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New Reward Points

Starting in early February, we've introduced reward points. We’re calling it “Kistler Cash.”

Some of you may have seen a small button at the bottom of the website inviting you to access your points a few weeks ago.

Since then, any customers who have a account and have been purchasing on the website started accruing rewards points automatically. That means, if you're an account holder that's purchased anything from mid-February 2020 to today, you have Kistler Cash!

During this time, we experimented and changed the value of the rewards points from 5 or 9 points for every dollar spent. But we ultimately settled on 10 points for every dollar spent, giving our loyal customers the biggest benefit and option for savings. Your points accrued in February 2020 may reflect a sum total of points accrued at either 5, 9, or 10 points per dollar spent.

Your Kistler Cash

You get 10% of Kistler Cash back on every purchase you make through the Kistler Rods website.

Just divide your point total by 100, and that’s how much Kistler Cash you have!

So if you have 6500 points, you have $65 to spend on!

Important Details

• Points can be redeemed by accessing the Kistler Cash Portal.

• Kistler Cash is automatically connected to your created account, and only applicable for accounts. You must have a account/login first before reward points will accrue.

• Kistler Cash cannont be applied with other promotions or discount codes.

• Not applicable for Team accounts.

• Points accrued before January 2020 have been discontinued.

• Not Applicable on Custom Rods