Kistler Rods Testimonials

My son Matt and I were were in Canada smallmouth fishing and he was using my new Kistler Argon Finesse series spinning rod. I love this picture because you can clearly see the rod bend from the weight of the fish. That rod got a workout; we boated over 50 fish that morning from the front of the canoe. Love our Kistler rods!

Mark Ringwelski, Small Mouths on a Kistler Argon, Spider Lake, Canada

Products Purchased / Services Used: Argon Finesse Series spinning rod

I just got back from fishing Toledo Bend. I had bought one of your KLX rods and had a Lew’s Tournament MG reel on it. It was the best combo I have ever used. Most of it was because of the rod. I thought I had found the perfect rod when I bought my white magic rods. Your KLX is absolutely the best rod I have ever had in my hand. I own Falcons, Ducketts, Loomis, Quantum’s, and Lamiglas. I have already told my wife she has as a Christmas present she can buy me. Another KLX rod. I bought the crankbait rod. The Duckett’s are very sweet rods for sure but after using the KLX this will be the only rod I ever buy in the future. You hit a home run with his rod. Thanks for a great product, Mark Neer


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Super impressed again with the new KLX rods. My deck sported all Kistlers; 5 Heliums and 3 KLXs in a recent tourney on the CA Delta. Couldnt put the KLXs down (but i do love my Heliums) and they were a factor in our 2nd place finish with 21.4 lbs! . . . missed first by 7 oz. Celebrated by getting 2 more KLXs. thanks again Kistler for always making feel super-confident in my gear so i can focus on those little green fish.

david romuar, United States

I have fished with kistler rods for a few years now and I have to say they are the best rods I have ever used. I recently turned a couple of my friends on to them now that's the only type of rods they use. Kistlers are the only rods I will ever use as well.

Josh Chavers

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Another great outing with my new KLX buzz bait rod. I have used a Magnesium buzz bait rod for several years and thought that rod was it and never could be replaced, but after using the new KLX buzz bait rod I have to say that I was surprised. Kistler has really out done themselves with the new KLX line. These rods are so sensitive that it's almost hard to comprehend. I have about 5 z bones and I will say that the KLX rod is so close to the z bone, I mean really really close. I hope that all fisherman can try the KLX at least one time.

Ray Long

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Kistler Rods are the best fishing rods I have ever used. Sensitinve, strong and they absolutely look great. Best of all about Kistler Rods is they are a CHRISTIAN company and made in America. Thank you Kistler. Sincerely David Baker. Albuqueruque, New Mexico.

David Baker, New Mexico

Products Purchased / Services Used: KLX casting and spinning rods.

Let me tell you about the klx rod first of all I am a christian so I will have to tell the truth I have to invite to you to be saved.on a scale of 1 to 5 the rods is and 11 they have hit a home run with this rod , I have 3 g.loomis rods I will have to rate the KLX even better I believe this rod should have won the I cast 2013 best fresh water fishing award I have been on the internet reading all the bull about how they have no warranty and other things I can tell you I had a helium lta and it broke 4"down from the top I filled out the warranty form sunday and Monday they email me what to do they replaced the rod with a klx what ever I wanted a man call rebuen helped me I would have to rate him also and 11 there is no way anyone could have ever been any nicer and helpful the whole kistler experience I rated an 11. you better get you one of these rods they are real nice and what better blank can you have than from the man himself gary loomis and Trey Kistler....they said this rod is equal to a 300.00 or 400.00 rod and I agree. thanks from the botton of my heart. praise God.

tommy, 83 pleasant valley dive

After purchasing my first Kistler rod in 2012 at the Skeeter owners tournament, I have been hooked on the sensitivity and reliability of the Kistler product. I have fished hundreds of tournaments with my 6'9" micro argon and have put more fish in the livewell than any other rod I own. The sensitivity in this rod is fa beyond that of other manufacturers that are twice the price. When I did have a problem with an insert falling out of my tip eyelit, one call and not only did they send out a replacement tip, but Trey himself came on the line to help me find a rod in their new line that would have some of the same characteristics that my micro argon had. It is not every day that a company owner will take time out of his day to make sure you are buying exactly what you need. Customer service is impeccable. Thank you Trey and the entire crew at Kistler, you have a customer for life. If you are looking at getting a new rod, Kistler is miles above the rest of the pack. Best of luck and tight lines.

Randy Marshall, TX

Well I am from South Africa and got my hands on the KLX finally, the KLX 7' TCRWJ. First impressions last hey, it's just a rod that truly speaks to you when you hold it in hand...what is the KLX in my eyes? A rod that is worth way more than it actually of those freaks of nature that just exceeds at doing what it is supposed to do... I have also posed the question regarding the worthwhileness of selling two of my Steez rods to acquire two more KLX's. In terms of sensitivity there isn't too much to distinguish the two, they are so similar it's scary...BUT...what is the deciding factor? It's the way in which the KLX does this that makes it's got a more forgiving tip action with enough backbone to do what you need it to do. It feels super balanced in your hand, it's super light which makes all day casting a oozes quality and also gives a exotic sense that you are holding something special. I am going to pull the trigger on two more of them...I have tried and tested them...the Zbone's are special...but other than designing your own thing that's priceless, worth more than double special? I have fished the Zbone's too...and quite frankly out of a monetary value...they aren't worth more than double...not in a worth sense but just the fact that Trey Kistler out did himself with the one knew it would be this good...not even they the price point they have revolutionized bass fishing as we know it... In monetary terms the Zbone isn't worth double the's worth double the price if you want to be individual and special...the KLX is just simply miles ahead of anyone in this price bracket. It's almost too good to be true....but it really is that good...

