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Chromium Casting Fishing Reel

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Color: Red
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Reel: Size: 100 | Gear: 7.3:1

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Long-Lasting Performance

The Chromium Casting Reel is one of our newest products that is crafted for long-lasting performance. Much like our Kistler rods, the Chromium Casting Reel is designed to be strong where it needs to be, yet light enough to allow anglers to maximize their efforts on the water –for any fish species and virtually any type of lure.

We designed the Chromium Casting Reel to be light enough to be paired with any Kistler casting rod, but with a focus on performance and durability. Our design experts went to the drawing board and developed the ideal lightweight, high-performance casting reel with specific characteristics and features.

We ensured that anglers can enjoy extra-long casting capabilities thanks to the deep spool design. The reel is also made with a specialized external centrifugal braking system to prevent backlash and aid in precision casting.
The Chromium’s internal components are designed using corrosion-resistant materials, allowing the reel to be used in either freshwater or saltwater applications.

As is the case with all of Kistler’s rod products, the Chromium Casting Reel is also focused on and optimized for getting fish in the boat. The 3+1 piece free floating Full Carbon Fiber Drag Stack delivers plenty of strength needed to handle the hardest-pulling fish without the usual wear-and-tear that so often decreases the lifespan of most fishing reels.

Durability is another characteristic that was at the forefront of our design efforts when
developing the Chromium. Internal components such as the pinion and main drive gear, as well as the washers and spool are all made with high-quality materials to ensure each angler can enjoy many years of use across a wide variety of environments.

The Chromium Casting Reel is a testament to Trey Kistler’s philosophy of allowing his team’s efforts to be guided by making the best possible product for the customer – not to achieve maximum profit margin.

Kistler products are made in the USA, right at home in our Magnolia, Texas office.
We are proud to introduce the latest version of the Chromium Casting Reel – a product
designed in the spirit of American ingenuity, toughness and perseverance.

***New Mid-Depth Whiffle Spools in colored reels! ***

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1 Year Manufacturer


Cast or spin



7.3 oz


19 lbs max 4pc carbon fiber

Ball bearings

(2) abec7 ceramic (2)stainless (5)pom bushing

Line capacity

100 yds @ 12 lb flouro

Rate of retrieve

31 inches per turn

Hand size



One year

Water resistance

ipx6 saltwater or freshwater

Oil bottle included

All bearings pre-oiled

Maintenance schedule

Every 6 months

Premium Components
Only The Best

Key Features Chromium Casting Fishing Reel

Your new favorite casting reel.

Drag Strength

3+1 piece free floating Full Carbon Fiber Drag Stack. 19lb drag power.

Game-Changing Guts

Stainless steel spool shaft, worm shaft, and key washer. Brass pinion, main drive gear, and crank shaft.

Ceramic Smooth

Strategically positioned ceramic bearings that drastically increases the Free-Spool capability

Line Up

Deep spool to maximize line capacity.

Expert Service

Kistler's contracted a chief reel engineer and designer with decades of repair and re-engineering experience.

Aluminum Body

Strong and lightweight 1-piece aluminum frame.

The Chromium Casting Reel

The Best of Kistler

The Chromium Casting Reel is one of our newest products that is crafted for long-lasting performance. Much like our Kistler rods, the Chromium Casting Reel is designed to be strong where it needs to be, yet light enough to allow anglers to maximize their efforts on the water –for any fish species and virtually any type of lure.

The Kistler Difference

Why Fish Kistler?

Call us and talk to a real person ready to help: Reuben or Jordan or Trey Kistler himself. Customer service is our priority so you can have your best day on the water.
The way fishing should feel.
Every rod from the KLX to Nitranium is individually stress tested and built by hand at our factory in Magnolia, TX.
Over 25 years in business, Kistler is a team of fishing experts who listen to anglers, and make fishing products beyond expectations.
Every rod is built on its natural spline. Every thread wrapped to perfection. Every guide straightened by hand.

Building fishing rods in the USA since 1999.

Born in a Texas Garage

Faith: Our faith in God influences all that we do, as a business and as individuals. 

Family: The family that raised us taught us how to fish; how to work hard and follow our own path.

Excellence: Maybe it’s just how we were raised or how we are wired. But whatever we make, whatever we do, we want it to be the best.

Respect: The world just works better when people treat one another with mutual respect.

Getting your rod to your door in one piece - quickly and securely is our priority. That's why we ship every rod in a thick cardboard tube, securely wrapped in bubble wrap primarily using UPS Ground which reaches most U.S. locations in 1-4 days.

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Hold Something Special. We design and source the best materials with the very best blank manufacturers around the world.

KISTLER carbon consists of our proprietary carbon patterns using 100% carbon fiber for maximum sensitivity and strength.

That's why we maintain a 5-star customer rating, with a 99.5% flawless performance of our fishing rods, as well as a "Bend Strong" warranty, should something ever happen.

Bend Strong warranty. Every Kistler rod and reel is covered under our 99.5% flawless bend-strong manufacturer warranty. Learn more.

Veteran-owned and operated since 1999. Our company was born in a Texas garage. After Trey Kistler returned home from serving in the Gulf War, he went to work with his father building fishing rods. When his dad retired, Trey decided to blaze his own trail. He decided to make an exciting life for himself, his wife and four babies. He decided to create some solid American jobs. And he decided to try and catch as many fish as possible.

So he set himself to the task of making the best bass fishing rod out there. We, and Trey, wouldn’t have it any other way. If his family name is going to be on it, it’s going to be the best. Kistler products are excellent. Period. They are the most sensitive, the most responsive, the most trustworthy. When you hold one of our rods, you know you’re holding something special.


Chromium Casting Reel

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Kistler Chromium Casting Reel compare to other reels in terms of durability?

The Kistler Chromium Casting Reel features a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame that provides excellent strength and resilience. This construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable choice compared to other reels that may use less robust materials.

What makes the drag system on the Chromium Casting Reel superior?

The powerful drag system on the Chromium Casting Reel offers exceptional stopping power, which is crucial for battling monster fish. What truly sets it apart from competitors is the smooth, consistent drag performance, which allows for optimal control and reduces the risk of line breakage.

How does the high-speed bearing system benefit anglers?

The high-speed bearings in the Kistler Chromium Casting Reel ensure smooth and efficient casting and retrieval. This results in less effort and more precision, allowing anglers to make accurate casts and retrieve lures quickly, a significant advantage over reels with less efficient bearing systems.

What advantages does the finely tuned braking system offer?

The finely tuned braking system on the Chromium Casting Reel enhances casting accuracy and control by minimizing backlash and overruns. This system allows anglers to adjust the braking force precisely, providing better handling and cast consistency than many competing reels.

How does the ergonomic design of the Chromium Casting Reel improve the fishing experience?

The Kistler Chromium Casting Reel’s ergonomic design provides superior comfort and ease of use, reducing usual hand fatigue that results from long days on the water. Its well-balanced construction and comfortable grips make it easier to handle, offering a significant comfort advantage over less ergonomically designed reels.

What's your Return policy?

Always FREE returns and Exchanges within 30 days. We want you to try your KISTLER. If you're not satisfied, we'll exchange it or let you return it for FREE. Learn More

What about your Warranty?

We have one of the best-in-class warranties around. We call it our "Bend-Strong" warranty. It's clear as day, and shows you what to expect if something happens to your Kistler. Learn More.