Z Bone Fishing Rod

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Only The Best

You get a Z Bone when only the best will do, when peak performance is your goal, and when you just want to enjoy the finer things in life. The absurd weight (or lack thereof) of the Z Bone lets you know right away that you're holding something special. Average only 3.5 ounces!
Like a fine wine, custom rifle or a premier set of clubs, you get what you pay for with the Z Bone.  Built on KISTLER KC9 Extremely High Modulus Blanks - 100% Japanese Carbon by Toray. A dental surgeon requires a fine instrument to do his delicate work, the Z bone blank is a fine instrument, meant for the most delicate of bites. A surgeon does not use his fine instrument to chisel, hammer or pull teeth, he uses a different tool for that.
The blank has been individually hand inspected to ensure perfection, and each guide, cork, and wrap only serves to make the Z Bone lighter, smoother and stronger. You might just like great things. You might just love to have every competitive advantage possible on the water. Or you might just need to see for yourself what it's like to have only the best: The Kistler Z Bone.


Cast or Spin Casting
Power 4.5 HMH Heavy Medium-Heavy X-Fast
Length 7' 0"


Premium Quality, Best Price




The Z Bone Fishing Rod is backed by Kistler's industry-leading "Bend Strong" warranty for 5 years.Read More.

Cast your Kistler! Use your product or try on your apparel. Get out and fish with your rod or reel for an entire day. If you're not satisfied, we want to make it right with a FREE return or exchange. Read More.

No third-party warehouses or delayed shipping. We specialize in shipping DIRECT to you. All rods are shipped FAST in a sturdy cardboard tube for $19.95. Read More.

Absolutely yes! 100% of our rods will perform perfectly in saltwater conditions for any type of species. Simply rinse off the entire rod and if you can wipe it down with a towel. This will ensure your rod guides last a very long time. The only guide that is rust proof is the Recoil Titanium Nitride guide found on our Texas Mag Wader Series but all other rods have a stainless steel frame that can withstand saltwater for many years of use.

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Trey Talks Z Bone

Kistler Crew

Your Rod-Building Experts

Truly...these rods are works of art!

"I recently purchased two Zbone rods, 1 standard 5H casting, and 1 custom 3LMH spinning. These rods are simply gorgeous and are truly feather light. At least the equal of my NRX rods, and when factoring in the customization, they are a fisherman’s dream come true. Nothing else compares! While the rods themselves are exquisite, the customer service is off the charts! Both Trey and Rueben have gone the extra mile by exceeding my previous experience in lofty customer service standards…especially when responding to customer enquires and reasonable adjustments to existing orders. Having a premiere rod producer coupled to such exemplary customer service is a one-two punch that blows away the competition. Be forewarned…once you go Kistler Z bone, you won’t be going back. I’m already eyeing a spinning rod in Lite Medium….just can’t get enough! As a Canadian, I am required to pay extra for international shipping AND import duties/fees…and I STILL feel the value is there. If you reside in the US,…it’s a no brainer, IMO.
If you are on the fence, just go for it. These are the king of fishing rods."

- Steven G. Toronto, Canada

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Z Bone Fishing Rod

2nd to None

"I've only been w/ Kistler for 3 months from the time I wrote this review, but I honestly can say, these rods are NOTHING WORSE THAN FANTASTIC. I own a Z Bone 4 power 7'0" and a Helium 3 power 7' 3". My hook ratio on flipping (from Lake Okeechobee in the thick stuff) has increased BIG time. I used to land aprox 70% of the fish hooked deep in the mats, but in 3 months, 5 tourneys ( and many practices) my hook up ratio is at 94%, which is the difference from cashing (3x - 2 / 2nds & a 3rd) and / or winning (1x) to going home a wishing or wondering what went wrong.

There customer service is just as good as their rods, "2nd TO NONE". They now have a customer for life, and those will NOT be my only 2 rods I get from them, as my others slowly see there lifespan, they will all be replaced w/ Kistlers. I donate to the Okeechobee teen anglers every year, this year some of them will have a new Kistler rod at Christmas time.

Kistlers are an American-Made, family style owned business w/ GREAT morals and a GREAT staff, seems hard to find that anymore in this time and age. as I try to do the same in my business.

Next time I'm in Texas, I'd really like to stop by their shop and meet all of them.

Don't change a thing.

- Doug, Okeechobee, FL


Z Bone Fishing Rod Up Close

How To Choose The Right Rod

My Favorite Rod!!

"I bought the 7' ML. The rod is very light and sensitive, the casts are awesome. The rod feels very comfortable in your hand, the handle and reel seat are smooth no weird angles, I just cant put the rod down. I own a number of other high end rods and this rod is my favorite!!!"

- Michael A.

Fantastic! Sensitive and light weight

"Used my z bone the other day pegging a red shad power worm. Unbelievable feel with tungsten weights...can feel every little bump and cover."

- Mike R., Chicago, IL


Backed by the Trey Kistler Warranty Promise for Five Years. First year = Free replacement. Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth year = Prorated replacement.

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All rods are shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube.

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30-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

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Best Rod I've Ever Owned

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 5/5

"Man this Z bone is the most beautiful and lightest rod I've ever owned, worth every penny. If you've never tried one, you have to get one, highly recommend. Kistler Rods you guys Rock!!"
- Capt Yoan Alvarez, Florida

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