Emjay, Mr, Bass-Shack, South Africa

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After looking at reviews on line, three years ago i decided to try the Mag series rods and loved em. If those were good, Heliums would be better, i thought. I have since replaced ALL my rods to Heliums and now a few KLXs. i feel its just the best thing i can put in my hand- not to mention the service . . . where else will you get the Pres of the company to personally call you and answer a question? thanks for the tips Trey and for putting out an outstanding product.

david, romuar, Stockton, CA

Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium/ KLX

Recently after a friend and Pro Staffer John Miller let me borrow a Kistler rod I have been hooked ever since. I have been replacing all my rods with only kistler rods from here on out. Thank You Kistler for a great product.

Vince Loschiavo

Been using my two new klx casting rods for a month now. Just picked up a few of my other brand rods for comparison. Wow, what a difference in weight and overall feel! The kistlers are by far the most advanced in my book. Top of the line craftmanship and customer service make kistler #1 with me!


THIS MUST BE READ...If you own a Kistler or not...if you even fish or not...PLEASE READ. *This is an email I sent to Trey Kistler. Motivated by the great season I have had so far and how impressed I am with Kistler KLX rods...I've never had a piece of equipment (in ANY sport or activity) single-handedly incredibly improve my fishing so drastically* Mr. Kistler, As you probably know (by your UNMATCHED customer service, interest in your valued customers, and customer care) I have been a Kistler LOYAL since about 2006...Ive been loyal thru it ALL... I had 2006-2008 Kistler magnesium, Helium LTA and LTX... Even had a couple of the graphite plus blk n red rods... I remember the old blue zirconium inserts...the full handle LTA... I stayed loyal and have remained loyal thru the good and the bad...thru any problems with the 2007 n 2008 rods (although I had very little issues) and I got a whole slew of the Argon TS...and now I am so happy to see the success of the KLX line and have never been so impressed with ANY kistler line yet...AMAZING... I didn't just stay loyal using the rods, I constantly spread the word about ur rods... To the point of getting in literal arguments about Kistler..all the local BFL ABA, federation, open trail etc. anglers know me as "the Kistler kid" or "the kid who has all those Kistlers". Everywhere I go n whoever I fish with I rave about ur rods and ppl swear n joke that I'm employed by Kistler because I talk up the company so much. Nobody doesn't know what rods I fish.. Not around here. And because I tend to replace all my Kistlers every season with the newest version or line of Kistlers (replaced 2007 with 2008 LTA n mags n LTX then replaced all my mags n LTX with argon... Etc.) a couple ppl rly do think I might work for u lol. Most know that's absurd but I always try to put ur rods in other anglers hands n I've yet to have someone not blown away... I've converted many to Kistler only fisherman and gotten COUNTLESS anglers to buy at least one or a few... Ppl have thanked me personally for turning them onto Kistler... Why am I so loyal to Kistler? For one reason is because I think your Rods r top notch... I've always loved the sensitivity which is EVERYTHING TO ME in rods. Even with breakage issues I loved the way ur rods fished. Also because I recognize and appreciate (and even argue) the fact that you guys have "invented" or innovated SO MANY trends that r rly 'industry standard' now... (e.g. Split grip handles, no fore grip designs, "raw" blanks not goopy with epoxy, the amazing hook keeper, micro guides, a customizable rod on ur website, mixing cork types n looks for a 'custom look' n feel, showing rod weights on ur rods, having a Kistler direct only series to keep prices sooo low... Hand testing blanks... Even some that's not have caught on like The threads covered grips on the LTX which I loooved) not nearly enough anglers know who popularized these things. Even if you weren't the very first to ever do it, you were the first to mass produce to the public these innovations and even if that's not the case for all of the designs, you absolutely were a KEY role in making them so popular. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well u should be very flattered. I recognize n know who's 'changed the game' in so many ways, loyal also because your openness about your Faith. I love that. No cares or worries if some won't order who have different beliefs.. You are a messenger of Jesus and it means a lot. I'm loyal because of your unbelievable customer care... To be able to call a company and have the OWNER answer is amazing.. Unheard of. Thats worth loyalty n priceless .. Thats just Some reasons why I'm loyal to Kistler always. I always will be as well... I'm so happy with the KLX rods and I'm so glad to see the success of them! I love them. You are an inspiration to keep following ur dream, stick with it thru hard times, and more proof that faith will get you through. I truly believe you will go down as a LEGEND in the rod industry like Gary Loomis... In my eyes you already are THE first class rod technician on earth... So I want you to know this, I hope you know there's so many others like me... Probably NO ONE that's been a bigger spokesperson than me on the water, on the computer, at the ramp and tournaments... Everywhere. But many who see you for the legendary rod craftsman that you are! A pillar of 'good business' as well... So plz keep this in mind and you deserve all the success coming your way! -Tanner "Kistler Kid" This email was Sent last Thursday night...