The Way Fishing ShouldFeel

For The Love of Fishing

Enjoy Fishing

There's nothing like rigging up a rod and making that first cast in the water. It's calming and thrilling at the same time.

At Kistler Rods, our priority is that you thoroughly enjoy fishing. Our goal is to give anglersĀ like you something thatĀ you're going to simply enjoy again and again.

Don't overthink it. Get out and fish.

Automatic Results

You're going to feelĀ things you've never felt before. For 21 years, we've listened, learned, and innovated every day to create a fishing rod with unparalleled sensitivity and strength.

What you'll feel with a Kistler will change the way you fish.

When you feel more of what's happening under the water, you end up bringing more fish out of the water.

For Conservation

Since 1999, Kistler Rods has given over $600,000 toward conservation efforts nation wide. Every Rod or Reel purchase gets us closer to our goal of $1,000,000 given to conservation since 1999.

Giving Back To Conservation