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Yesterday, I caught my first fish on the Z-bone LE-1ML-70 you sold me. The Kistler version of the “Shrimp-Tail Special”. It was a 35lb. Jack Crevalle. I am using 12 lb. Trilene Monofilament on a Quantum 1310 MG reel. After thirty five minutes. I landed the fish. I had cranked my reel drag down after about thirty minutes and I was actually trying to break the fish off. We drove the boat up to the fish. I pulled on that rod as hard as I could, and pulled the fish up and landed it. The rod was very heavily loaded, and did not break. Thanks for a great recommendation on a rod, and a great rod. As you know the Jack Crevalle is a very difficult fish to land.

Douglas Hale

Products Purchased / Services Used: LE1ML70

I have fished for approximately forty years. I truly believe these are the best rods I have fished with. I also believe your company will continue to prosper with God guiding your way. Thanks a God bless Larry Fadaol

Larry Fadaol

Products Purchased / Services Used: 7 models of the Z bone LE series

Dear Trey, I wanted to take a minute to thank your staff. My father, brother and I have been planning a trip to Falcon and purchased three 7'11" XH rods. Your staff went out of their way to make sure these were ready for our trip. I would especially like to thank Lance. He took the rods home last night so I could drive from Austin and pick them up after hours. My gratitude goes out to him and his family. He's a tremendous asset to your company. Thank you again Lance! A raving fan. Dustin

Dustin Brudnicki

Products Purchased / Services Used: : Z BONE LE 6 XH 7' 11" X 3

I ordered this rod when they were on sale for 169, the rod got here quickly but it was a power too heavy, not what i wanted. that was on wednesday. i called kistler the same day and they said they would ship a rod out overnight for free and pay for the return shipping. not only did fed ex pick up the rod on thursday, the correct model got here as well. so far as i can tell, the rod is amazing. i have paired it with a shimano curado 201E7 and it is so balanced. i love the combo. will be getting a flippin' stick soon.

Alex White, Sterling, VA

Products Purchased / Services Used: helium LTA 7 foot medium heavy

Just got to brag on the Z Bone rod a bit. If anyone has any doughts about the strength of the z bone rod let me put your mind to rest. My son and I fished a Grinnell (Bowfin) tournament this past Saturday and if anyone knows what these are then you know how mean and agressive they can be. When you set the hook on one of these monsters using 65 pound braid and your rod holds up, then you got a winner. I've been using Kistler rods for over 8 years now and have always knew they were awesome rods, but, these Z Bones are in a world to themselves, the most sensitive, the most lightest, and now proven the strongest rod that I have ever used. Thanks Kistler for making this awesome rod, I will be getting more.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z BONE

Got my 1st. Kistler LTA awhile back, 1st. time out knew it was good, got a LTX II not long after and WOW what a rod could feel every rock or twig the bait touched, not long ago I a custom Z" Bone and there is nothing like it can feel everything with a weightless plastic so I am designing a new Z" Bone as I write this!! CAN'T beat TREY and his crew at KISTLER!!!

Bill Weaver, owner, Leather, Guns & Etc. inc., Colbert, OK.

Products Purchased / Services Used: 3 Kistler Fishing rods with another on order

This is one great fishing rod company! If you don't fish Kistler...you ain't fishin right. I liked them so much I put a link on my blog: www.ecolubemobile.blogspot.com Keep up the great work Trey!!!

John Cavanaugh, Owner, EcoLube, LLC, Springfield, MO

I was very fortunate and blessed to win our Louisiana qualifying tournament on Toledo Bend recently. This will be my second win as the Louisiana State Champion in the 15 to 18 year age group. Last year, I went to compete on Lake Lanier in Atlanta GA. in the National Guard Junior World Championship, this year we will compete on Lake DeGray. On Toledo, I caught all of my fish in our two day tournament using my Kistler micro mag 7' MH rod, without this rod, I would not have been able to feel the bite as well. I credit my win to this excellent rod. Thank you and God Bless.

Cameron Mattison

A Great tournament Saturday,a 4th place finish to end the day. Things were tough, bites were light and in 20+ ft of water but the Helium LTA and Mag TS was Flawless. Thanks to everyone at Kistler Rods and I am PROUD to be partnered with you guys. Pics on my web site Hensleyfishing.webs.com

Chris, Hensley, A Day on The Lake W/ Chris Hensley, Hillsboro Alabama

This past weekend was brutally HOT and the fishing was very tough. My partner and I caught over 25 keepers and had another top 15 finish and we both say it's because of our z bones. If a fish got close to our baits, we felt it. The fish was not slamming the secret baits, they were barely picking it up and we felt every bite we got both using the z bone. Hands down, these are the most sensitive rods that I have ever put into my hands. In 3 tournaments, we have had 2 top 10 finishes and 1 top 15 finish and we both agree we owe it all to our z bones. If not for broke lines and fish lost, that would have been 3 top 5 finishes, but, it's fishing. If anyone wants to feel more bites then the z bone is the way to go. Thanks Kistler for these great rods and more fish in the boat.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z BONE

Brutal 102 heat index...all bass on custom built Kistler Z-Bones...3rd place. I have a pic if u contact me...