@ 10:30 AM my time (830 in texas...right away, first thing in the morning) I received a response from is shown below: "Tanner, what size shirt are you? ….you fishing a tournament this weekend? You are too kind… made me cry….thanks. Trey Kistler" I was blown away but not surprised @ the quick response...And the question of shirt size and about a tournament. I thought "Wow...I write to THANK HIM and he Thanks me and wants to send me a tournament shirt?" So I answered him and told him how amazed and impressed I am and that I was fishing that weekend...I didn't realize why he was asking until I received an email from Cindy (Kistler's amazing customer service/orders/does a lot woman lol) and a phone message asking me my shirt size as well...The email was an invoice...The invoice nearly made me FAINT...truly. I couldn't believe it... I am not going to specify what the invoice had...but lets just say it was so ridiculously above and beyond anything ANYONE could ever want from a company owner. It was BEYOND gracious...and It was sent OVERNIGHT delivery...with SATURDAY DELIVERY...I just can't put into words how floored I really was... I wrote him back telling him how above and beyond and unnecessary that was and how I just couldn't believe it...As always, Trey was humble and was THANKING ME...This guy's an inspiration to me as a fisherman and as a person...Because of things like THIS^...He doesn't see himself as anything more than a guy who builds fishing rods...He is an amazing person and the best business owner in the fishing industry, BAR-NONE. The package came the next day...not 24 hours after he answered me I had a package that was so amazing and gratious...And to top it off...He included a hand written letter on Kistler letterhead...personally thanking me for my Loyalty...I've told many in the last week about my experience. Many who aren't fisherman. Many who are. Not one can believe how generous and kind Trey Kistler is. I know they're all believers now. Now I share this for anyone who hasn't fished or experienced Kistler. I share it for anyone who's lost faith in people or society. Or lost faith in God. Or lost faith in Business owners...Or for anyone who is "on the fence" on whether or not to try a Kistler...TRY ONE. I AM SO ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE YOU WILL BE BEYOND HAPPY with your rod(s) and your experience with them. I GUARANTEE IT, FULLY. And an important disclaimer: I AM IN NO WAY, WHATSOEVER, AT ALL employed by Kistler Rods, I do not work for them in any way...I am not related to anyone that works for Kistler. This is a 100% REAL testimonial and REAL story. I also want to say that I TRULY have remained loyal to Kistler and Trey KNOWS THIS and KNOWS ME...Through many emails and orders and phone conversations (The man answers the phone at his Company...What owner could you even reach thru a phone call and waiting on the line? Or an email? Not many...and I can not name ONE that answers the phone). He is a business man who owns a business and supports a family with these incredible rods. He genuinely knows how long I've fished Kistler and I've told him every time I order how much I love the rods. So please don't think he's in the business of giving away free stuff or try to write him an email looking for a hand-out. He is the nicest person you could ever talk to but he's no fool. He sincerely wanted to THANK ME (I still can't fathom that) for my loyalty...when the loyalty was easy and I really wanted to THANK HIM for the tools he's made that have given me a "leg-up" on the competition...Rods that have truly been a PLEASURE to fish with...So please just know this is the type of man and company you'll be buying into with Kistler rods. They are unlike ANY OTHER...BELIEVE IN KISTLER RODS...Give them a try and it'll change your fishing. And to top it off you'll be dealing with the best customer service and customer-appreciation in the entire Fishing Industry WITHOUT A DOUBT. And you'll get the best fishing tool you can put your hands on. Bottom line is this: Kistler won't let you down, they just won't. It's not the type of company they are, It's not the type of person Trey is. THANK YOU KISTLER CUSTOM FISHING RODS, Thank you TREY KISTLER, Thank you Cindy, Thank you to the entire team who has a hand in this amazing company and operation. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Tanner P., Massachusetts Products Purchased / Services Used: All kistlers since 2005-2006...Mags, Heliums, LTA n LTX, Argons, Graphite Plus, Zbones, Kistler KLX! Kistler Rod's are absolutely the most sensitive, strongest rods I have fished. After picking up my first Mag All-Purpose rod to my recent purchase of a KLX X-Heavy Stump Grinder, I was hooked day one. As a Marine Corps Combat Officer, I spent a lot of time deployed and as I was laying in the VA Hospital, I told my wife I wanted the best of the best of equipment. Knowing that a possible wheelchair is in my future, I searched for the "Best." I found it in Kistler Rods. I fished Castaway Rods from Billy Kistler early in 1991. "After I found Billy and son Trey had created a line of rods and my experience directly with Billy, I knew when I got one in my hands, I wouldn't want to put it down. Now, I own somewhere in the vicinity of 25 rods. All are the greatest! Kistler, please continue making those great rods and know that I am a customer for life. 100 percent Kistler for me! Thanks for the quality rods that give me the advantage I need."

Major Billy Brooks, USMC Retired, USMC Combat Officer/Retired, Southaven, Mississippi

Kistler Rod's are absolutely the most sensitive, strongest rods I have fished. After picking up my first Mag All-Purpose rod to my recent purchase of a KLX X-Heavy Stump Grinder, I was hooked day one. As a Marine Corps Combat Officer, I spent a lot of time deployed and as I was laying in the VA Hospital, I told my wife I wanted the best of the best of equipment. Knowing that a possible wheelchair is in my future, I searched for the "Best." I found it in Kistler Rods. I fished Castaway Rods from Billy Kistler early in 1991. "After I found Billy and son Trey had created a line of rods and my experience directly with Billy, I knew when I got one in my hands, I wouldn't want to put it down. Now, I own somewhere in the vicinity of 25 rods. All are the greatest! Kistler, please continue making those great rods and know that I am a customer for life. 100 percent Kistler for me! Thanks for the quality rods that give me the advantage I need."

