Line Reminder Labels

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Never Forget Again

The ultimate collection of Line Reminder labels using premium quality 3M material.
Add labels on each reel to remind you which pound line, type, and date you re-spooled. 


Size Standard


Weather Proof

Will not fade, scratch, delaminate or lift, period!

Small and Flat

You will never even know it's there!

No Residue

Zero sticky residue left behind when changing out labels!

Stays Stuck

Guaranteed to stick and stay flat all season long!

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Line Reminder Labels

Don't Waste Perfectly Good Line

If you are like me and most anglers, we both forget which pound test line is on our reels and/or we can’t remember when we last re-spooled. Either way, we all waste our $10-$20 of our hard earned money stripping perfectly good line off our reels because we want to make sure we have the freshest and correct pound test line before the next big day on the water. We admittedly do it so that we don’t lose a trophy fish or even worst, lose a tournament winning fish!

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Kyle Cortiana REview

How It Works


Select an area or location on your reel or rod that is the least likely to get touched, bumped, rubbed or scraped against. Trey recommends the underside of the reel where the fingers never rest against as see in the image. For the rod, Trey recommends placing label on top of the rod label clear coating area for best adhesion.


Next, use rubbing alcohol or similar mild cleaner to wipe and prep area on reel or rod you plan to place labels. It’s a good idea to wipe down entire reel to remove excess oils or other agents that may prevent the label from sticking.


Make sure your hands are free from oils that may have been on the reel or rod.


Use your fingernail or razor blade to peel off the corner of the labels you select and stick on your reel or rod. Place label on reel/rod and press down firmly.


25 Extra Lines of Record keeping so you can be doubly sure when you last spooled your reel and with what kind of line!

✓ Save Hundreds

Save hundreds of dollars per fishing reel.

✓ Save Time

Don't re-spool prematurely

✓ Never Forget

Is it mono of floro? 12lb or 15lb? Never forget which line is on your reel.

✓ Confidence

Nothing beats having confidence on the water knowing your line is correct and you're saving money.