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Long-Lasting Performance

The Chromium Casting Reel is one of our newest products that is crafted for long-lasting performance. Much like our Kistler rods, the Chromium Casting Reel is designed to be strong where it needs to be, yet light enough to allow anglers to maximize their efforts on the water –for any fish species and virtually any type of lure.

We designed the Chromium Casting Reel to be light enough to be paired with any Kistler casting rod, but with a focus on performance and durability. Our design experts went to the drawing board and developed the ideal lightweight, high-performance casting reel with specific characteristics and features.

We ensured that anglers can enjoy extra-long casting capabilities thanks to the deep spool design. The reel is also made with a specialized external centrifugal braking system to prevent backlash and aid in precision casting.
The Chromium’s internal components are designed using corrosion-resistant materials, allowing the reel to be used in either freshwater or saltwater applications.

As is the case with all of Kistler’s rod products, the Chromium Casting Reel is also focused on and optimized for getting fish in the boat. The 3+1 piece free floating Full Carbon Fiber Drag Stack delivers plenty of strength needed to handle the hardest-pulling fish without the usual wear-and-tear that so often decreases the lifespan of most fishing reels.

Durability is another characteristic that was at the forefront of our design efforts when
developing the Chromium. Internal components such as the pinion and main drive gear, as well as the washers and spool are all made with high-quality materials to ensure each angler can enjoy many years of use across a wide variety of environments.

The Chromium Casting Reel is a testament to Trey Kistler’s philosophy of allowing his team’s efforts to be guided by making the best possible product for the customer – not to achieve maximum profit margin.

Kistler products are made in the USA, right at home in our Magnolia, Texas office.
We are proud to introduce the latest version of the Chromium Casting Reel – a product
designed in the spirit of American ingenuity, toughness and perseverance.

***New Mid-Depth Whiffle Spools in colored reels! ***


Color Red
Retrieve Right
Reel Size: 100 | Gear: 7.3:1



The Kistler Chromium Reel is outfitted with superior performance specs:

  • Deep Spool to Maximize Line Capacity.
  • Strategically positioned Ceramic Bearings that drastically increase the Free-Spool Capability which aids in farther casting potential as well as eliminates corrosion issues from salt water.
  • External centrifugal braking system  controlled by an easily accessible side-plate dial.



The Chromium boasts a super strong drag system: 3+1 piece free floating Full Carbon Fiber Drag Stack, to increase the maximum drag and decrease the potential for failure, uneven wear, seizure. All the while optimizing the density of material being used in construction of the most critical components continuously subjected to impact and deformation. 

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Above and beyond our strong solid one-piece aluminum frame, the Chromium reel includes:

  • A stainless-steel spool shaft to prevent bending, pitting, and corrosion, stainless-steel worm shaft utilized to prevent shaft and track damage which decreases the potential for line guide obstruction and stoppages
  • A brass pinion and brass main drive gear combination, which has been milled to reduce weight, has been proven to be just as effective, but more durable and longer lasting than its aluminum competitors.
  • Brass crank shaft, which has also been milled to reduce weight, designed to work in tandem with a rarely preferred brass handle retainer nut cap, designed to reduce torque on stronger threads to keep star drag pressure consistent and your handle from coming loose and falling off. 
  • Stainless-steel key washer, designed to apply consistent pressure on all the Carbon Fiber Drag Stack and to withstand damage. 
  • Corrosion-resistant, cage-protected pinion bearing, to assist in our efforts to aid in operative smoothness, but still avoid rust and corrosion build-up under the audible cast control cap.
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With the release of our New Chromium Fishing Reel, we at Kistler continue to stand and deliver by putting our customer first. We decided to tap into decades of research and development, engineering results, and frontline reel repair experience, to understand just what continues to fail or under-perform, and then we set our minds on how to fix it. 

We approached this project by ignoring the pressures of "market trend" and "profit margins", by minimizing potential component failure from understanding the effectiveness of materials being used, and by appreciating the long-term value of strategically constructed and positioned internal and external components. Through this development process we feel as if we have packed as much performance, strength, durability, and support into the lightest most cost-effective package possible.

To increase support, we decided to contract a Chief Fishing Reel Engineer and Designer with decades of repair and re-engineering experience, across various generations of tooling platforms, to aid in the development of our new fishing reel products. We'll be able to maintain the highest standards of customer service as Kistler already provides. We've developed a warranty that competes with the highest standards already set within the industry.

Our single recognized national parts distributor, warranty and repair service provider will establish the highest standards of fishing reel parts distribution, maintenance and repair to maintain quality control, while providing a healthy replacement part stock supply for a new age in the development of Kistler Fishing Reels built to support even the most high-usage anglers.