Major Billy Brooks, USMC Retired, USMC Combat Officer/Retired, Southaven, Mississippi

Well I decided to fish a local tourney trail this year called Kbbc and my Kistlers havent let me down my team is currently in 3rd place in points. From using my Z bones to Mag cranking rod i still am amazed how senstive they are when bite is tough. Thanks again to Trey, Lance and Cindy they are best and always God Bless tight lines

John Miller

Just recieved my 7' klx casting rod. Use it mainly for swim baits, no question, the finest built, most sensitive, lightest rod ever for the money, just ordered another one, can't wait! Great job kistler, Im sold! kevin


Another great outing with my new KLX rods, still can't get over how these rods feel and perform. I caught several bass using the KLX (KLXCRT70M) crankbait rod, never found the big ones but caught plenty of 2 pounders and placed in the top 12. AND, if you ever had any dought about the strength and back bone of these rods, well with what I caught Saturday and this rod didn't snap, then all dought's should be put to rest. I actually caught a 3' to 4' bull shark, yes a shark in the Tensaw river. I fought this shark for about 5 minutes before he finally spit my lure. I had that rod looking like a bow and arrow a couple of times but it never gave way on me. Now the only issue I have is, which KLX to buy next. Good Fishing and stay safe out there.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: KLX

I have been using Carbon Steel rods for about 4 months now with great success. You cannot possible buy a better rod for $100. I had switched to mainly KLX rods about a month ago and it is simply the only rod I will every need. I am a very picky person when it comes to any type of gear, my duck decoys are top of the line. But the Kistler KLX rods are the top of the line and there is no substitute. I can feel the lightest bite and even feel bites on slack line. If your searching for a rod look no further. If you need any more proof go check out my YouTube channel.

Casey Minshew, Rippin' Toads Productions, East Texas

Products Purchased / Services Used: KLX and Carbon Steel series

I received my first custom Z Bone this weekend. I've never purchased a rod at this price point, and doing so without ever handling one in the flesh had me a bit nervous. My expectations were understandably very high. I was simply blown away. If fear of the 'unknown' is preventing you from taking the leap of faith and buying a Kistler, rest assured that what you receive will be beyond your expectations. I am selling every bit of gear I can spare to purchase another Z bone.

Ian Olson

My kistlerrods rods are the best I was able to win 3 tournaments so far this year. I love kistlerrods so much. If it wasn't for zbone it wouldn't be possible to get those 4 and 5 pounds in the boat by boat flipping them. I love my kistlerrods rods

Cameron Mattison

I've been using Kistler Rods for years since the original Helium LTAs, and have been bolstering the arsenal since then! But I want to talk about my Z-Bones, I had a couple of build your own 7'3" Heavy actions, small slim EVA split grips, recoil micro guides, blue wrap on one red on the other two! Finest rods I have ever fished with, and everybody I show them to, has to pull their jaws off the floor! You would have to hold these in your hands feel the awesomeness! Pull the trigger on any of these fine rods and you'll never fish anything else!

Dario Guerra IV

Everyday that I have a client in my Shoalwater Cat, I make sure I get a Kistler Rod in their hands during the day. I have not had anyone that wanted to give it back. I have fished Kistler for a long time. I have not put a rod in my hand for a long, long time that I could ever compare with my Kistler rods. Now that I fish with the ZBone, I am hooked.

Duck Wright, Skinny Water Guide Service, Seadrift, TX


This is what my cousin said about his rod the first time out. "So I used that kistler for walleyes last weekend… OMG!!! It is a perfect jigging rod. I could feel everything… it seemed like I could even tell when the bait was drifting JUST off the bottom as the feel was just a bit different… no ticks, but just different… of course then every little touch of the bottom was felt and then the THUMP! Tip is nice and soft to give a little and not pull the bait out of the fishes mouth. Bro need to come up for the opener so we can put yours to the test!"

Terry Grafton

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Z bone 1ML

I have been telling all of my friends about the KLX rods and they are coming around for sure. Anyone that sees/feels the light weight and can see the finishes won't believe the price when I tell them. I believe my cousin Matt Pusateri contacted you about a rod, he was the first one to see the KLX in action and I expect you'll be hearing from him soon haha. (Between you and I. I outfished him at least ten to one and it was awesome haha nice reminding him who the older cousin is without having to say it). It was a pleasure to fish with such a fine crafted made in the USA product. I'm glad I found your rods and I look forward to using them this summer... This is only the beginning! Oh! The rods are very durable too. I don't baby my stuff and your rods don't need babying like others do.

