baits, Austin, TX

i have 3 of the new magnesium ts rod. they are great and light to use. i am going to get my forth soon. the best this about this series of rods is they have a rod for every type of lure you are going to use.

david jolliffe, thornton wv

I just wanted to give you an update and thank you for your great rods. I recently, 9-23-06, won big bass/coangler on a BFL Super T on Lake Champlain. I was using your Helium II LTX , 6'6"MH casting rod and caught the 6 lb. 2 oz. LMB in 5 ft of water with submerged grass at the Fort Ticonderoga area. This was the largest bass I have caught in a tournament and I have your company to thank. I can not tell you how great the rod was able to keep the fish on. I have 6 Kistler rods (5 lta's and 1 ltx) and look forward to purchasing more in the future. Keep up the good work and look forward to bigger bass in the future.

F Salzman

I bought my first Kistler Helium rod, a 7' Medium Caster, sight-unseen, three years ago and I was so overwhelmed by it. I have since bought six more.

Dan Greene

When I decided to start fishing seriously, and makingit my living I chose Kistler's. Fishing a 150 days a year I need the lightest, most sensitive, and durable rod which I found when I picked up my first Kistler.

Alex Davis

While fighting this shark I said to my father, ?Somebody has to give in and it won't be me or my rod,' I am extremely pleased with my Kistler Rod because of the sensitivity and the strength to catch the big one.

Aaron Perez