Doug Schexnayder, PhD (ret), Vidalia, La. 71373

I can honestly say that my kistler rods have been putting some real work!! In the last 3 weeks i have had a 1st place finish & a 3rd place finish! Every fish was caught with my kistler rods!!! These are HANDS down the best rods I've ever fished with. Ever one say this, but they are the lightest,most sensitive rods around!!! Needless to say I am very happy with Kistler and I'm currently changing all of my tournament rods over to Kistler!! Don't be the one to be left out! Order your own Kistler rods TODAY!!

Jerrod Brown, Orlando,FL.

My dad got he and I new z-bone rods the other day and we are absolutely loving them! Everything so far is pond fishing until we get our new boat in! But the pond we are fishing is loaded with 3 to 5lb bass and this really lets us enjoy these rods! LOVING MY NEW ZBONE! THANKS KISTLER!

Josh Chavers, zBONE

Just got home from an evening of fishing at my friends farm pond here in Nebraska. The weeds are up and the Bass were absolutely destroying a frog. This was my first time fishing my MicroMag Toad rod and all I can say is wow. I easily had 30-40 hook ups tonight most were 2-3.5 lb class fish. I missed one that hit before I could engage the reel and a few other small fish and only had 1 that got off on the way to Boat. I had used a GL frog road previous this rod is much lighter and easier on my shoulders and wrist. It has plenty of muscle to get em out of weeds

Dave Greer

Products Purchased / Services Used: MicroMag Jig Toad Rod

Last Friday my kids and I went to the Fort Morgan peninsula speckal trout and red fishing. KISTLER + SALT= HUGE FISH BATTLES. I caught a 9lb Redfish on a KISTLER MAGNESIUM USING 10lb flourocarbon line. What this means is that the rod handled the stress to keep the line from breaking the softer tip would let the fish bend the rod on those hard pulls. Thanks Kistler for great products. Just ordered two new ZBONES ALSO can't wait to get them added to my Kistler arsenal!

mike chavers

Had an amazing after noon with my kids and kistler rods yesterday. We went to a local 8 acre lake and caught over 50 bass. My daughter is only 8 and she was fish for fish with the rest of us, she was using a KISTLER CARBON STEEL rod and using topwater baits. She would see the fish hit the bait and wait to set the hook but with the action of the carbon steele the initial hit of the fish and the action of the tip the fish were already hooked. So for a kid who is anxious about setting the hook as soon as she would see the splash, the rod was doing the work for her, helping her to have a better catch ratio.

mike chavers

Just wanted to express how much I love these z bones. These rods are absolutley amazing. With these z bones my partner and I took a 9th place finish and won big fish in a tournament this past Saturday and we both agree, we owe it to the z bones. The bite was tough, it was very hot, but we still managed to feel all the fish that picked up our bait. I'm sure we would have still caught fish but we don't think we would have felt the big bites that we got without our z bones. We just wanted to thank Kistler for producing a great rod in the z bone.

Ray Long, South ALabama

Products Purchased / Services Used: : Z BONE

Trey I want to thank you for the great job you and your team did on the micro wrap for my 2 rods. They were great to begin with, but the improvement in their sensitivity and casting distance are unbelievable. I look forward to using them at the US OPEN in July. Tell everyone thanks for me.

John Land, VP, LAND Exploration Consultants, Inc., Burleson, TX

Products Purchased / Services Used: Micro Package

I just want to say and anyone who has ever used one of Kistlers lines or rods would agree, and those who haven't are missing out. Kistler Rod are one of the most high quality, sensitive rods on the market. I use Kistler rods exclusivley and wouldn't change to another rod on the market. Keep it up guys you do a GREAT job on all you do.

Chris, Hensley, Hillsboro Alabama

I was introduced to the Zbone almost 2 years ago while fishing with FLW pro Scott Martin. He allowed me to use one of his prototype Zbones. From the first cast I was impressed. I launched the bait to the next county. Moments later I hooked a fish and was impressed with the power of such a super light rod. After that experience I was convinced I needed to get my own. 80 plus rods already in inventory was had to justify adding more, so I sold many of my 'nice rods'... "better to have a few of the BEST than many of the good"... as I justified it with myself (and wife). I placed my order for a Custom ZLE 7'3" 4MH. After only about 6 wks I had my new rod. A thing of beauty. Paired with Revo Premier and 15lbs Fluorocarbon. First Tournament resulted in a second place finish, but was telling about this event, was: I caught fish among several other anglers who struggled to get bit. I gave my partner the exact bait, weight... even had him come the front of the boat and cast in the exact area, but he and others could not feel the "lite bite". I was culling while others where scratching their heads. I am wise enough to know it was not me, but the Z Bone that made the difference. So if you really want to elevate your game, or just feel that which you have not before, get a Z bone. I now have 3 Zbones and just ordered another. Stock or Custom they are worth the investment.

John T., Jacksonville, FL