Trey Landry

Products Purchased / Services Used: KLX

Just got back from Toledo Bend and had a chance to have a KLX in my hand for four days. It was fantastic. The med-heavy worm rod I used most allowed me to "feel" my way through grass and detect fish picking the bait up, even swimming at the boat I could feel the fish clamp down. I haven't experienced this with any other rod. I used the 7'3" redfish special rod to throw a half ounce suspending jerk bait (which murdered them) and I could throw it a mile and still have the backbone for those long hook sets. The tip flexes perfectly for a bigger jerk bait and I didn't experience arm fatigue because of the light weight. I am not a 'window sticker' guy but I am cleaning a spot on my boats windshield to display a Kistler decal. The only one that will be on there, and damn glad I found your rods. Thanks for a great product and a medium weight KLX for senko type baits is in my near future. Trey Landry


Products Purchased / Services Used: KLX

I just have to say that this has been the greatest swap of fishing rods I have ever done. I had been fishing Loomis rods for about 8 years and decided to switch to the KLX and Z-Bone rods. I couldn't be happier. These rods are extremely light, perfectly balanced, and extremely sensitive. I truly believe that these rods are more sensitive than anything I have ever had. For example, I tried out my new Z-Bone's and KLX's fishing a 1/4 oz. jig and it is amazing how sensitive the rods are. It is much easier to distinguish the bites. If you haven't tried these rods, you need too. They will blow your mind, especially the KLX. You can't beat a rod of this quality for this price. The customer service I have experienced with Kistler has been incredible. They will talk with you and not rush your decision and help you make the right choice for what you need. Special thanks to Lance Stringer and Trey Kistler for setting me up with this awesome group of rods.

Derek Felton, Springfield, MO

I just bought myself a new Kistler KLX rod a few months back, and I have to say that it is a great rod from the finest brand of fishing rods I have ever fished with. I went fishing just the other day and used it, the bites I had been getting were so light I wouldn't have been able to feel them without it. You can feel so much more with a Kistler rod than any other rod, they are incredible! They are the best rods I have ever used!

Josh Chavers, Summerdale Alabama

I will be headed out in the morning for a second trip with my new KLX rods and if it is anything like the first trip I am going to have a blast. These KLX rods are one of the greatest rods that I have ever laid my hands on, I will even go as far to say that they are almost as great as the z bone. Kistler has hit the nail on the head with this rod, I mean for the price, you just can't get any better then these. I caught several fish on my new KLX cranking rod and never had a bit of trouble boating the fish after hook set, it is perfection in fish fighting. The sensitivity in the KLX is right there with the z bone. If you do not have the KLX, you are missing out, I promise you will totally love these new rods.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: KLX

I was recently in a highschool fishing turnement on the cane river. I was pitching and skipping a havoc pit boss under boat docks. My rod choice was a 7'3 keister Z-Bone custom rod with a 7.1 reel. I had an extra fast tip and an extra heavy rod. The fast tip gave me enough whip to skip the bait under the docks and the extra heavy made it easy to get those fish out. I ended up winning the tournament with 14.40 pounds all thanks to the Z-Bone rod!

Cameron Mattison

Most people know, I'm always looking for the Biggest Bass I can find. Also a avid tournament angler. So that means my Kistler rods get a lot of action! These rods have never let me down in the past 3 years of fishing with them! Never was it more evident than this past weekend. I have been doing some shooting for a tv show here in Orlando,Fl. You see the only true pattern we could find, was a flipping & pitching bite. I was on the water using these rods, from sun up to sun down for 3 days! Kistler rods were used to hook and land, well over 50-60 Florida large mouth. Most being between 5-9 lbs ! 2 rods got the job done for me, helium frog & slop special & Zbone Hvy. All I can say these are awesome and in my opinion the Best on the market ! Fishing Never Felt So Good !!!!

Jerrod JB Brown "JB Bassmaster"


Most people know, I'm always looking for the Biggest Bass I can find. Also a avid tournament angler. So that means my Kistler rods get a lot of action! These rods have never let me down in the past 3 years of fishing with them! Never was it more evident than this past weekend. I have been doing some shooting for a tv show here in Orlando,Fl. You see the only true pattern we could find, was a flipping & pitching bite. I was on the water using these rods, from sun up to sun down for 3 days! Kistler rods were used to hook and land, well over 50-60 Florida large mouth. Most being between 5-9 lbs ! 2 rods got the job done for me, helium frog & slop special & Zbone Hvy. All I can say these are awesome and in my opinion the Best on the market ! Fishing Never Felt So Good !!!!

Jerrod JB Brown "JB Bassmaster"


