Kistler’s Big Country Fishing Rod: A Lightweight Powerhouse for Big Swimbaits

Kistler’s Big Country Fishing Rod: A Lightweight Powerhouse for Big Swimbaits

Fishing with big swimbaits is a proven method of catching huge fish, but it’s also a pursuit that demands specialized gear to achieve results. Enter the Kistler Big Country Fishing Rod, a heavy swimbait rod designed by Trey Kistler himself. 

This rod displays all of the right features and characteristics you might expect to find in the best swimbait rods – a rod that can handle the weight, provide the right action, and deliver the sensitivity required to feel the subtlest of bites. 

In this in-depth review, we'll explore why the Big Country Rod stands out as the ultimate choice for anglers pursuing trophy bass with large swimbaits.

The Birth of the Big Country Rod

Trey Kistler, a seasoned angler and founder of Kistler Rods, recognized the growing trend of anglers targeting big bass with hefty swimbaits a few years ago. In response, he set out to create a rod that would not only meet but exceed the demands of throwing swimbaits weighing as much as eight ounces. 

The result of his endeavor is the Big Country Rod – a seven-foot-ten-inch heavy power rod with a moderate action, designed to handle the rigors of big swimbait fishing and put giant fish in the boat. 

“This is the rod that we developed after pulling our team as well as our customers and we are really proud to unveil it,” says Kistler. “The rod is made specifically to catch big bass, so we decided to call it Big Country.” 

The Big Country Fishing Rod features the ideal characteristics anglers look for in a rod that’s geared toward chucking large, heavy lures. Kistler is well-known in the fishing industry for its craftsmanship in producing custom-made fishing rods and the Big Country Fishing Rod is one of the latest additions to their series of technique-specific fishing rods. 

Key Features of the Big Country Rod

Power and Leverage

The Big Country Rod is a heavyweight contender in the world of swimbait fishing. Its robust construction allows anglers to cast swimbaits of significant weight with minimal effort. The moderate power ensures that the rod has the backbone to handle the load while also providing the necessary flex to work the bait effectively and get powerful hooksets on big fish. 

“We've developed the perfect swimbait rod that can throw swimbaits as heavy as eight ounces,” says Kistler. “There are a lot of professionals throwing big swimbaits now and they’re catching huge bass. We've developed a big, moderate-heavy rod with a long 15-inch handle, which gives you the leverage you need to cast a big bait that weighs as much as some of these swimbaits weigh.” 

Advantages of a Long Handle

One of the standout features of the Big Country Fishing Rod is its extended 15-inch handle. This elongated handle provides the leverage needed for casting large swimbaits. It allows anglers to tuck the rod under their arm while reeling, providing additional hook-setting leverage and comfort during long casting sessions.

“We made the handle extra-long so you could throw it with two hands, and you can also tuck the handle up under your arm while you're reeling to get some extra leverage for those hook sets on monster bass,” says Kistler. “Without this big handle, you simply would not be able to cast a plug this large and this heavy. A rod like this makes fishing with big swimbaits more efficient and just overall much more enjoyable. In addition to this, the handle’s length also helps the rod feel more balanced.”

Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Guides

The Big Country Fishing Rod is equipped with stainless steel heavy-duty guides that are built to withstand the strain of casting and retrieving heavy swimbaits. The larger rings, including three double-foot guides and single-foot guides, ensure smooth line management and durability under the stress of large swimbaits.”

“We made this with the big, heavy-duty stainless steel Keegan guides that have the larger rings,” says Kistler. “These guides can withstand a lot of the friction that comes with throwing and retrieving a large lure that weighs as much as eight ounces without having the usual wear-and-tear you commonly see on rods that are used with heavy swimbaits.”  

Parabolic Moderate Action

The Big Country Rod boasts a parabolic, moderate action that is crucial for swimbait fishing. This action allows for a smooth and controlled casting motion, catapulting the bait over long distances with minimal effort.The parabolic bend also ensures that the rod loads up efficiently, providing the necessary power for long-range casts.

“The rod is extra-long with the extra-long handle, which helps you catapult that bait out there without having to put forth a lot of effort,” says Kistler. “If you're fishing with a big swim bait all day, this rod really makes it much easier to fish and it's less of a workload on the angler.” 

KC-8 Graphite Construction

Crafted from KC-8 graphite, the Big Country Rod offers a winning combination of affordability and high performance. The material's sensitivity allows anglers to detect subtle bites, enhancing their ability to feel the underwater terrain and respond quickly to any bass activity.

“This Rod is made on our KC8 graphite which is very affordable and matches nicely with our size 200 reel” says Kistler. “I would prefer a reel that’s 6.6:1 or 7.3:1 ratio with this rod. You might even go down to a 5.1:1 for a slower, more steady crank.” 

Recommended Line

The Kistler Big Country Fishing Rod can be used with monofilament or fluorocarbon line ranging from 20 to 80 pound test. It is also capable of being fished with braided line as heavy as 85-pound test. 

The Big Bend and Efficient Fishing

The Big Country Rod's parabolic, moderate action culminates in what Trey Kistler aptly describes as the "big bend." 

“One of the reasons why I wanted to call it the Big Country Fishing Rod was because it has that big parabolic bend that you need when you're fighting a really big fish,” says Kistler. “That’s very important for handling a large fish and maintaining pressure so you can get it in the boat.”  

This characteristic bend is essential for a swimbait rod, enabling anglers to cast these larger baits with minimal effort while maintaining the control needed for precision targeting. It also features the Kistler Bend Strong 5-Year Warranty, which is unmatched in the industry. 

The Kistler Big Country Fishing Rod has rightfully earned its reputation as a lightweight powerhouse in the realm of big swimbait fishing. Meticulously designed with input from experienced anglers, this rod combines power, sensitivity and durability to create the ultimate tool for those seeking trophy bass, or other species, with large swimbaits. 

“This is a lightweight, high performance rod that we’re very proud of and it’s really fun to fish with,” says Kistler. 

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice angler looking to elevate your game, the Big Country Rod is another one of Kistler’s technique-specific rods that truly enhances the effectiveness of a swimbait, ensuring that each cast brings you one step closer to the bass of a lifetime.