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Build A Custom Fishing Rod Online with Kistler Rods

Build A Custom Fishing Rod Online with Kistler Rods

Custom Fishing Rods - Built On Demand

We're taking custom fishing rods to a new level. In 2020 we've released our "build your own fishing rod" online rod builder that allows any user to build their own rod.

You start by picking which rod you'd like - whether that'd be a custom casting rod or custom spinning rods.

Then you move on over to choose your blank series. You can choose from our many different top-tier American Made rods - whether that be ZBone, Helium, KLX, Argon, or Magnesium. 

From there you have a myriad of options. You can choose custom colors for your rod, custom color for your label, and even upload your own company logo to add to your custom rod label!

custom fishing rod image with company logo and custom label Kistler Rods

These aren't just ordinary custom fishing poles. Each rod is handcrafted and built exactly to your specifications, handmade in Magnolia, Tx. With over 20 years of experience making fishing rods, our quality and is second to none.

We've seen these custom rods used in many different applications. Because you can choose the length, and rod power, your personalized fishing rods are just that - personalized, meaning these custom-built rods can be used as custom bass rods or even custom surf rods, or for whatever application fits you best.

The sky's the limit.

And the custom rod builder keeps getting better and better. Since its beginning in early January 2020, we've added more options, made visualizing your custom rod easier and cleaner, giving you more freedom and more opportunity to get the exact rod you're looking for.

 Why Get A Custom Fishing Rod?

First, it's incredibly difficult- if not near impossible to find a reputable rod builder that will let you visually build your rod to spec with a visual builder, much less ship that rod to you within a month's time!

Our custom rod builder is second to none, and it's the ultimate luxury for the anglers that want something totally unique, totally custom, and perfectly matching their style and fishing application.

Start building your custom rod today!