I just read my testimonial from about 4-5 years ago, way down there...wanted to see if my opinion has changed- IT HAS. It's actually gotten better. LISTEN TO ME: I've been a kistler-LOYAL for over 5 years now, and I absolutely love fishing and fishing equipment. I stay on top of what's new and hott and what has rave reviews...So, admittedly, throughout the years I have filtered in 1 or 2 of the year's "hottest" and "best" Non-Kistler products. Whatever rod was the "best" that season to compare and make sure nothing's better than a Kistler. NOTHING IS. I always found myself wanting to pick up the other brands LAST. I felt MUCH LESS confident with the other "popular" rods in my hands. I have and have used Magnesiums, Magnesium Micro's, Helium LTX's (no longer available), Helium LTA's, and ZBone's. I've used and sold and switched out for newer models but Helium LTA's seem to be my favorites. The bang for the buck is amazing. They fish like 400-500$ rods, honestly. The new KLX's are so intriguing though and I cannot wait to get my hands on several. A great deal and a very fair price. Great to see them competing w/ the OH SO POPULAR 100-200$ rod market. The Carbon Steel 2013's are very intriguing too. Remember the very popular and quite nice Abu Garcia Veritas line uses 30 million modulus...the Carbons are 38 million! Find me a rod under 100$ using that! I doubt you can. Under 4 ounces too! Might be the first year I'll try Kistler's entry-level Carbon Steels. But truly, I laughed @ the old testimonials that said "These rods make me catch more fish"...but laugh all you want now because these rods absolutely help me catch more fish. I fish on the Northeast where deep, clear lakes are the norm' and you need to be able to fish smallmouth to win certain tournaments so sensitivity is EVERYTHING. Our fish don't spawn til Late May-June so our March and April's are colder than any month down south. Fishing in the mid to high 30's is common in March. Air and water temp. So sensitivity is the key. W/ water that cold you may only get 5 bites a day and you better capitalize. I'm certain w/ other rods I'd miss 3 out of 5 of those bites. I am KISTLER FOR LIFE. I've given up bothering with other rods. I feel like I'm almost getting an unfair advantage over other anglers. If you want that extra edge to help you win tournaments, have more fun, or simply catch more fish...Get a Kistler. The KLX look INCREDIBLE to me. The Helium LTA's have always been my favorite "bang for the buck" but I may be switching to KLX. Trust me...there's something special about these rods...YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tanner Paulini, NOTHING COMPARES, Southeastern, Massachusetts

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Helium LTA's (08-2012 n presently using), Helium LTX's, Magnesiums and Mag Micros (2007-present).

Just got to use my new KLX rod today and it is somethiing else very lite and sensitive. The airman I had out fishing was so impressed I rhought I was going to have to fight him to get it back said he knew what some money from next pay was going. All in all I think it is the best value on the market and made in the U.S.A. which for me is a big plus.

Joe Armold

The real deal... KLX is the real deal. As an owner of 12 Z Bones I was skeptical that I would be impressed by the KLX line. Trey proved me wrong. What a nice rod for the money. I find them suprisingly sensitive and strong. One of my favorites out of the line is the 7'3" H ... great for jigs, swimbaits like the Big EZ , Frogs in heavy cover... you get alot more with the KLX. I now have 4 of the KLX rods and all arrived in perfect condition protected by Kistler's PVC tubes. all the builds were neat and clean... not one guide had excess epoxy, all rods perfectly straight and actions appropriately labelled... consistant with all Kistler products. For me, it was not a leap of faith to buy sight unseen... after all my great experiences over the years. John T Jacksonville,FL

John Trotter, Jacksonville

I first used a Kistler rod when I broke my cranking rod in an evening tournament. At that time I had a plethora of different rod manufacturers in my boat. My partner offered for me to use one of his kistlers so I put my reel on it and we went from just catching a few to winning the tournament by nearly 6 pounds. I couldn't believe how light and sensitive that rod was and it has almost stopped me from loosing fish. Since that evening I have ordered 7 Kistlers; 5 Helium LTA's, and 2 Magnesium's. 3 of the Heliums I ordered were the cranking rods; 2 of the 7'3" and 1 7'0". I can tell you that I am in love with the 7'3" and just ordered another one. I can have 4 different rods tied up with crankbaits. I am contemplating pulling the trigger and ordering a Z-Bone or 2 in the spring. My favorite jig rod is an old Argon that I bought from my buddy, I still love that one but just ordered a new Helium to try. I also have one of the Magnesium spinning rod that I love and just ordered a Helium drop shot to try. I can't wait till I get to use that one. I hope to be able to write and tell you that I won alot of tournaments this year. These are definitely the best rods that I have ever used and recommend them to everyone I know or talk to about fishing!!

Dana Brown, Tournament Director, B.A.S.S. Federation Nation of WV, Buckhannon WV

I just wanted to thank you for sending the replacement rods that I needed for the tournament. The rods arrived on the date that you told me they would and in excellent condition. We did not win the tournament, but we did finish in 3rd place. No big fish this tournament, but the piece of mind of having the rods that I needed was fantastic! Thanks again for everything you did to get me the rods. Dave Summers

Dave Summers, Tracy, CA

I first heard of Kistler rods after a friend won one at a local tournament. I liked the look and feel of the rod so I went to the website and found they had a BOGO special so I ordered a couple. I received the rods in a few days and was so impressed with the construction and feel that I immediately placed another order before the special expired. After 6-7 weeks usage I had some minor issues with a couple of the rods so I contacted Kistler via email explaining the issues. That very same day I received a response from Trey apologizing for the inconvenience and informing me that 2 new replacement rods where already in transit. I received the replacements in time for a tournament that weekend and have had no complaints fact I just placed my order for 2 more. This kind of personalized customer service is hard to find these days and the product quality is really good. I would recommend Kistler rods to anyone and if you're skeptical I would suggest you do what I did and take advantage of one of the frequent BOGO specials and see for yourself. The product quality speaks for itself but the customer service puts Kistler over the top. Good job Trey and Co.

