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A Letter From Trey Kistler

President of Kistler Custom Fishing Rods.

Dear Fellow Angler

First I want to thank you for checking out Kistler Custom Fishing Rods! We are a family centered company with the drive to help you make the most out of your fishing experience!

    As Founder and President of Kistler Rods I have had the privilege of building fishing rods for the last 25 years and in that time, I have learned not only the essentials to making an outstanding fishing rod, but most importantly to stay true to our values; God, Family and you the customer. Staying true to those values has been the cornerstone of a company driven to develop the most advanced AMERICAN MADE fishing rods available!

    In a time when everyone wants to cut corners and save a penny, I have chosen to rise above. “We believe there is no better way to get something done other than doing it yourself. Made in the USA, under our own roof, we are not only a team but a family”. When you pick up a Kistler rod you can feel the time and love that goes into each rod. Innovative designs and time tested materials made by rod pioneer Gary Loomis at North Fork Composites in WA state as well as Fuji, the Japanese component maker and Kigan the highest quality South Korean component maker are just a few key features to the flow, strength, and sensitivity that runs through each rod.

    I have been a fisherman for 35 years and have been in the rod business for 25 years. I know what sets a rod apart from the others. “You can’t just let them run down an assembly line. Each hand that builds these rods must know what a premium rod feels like. It’s more than a job, it’s passion that builds each rod.”

    “Volume is not the goal, quality is!” Kistler could easily have a huge warehouse full of workers pumping out rods and put our trusted Kistler name on it. Then you would have your average cookie cutter rod that is mass produced with no skill or attention to detail. That is not what I have chosen to do. Instead, I have chosen to stand behind each loyal angler that stands behind Kistler year after year. We added ground breaking steps to our rod building process, instead of taking them away, to ensure quality that can be seen and felt in every cast and hook set! That is what makes Kistler a leader in the rod building industry, details matter!   

     This is the year of Kistler never bending what we stand for, and what we stand behind. We are blessed and appreciate every one of our loyal customers that allow us to do what moves us in the morning. Thank you for being a part of our family, the Kistler family.

    Let me close by saying here at Kistler our focus has always been to provide a company to be proud to work for, a product customers are proud to own. Living for others is the ultimate path to true happiness while providing fine American made rods as well as serving, giving and loving others is just how we choose to live.

   Your fellow fisher of men,

Trey Kistler

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