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KLX Fishing Rod

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Cast or Spin: Casting
Power: 1 ML Medium-Lite
Length: 7' 0"
2 Week Delay for Engravings or Labels

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Note: placement of custom engraving goes between handles.

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The KLX Fishing Rod      

Every serious angler wants a rod optimized for every occasion, giving him the best chance to pull one in every time. The KLX takes options to the next level. KISTLER KC8 Blanks - High Modulus 100% Japanese Carbon construction by Toray.
Scan your structure then grab any KLX and fish hard! For competitors, tournament pros, and those who expect their fishing investments to pay off.
No, there's not extra paint, thread, and trinkets to make this rod scream "buy me!" 
It sticks out where you need it to - on the water, on tournament day, or when you're just really hoping to impress your buddies with the best bass. The reliable and forever championed KLX rod is your next favorite companion. 

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5 Year Manufacturer


Cast or spin




Power rating


Model number





Kistler kc8 100% japanese carbon by toray-high modulus


Open water


Kigan stainless with conventional size coalite rings

Reel seat

Fuji graphite exposed trigger

Handle type

Grade "a" cork tapered

Length of handle

9 1/2" measured from the bottom of the reel seat to the bottom of the butt cap

Line wt

6 - 10 lbs mono/florocarbon or 12 lb braid

Lure wt

1/16 - 3/8 oz

Lure/ bait type

popper, ned rig, drop shot, wacky worm, finesse jig, hair jig


Bass, speckled trout, walleye, crappie/pan fish

Premium Components
Signature Sensitivity

Key Features KLX Fishing Rod

The "Professional Standard" fishing rod.


Average weight 3.5oz


Kigan Stainless With Conventional Size Coalite Rings


Grade "A" Cork Palm Swell

Reel Seat

Fuji Graphite (Exposed Trigger - Casting)

Kistler Smart Grip

Comfortable EVA Foam at top of reel seat for comfort all day long.


KISTLER KC8 100% Japanese Carbon by Toray-High Modulus

Kistler KLX Fishing Rod

The Professional Standard

Having an all-purpose, high-quality fishing rod means you can use just about any type or size lure and catch any type of freshwater or saltwater fish species. The Kistler KLX Series is the workhorse-style rod that’s optimized for any occasion on the water.

Each KLK rod is made with KISTLER KC8 Blanks - High Modulus 100% Japanese Carbon construction by Toray. This material is specially engineered to give the rod a featherlight feel without sacrificing the strength needed to land trophy-size fish.

We don’t include many of the usual extra paint, thread or trinkets that many other brands use to make their rods look flashy. Our design has a sleek and sharp look, but we poured the vast majority of our time into developing, designing and testing the KLX series to ensure that it meets Kistler’s standards for exceptional quality. The advanced guides enhance casting distance and accuracy, while ergonomic reel seats and premium cork handles provide maximum comfort and control.

The KLX Series is made for competitors of all levels, including tournament pros, or weekend-warriors who want to seriously invest in the quality of their gear and tackle.

The Kistler Difference

Why Fish Kistler?

Call us and talk to a real person ready to help: Reuben or Jordan or Trey Kistler himself. Customer service is our priority so you can have your best day on the water.
The way fishing should feel.
Every rod from the KLX to Nitranium is individually stress tested and built by hand at our factory in Magnolia, TX.
Over 25 years in business, Kistler is a team of fishing experts who listen to anglers, and make fishing products beyond expectations.
Every rod is built on its natural spline. Every thread wrapped to perfection. Every guide straightened by hand.

Building fishing rods in the USA since 1999.

Born in a Texas Garage

Faith: Our faith in God influences all that we do, as a business and as individuals. 

Family: The family that raised us taught us how to fish; how to work hard and follow our own path.

Excellence: Maybe it’s just how we were raised or how we are wired. But whatever we make, whatever we do, we want it to be the best.

Respect: The world just works better when people treat one another with mutual respect.

Getting your rod to your door in one piece - quickly and securely is our priority. That's why we ship every rod in a thick cardboard tube, securely wrapped in bubble wrap primarily using UPS Ground which reaches most U.S. locations in 1-4 days.

Free Returns & Exchanges on Stock Kistler rods, reels, gear, and apparel. Learn more

Hold Something Special. We design and source the best materials with the very best blank manufacturers around the world.

KISTLER carbon consists of our proprietary carbon patterns using 100% carbon fiber for maximum sensitivity and strength.

That's why we maintain a 5-star customer rating, with a 99.5% flawless performance of our fishing rods, as well as a "Bend Strong" warranty, should something ever happen.

Bend Strong warranty. Every Kistler rod and reel is covered under our 99.5% flawless bend-strong manufacturer warranty. Learn more.

Veteran-owned and operated since 1999. Our company was born in a Texas garage. After Trey Kistler returned home from serving in the Gulf War, he went to work with his father building fishing rods. When his dad retired, Trey decided to blaze his own trail. He decided to make an exciting life for himself, his wife and four babies. He decided to create some solid American jobs. And he decided to try and catch as many fish as possible.

So he set himself to the task of making the best bass fishing rod out there. We, and Trey, wouldn’t have it any other way. If his family name is going to be on it, it’s going to be the best. Kistler products are excellent. Period. They are the most sensitive, the most responsive, the most trustworthy. When you hold one of our rods, you know you’re holding something special.



Frequently Asked Questions

What types of fishing are Kistler KLX rods best suited for?

The Kistler KLX Rod Series is ideal for a variety of fishing styles, including bass fishing, walleye fishing, and inshore saltwater fishing. Our technique-specific models are designed for different techniques such as flipping, pitching, cranking, and finesse fishing.

What materials are used in the construction of KLX rods?

KLX rods are constructed using KISTLER KC8 Blanks - High Modulus 100% Japanese Carbon construction by Toray, which provides an unparalleled combination of sensitivity, strength, and durability. This ensures you can feel even the slightest nibble on your line and have the power to reel in big fish.

How do the guides on KLX rods enhance performance?

The advanced guides on KLX rods are designed to reduce line friction and increase casting distance and accuracy. This allows for smoother and longer casts, making it easier to reach your desired fishing spots.

Are Kistler KLX rods suitable for beginners?

Yes. The Kistler KLX Rod Series’ user-friendly features such as ergonomic reel seats and comfortable handles make it accessible for beginners who are serious about improving their fishing skills.

What is the warranty on Kistler KLX rods?

We offer the Kistler 5-Year “Bend Strong” Warranty on KLX rods, covering any defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty ensures that you can trust the quality and durability of your KLX rod for years to come. Elevate your fishing game with the Kistler KLX Rod Series—where precision meets
performance. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, these rods provide the reliability and excellence you need to make every fishing trip a success.