Dave Walton, North Carolina


As a tournament angler i need a stick that performs day in and day out on tour. The sensitivity, weight, the guides the way they are balanced all come together well in each series. The Z-bones allow you to customize to your specific fishing techniques, the helium LTA are as they state lighter than air, the magnesium a great starter rod into the Kistler line of rods very durable. The new KLX a collaboration with a legendary rod builder and a family dedicated to creating top of the line rods. The new KLX are a new exciting line that everyone needs to check out. These rods will help you feel the fish sooner, land the fish more consistently and keep you at the top of the leader board tournament after tournament. Fishing never felt so good well it is oh so true. Check one out today you wont regret it.

Robert Ash, Pro Staff, Kissimmee, Florida

Products Purchased / Services Used: Multiple Rod Purchases

This is the 27 lb Jack fish I caught on the Z bone LE 1 7’ 0”. It was a twenty-five to thirty minute battle on Trinity Bay during which we were following the fish in the boat to prevent loss of all the Garcia 4600’s 12# line. The fish took near all the line on four different runs. I decided to break the line, by this time I knew what kind the fish I had hooked, and wanted to continue fishing for Trout and Reds. I increased the drag on the reel to maximum, and pulled as hard as I could for several minutes bending the rod to extreme distortions. I thought it should have broken, but that did not happen. I landed the fish. Thank you for building an extremely tough strong light weight rod.

Douglas Hale

Products Purchased / Services Used: E1ML70

I purchased two Z-Bone rods for my wife and me to use on our first Amazon Peacock bass trip in 2009. Since then we have been two more times and are going back in October. My wife's largest is 16#, I have managed a 20#, 21# and 22#. Our largest number of mainly butterfly peacocks was 94 caught in a three hour period in 2010 largest of which was 12# Use 6 1/2ft MH rods as we fly with them. Wouldn't use any other. Comfortable all day long!

Richard Levacy MD, SE Texas Eye Associates, Beaumont, Texas

Folks, I dont even know where to start . . . I have used them all but it has been narrowed down to 1, KISTLER!! I will be brutally honest and say that when I had to sell my St. Croix Legend and convert over to "a" KISTLER I was nearly in tears. I promise to you that I lost sleep over that decision . . . UNTIL, I purchased the new ZBone Shakey Head spinning rod! If you closed your eyes and I set the rod in your hand you would have trouble telling me when I put the rod in your hand, it is soooo lite AND sensitive! I have been "converted" now almost 2 months. I sold my St. Croix's, Abu Garcia's, Loomis' and already have 10 complete KISTLER combos including the ZBones, Magnesiums and Heliums. I promise to you a few weeks ago I pulled up to a point and slammed 45-55lbs, 9 fish (LMB) in 90 minutes with my new 7'4" Magnesium Spinning rod!! Was it just coincidence that I had the best day of bassfishing in my 20+ years of doing this . . . I think not, KISTLER gets the credit. Then, I purchased the new HELIUM Dropshot rod and just yesterday I pulled up to a spot and dropped the line and hit 3 fish in about 20 minutes. Again, no coincidence, in my opinion. IAM ONE HAPPY FISHERMAN, to say the least!

Ian Walker, SFVU

KISTLERS make a difference! Once you have used the Mic-Helium Frog and Slop Special you truly realize the difference in your hook set ratio. My favorite rods are my Kistler Custom Z bone worm rod and Kistler 7'3" Mag Crank Bait Special that takes the load off all day cranking:) I am blessed with the opportunity to share with you my love for KISTLER Products and hope you too will give them a try. Here, you get what you pay for. Invest.

Kat Arnold, Dir. Angler Ministries, Christian Hunter Anglers Assoc., Shreveport, LA


I bought a 7'11" heavy action Z bone for flipping matted vegetation in the Cooper River boy was i in for a suprise. For the last few years i have tried many different flipping sticks finally settling for a 7'9" xxh carrot stix LOL. I thought that not getting some fish turned in the grass was just something I was going to have to deal with I thought all the missed fish was just part of the game. After talking to Trey who is super easy to deal with i got my first z bone I personally beleive this is the best rod money can buy do your self a favor and try one they are worth the money. I now have a very high catch percentage with these rods . TRY THEM

Matt Murphy, Moncks corner SC

Trey Kistler and the gang has topped the fishing world with the z bone. I have fished tournaments for over 20 years and have fished with probably every rod company out there and at that time I thought that their rods were the best. But then I started fishing with the z bone and I can honestly say, this is the greatest rod that I have ever put into my hands. They are so light and so sensitive that it's almost unbelievable. Since I started fishing with the z bone my catch ratio has gone up over 90% and I'm thinking the fish are just biting better in my area, wrong, it is because of the z bone. To prove to myself that it was the z bone and not just the fishing is better, I have on several occasions went out and used another brand rod and fished for half a day and the other half a day with the z bone. It didn't matter if it was the morning half or the afternoon half, the z bone caught 3 times more fish than brand x. The z bone has me fishing more tournaments now than ever before and fishing with great confidence, and have picked up a little change on the way. The build your own rod that Kistler has is the greatest tool that I have ever seen. You can get the length you want, the handle you want and don't forget about the new fugi tangle free micro guides (any way you want it). SO, if you want to fish with the greatest rod on the market and win more money, go to Kistler's web site and build you a z bone to your own specifications, you will be amazed and put money in the bank.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Z Bone LE

