Bakk Series Fly Reel

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Led by 25+ years of fly fishing experience, Jeremiah Bakk has teamed up with Trey Kistler to design a one-of-a-kind, lightweight and beautiful custom fly reel that balances perfectly with the Kistler Bakk Series Rod. Each fly reel is a testament to the legacy of Kistler excellence.


Size 5-6 wt
Model FLY-REEL-56-WT


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Bakk Series

Designed With Passion

From growing up in a commercial fishing family in Alaska to making a living as a full time fly fishing guide, the pursuit of fish in the outdoors has remained a central part of my life. In many ways, I have a similar story to most other anglers: I held a fly rod for the first time and made a cast that caught a fish, and the magic of that moment left me wanting more.

Since that time, my life has been a journey of discovery- learning about and pursuing passions that inspire me, but most importantly, appreciating the rejuvenation of my soul through being present in God’s creation… with a fly rod in my hand.

Proven on the strongest Trout

Proven on the Strongest of Trout section: Designed with the trout hunter in mind, the Kistler Bakk Series reel is uniquely designed from the ground up to perfectly balance the Kistler Bakk series fly rods or any other flagship fly rod. It features a low glare, type II anodized finish for durability and stealthy approach on spooky trout.

Fully machined from a block of aluminum, the porting design sheds excess weight while maintaining torsional strength. The reel features a sealed drag system comprised of a proprietary disc combination that ensures a low start up inertia and an ultra smooth drag to hold big fish on the lightest of tippet.

Extremely lightweight, the large arbor design holds a generous amount of backing and the rounded reel feet post keep your leader strong and kink-free. From the brackish saltwater of the Bristol Bay region in Alaska to the sub-freezing environments of winter rivers in the mountains of Colorado, the Bakk Series Reel has been proven on the strongest trout in extreme conditions.

Whether you are fly fishing for the very first time, or traveling to a far off location to hunt the trout of a lifetime, the Kistler Bakk Series reel can be trusted to help you land the fish you’re after.

The Extended Interview

Jeremiah Bakk and Trey Kistler talk the Bakk series origins, features, and more.

"Fish are an expression of divine creativity, and the joy of an angler is to try to get as close to them as possible, as often as possible. For me, this pursuit has led me on a path toward the art of fly fishing: experimenting with different techniques and styles of casting a fly, traveling to various places for unique fish, creating fly patterns of my own, and never giving up pursuing the perfect moment- when everything comes together, and art becomes reality.

If I’m not rowing a drift boat down a windy river in WY or looking for the largest trout in CO to try and fool with a bit of feather on a hook, I’ll be thinking about doing it and trying to come up with a new way of enjoying the moment."

Level Up

Bakk Series Spare Spool

If you plan to put several different techniques to use while fishing and don’t want to carry a separate reel, you can utilize a spare spool for your Kistler fly reel. This is a great way to store different fly lines and keep them ready for use. 

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Bakk Series Limited Numbered Set

Limited Edition Individually Numbered 10 sets. Comes with custom 2 custom rod socks, 2 numbered fly rods, 2 fly reels, 2 custom aluminum cases.

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Bakk Series Fly Rod

Premium Bakk Series Fly rod that is a joy to fish with while chasing trophy trout.

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Our company was born in a Texas garage. After Trey Kistler returned home from serving in the Gulf War, he went to work with his father building fishing rods. When his dad retired, Trey decided to blaze his own trail. He decided to make an exciting life for himself, his wife and four babies. He decided to create some solid American jobs. And he decided to try and catch as many fish as possible. So he set himself to the task of making the best bass fishing rod out there. We, and Trey, wouldn’t have it any other way. If his family name is going to be on it, it’s going to be the best. Kistler products are excellent. Period. They are the most sensitive, the most responsive, the most trustworthy. When you hold one of our rods, you know you’re holding something special.

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More To Come In 2023

8 wt and 7 wt rods available Spring of 2023. Also a 7/8 wt reel.