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Fishing Rod Protector

Wider and easier to put on and take off! Kistler fishing Rod Protectors are made with a tough, expandable braided polyethylene which easily slide on and off your rod. The CUSTOM widths "One Size Snug Fit" design offers a few advantages over other similar covers on the market today. New Width 3/4" for Casting and 1 1/2" for Spinning.

Kistler Rod protectors help prevent tangled rods and offer a rod protector sleeve that protects your investment. They can be used on any Kistler casting rod even when fully rigged making it even easier to quickly switch between rods and faster in and out of your rod locker. They are cheap insurance and they make your time on the water even more hassle-free. Make sure you grab a rod protector for every rod in your arsenal.

**The Green Grass Hopper Rod Protector is only 45 inches not order for any other conventional length rod, instead order the 65" Green Protector.


  • Custom designed to fit snug to your rod so it doesn't fly out of your boat.
  • Easily slip on and off, only 3 seconds
  • 65 inches in length. Trey's smart design intended to NOT snag your hooks!
  • NEW 45 inch length for Grasshopper Cast rods!
  • Protects vital components from damage such as line, guides, tip and blank.
  • Great for boat rods lockers, keep those rods coming in and out quickly and painless
  • No mold or mildew
  • Lightweight, expandable and flexible
  • One width and length sized that fits All Kistler Rods: Micro, Macro, Conventional size casting and Spinning guides, as well as any other rod brands.


Cast or Spin Cast
Color Red 3/4"