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Veteran Owned and Operated | Faith, Family, Excellence, Respect

Why Kistler?

Experience matters: it is the foundation to a truly great product and business.  For over twenty-seven years I have invested my blood, sweat and tears into developing elite fishing rods that exceed consumer expectations.  

 I thoroughly test each and every rod blank before is crafted into a full-fledge fishing-catching tool! This means each fishing rod blank has undergone significant stress tests before a rod is produced. You can view me testing blanks on the Kistler History Video series found on our website - it’s an amazing process and 99% of the time, I weed out flaws in a blank’s construction, if any, before a customer is ever sold a rod.  

I want to earn your business, loyalty, and trust. Customer satisfaction is paramount to the business, not profit. If you’ve never tried a Kistler Rod before today, I invite you to change your fishing forever and see how The Kistler Experience will improve your fishing success.  Kistler Rods welcomes you to our growing family of dedicated fishermen. Read More

Thank you
- Trey Kistler

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The Kistler lineup

Quick Breakdown of Every Kistler Rod Series





World renowned, mind-blowingly lightweight rods that help you feel everything. When you feel more, you catch more.


Customer care is our priority. From the time of your order till it gets to your door and beyond. We're here to help.


We're meticulously obsessed with the small things so that every rod or reel you get beats your expectations.


We're expert rod builders with decades of combined experience. We know what helps you catch more and bigger fish.


Born in a Texas garage, every Kistler rod is built by hand in Magnolia, TX.


Kistler Carbon

Hold Something Special

KISTLER has partnered with multiple elite carbon factories across the globe. These well-established carbon experts have exceeded Trey Kistler’s demands for excellence in terms of quality control, consistent actions and power as well as durability.

KISTLER is now providing carbon blanks that we believe are the best in the business, period. For KISTLER and for our customers, it is an evolution into a better technology than ever before.

Trey Kistler’s 28 years of experience has enabled KISTLER to provide our customers with the most advanced designs and engineered carbon blanks that will certainly increase the cast to catch ratio for every level angler.

The proprietary 45 degree angle overlay construction using 100% Japanese carbon by Toray has enhanced the performance of KISTLER Carbon Blanks making them noticeably lighter weight and noticeably more sensitive.

This is an evolution that offers our customers better rod technology, better fishing, and a better warranty – the KISTLER Bend Strong 5 Year Warranty on every rod series. KISTLER has made the choice to make the best rod on the market.

About Kistler

For Conservation

Since 1999, Kistler Rods has given over $731,000 toward conservation efforts nation wide. Every Rod or Reel purchase gets us closer to our goal of $1,000,000 given to conservation since 1999.

Giving Back To Conservation


Our Values


Our faith in God influences all that we do, as a business and as individuals. We treat people and nature with respect. We live every day with kindness and strive to be the best versions of ourselves. We have limited time here, and we want to spend it living in service of others (and get some fishing in, too).


Family is everything to us. The family that raised us taught us how to fish. How to work hard and follow our own path. Our family, the one we made for ourselves, is the reason why we work hard every day. The fishing community is part of our big family. And we always take care of those who take care of us.


Maybe it’s the time our founder spent in the military. Maybe it’s just how we were raised or how we are wired. But whatever we make, whatever we do, we want it to be the best. We are obsessed with craft. Dedicated to reinvention. We love the pursuit of excellence, in life and in fishing.


The world just works better when people treat one another with mutual respect. It requires listening, understanding, kindness and communication. We begin every conversation with respect. Especially with our customers. They respected us, trusted us, enough to spend their hard-earned money on our product. We respect their loyalty by standing by our rods and reels.

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