In April of this year I went to Lake Mitchell in Alabama to compete for the State Championship. Well by Gods grace I was able to win and become the Alabama Junior state Champion! This was such a highlight in my life as I am wanting to make bass fishing my career! Next week I am going to lake Lanier Ga. to compete for the National Championship. Well in saying all this, I have to thank kistler rods for helping me with these accomplishments. At Lake Mitchell I caught all my fish on topwater and because of the strong backbone of my Kistler MH zBONE rod I was able to fight these mean Coosa river spotted bass to the boat. I was able to weigh in a 3.06 lb spot for lunker and could'nt have landed him with out the forgiving action of the tip of my z bone! Heading in to next week for the National, Kistler gives me the confidence to know that their quality rods are the life line between me and the fish! #lovemykistlerrods. FISHING NEVER FELT SO GOOD! josh chavers

josh chavers

Fished two local tournaments the past two weekends and did'nt get the wins but kept my seasonal points up wear they need to be. Started both tournaments using my MH 6'9 all purpose micro mag throwing top water plugs with much success I landed every fish that hammered the plug, just never had the big bite! As the days went on the bite got tougher so I switched to my 7' MH micro mag spinning rod with a drop shot, in doing this I was able to finish out my limit on what turned out to be some very finicky bass. Since the micro mags have such a high sensitivity level I could confidently feel every bite! And I was fishing on a high current river system where the bait was bouncing off the bottom constantly in contact with structure, but because of these rods I could determine what was a bite. If you are new to kistler rods and have'nt tried them now is the time! I have first hand watched these rods help me and my son put more fish in my boat day in and day out! Strength, sensitivity and quality is what Kistler is all about! FISHING NEVER FELT SO GOOD! Thanks again Kistler for your quality equipment! mike chavers

mike chavers

Fished two local tournaments the past two weekends and did'nt get the wins but kept my seasonal points up wear they need to be. Started both tournaments using my MH 6'9 all purpose micro mag throwing top water plugs with much success I landed every fish that hammered the plug

mike chavers

When I sold my company and retired in 2009 I decided with all my free time to get back into fishing big-time. To keep my sanity from not working full-time, I decided to work part-time in the fishing department of Bass Pro and fish on my days off. I made, like everyone else, my share of product purchase mistakes thinking that each time I moved up in price I was getting a better rod. Not necessarilly the case. I kept buying and selling my equipment looking for the best sensitive rod I could find to up my game. I thought I'd found it when I started fishing Duckett rods, but "NO", I had to try a Kistler rod that one of my friends had. The Kistler I fished with that day was twice as sensitive as the Duckett rods I owned. So guess what? I promptly sold my Duckett's, bit the bullet and bought my first Z-bone 7ft Med/Hvy casting rod. I swear, my catch rate has gone up at least 60%. I started thinking, what difference does it make what other brands are out there with big names and big prices, if you can't feel the bite? Do any of you know how many fish your missing with that other stuff you fish with? I'm a certified believer, and my search is over for the ultimate in fishing rods, it's Kistler Z-bones for me from here on out. I now have two Z-bones and one Micro Magnesium in my rod locker. Since purchasing these rods, I have made some real converts to Kistler rods who ride back of the boat with me fishing. I have my Kistler Z-bones set up with Shimano Core 50's, upgraded with Boca Orange Seal Ceramic bearings and Carbon Fiber Drags for the lightest rigs ever. I tell my fishing friends to put down their rod and reels and fish with one of mine for awhile or at least until they catch two or three bass. I tell em, "Don't worry, I'm fishing with one too......No worries, just enjoy." After they catch a couple of bass with my Z-bones I ask them, "Well, waddaya think?" My responses are usually, "OH, MY GAWD, WHAT A ROD AND REEL YOU'VE GOT THERE. WHERE DID YOU GET IT AND WHERE CAN I BUY ONE !!" They actually hate picking up their rod and reel after I let them fish for awhile with one of mine. If you don't own a Kistler Z-Bone, I can honestly say and guarantee you, "You're Missing Fish." If you want to take your fishing to the next level, sell off those rods you thought were good and buy at least one of Kistlers Z-Bones. I'm telling you, once you own and fish a Z-Bone, you'll never want to fish with anything else.

David Roberts, Scottsdale, AZ


hey guys i just wanted to let everone know how awesome kistler rods are! I just got done fishing the louisiana state chapionship and these rods helpe bring those fish out of deep water and in the boat with no problem. i got second place useing theres rods and I love them! if you dont have a kistler rod you are missing out on a great buy1

Cameron Mattison

I recentl took three custom built Z-bones up to the Top End of Australia, and into to true wilderness country in the Northern Territory for the ultimate test! There were three anglers in the boat with 8 Kistlers between us (my 3 Zbones, 2 Helium LTX II and 3 Helium LTA rods), so we had the full range of rods covered and ready for the ultimate test. These rods passed with flying colours, accounting for over 300 Barramundi in 4 full on days of fishing! We managed an impressive haul of 80 odd surface caught barramundi on the last day with my LE 4 Custom Spin stick doing the most damage. I also used my LE 4 casting stick to coax a 6 foot bull shark back to the boat that had taken a liking to my lure, but broke the line off deliberately, as a $15 lure wasn't worth as much as my hand! I use these super sensitive and unbelievably light rods in my home state of Victoria chasing our native Murray Cod and have landed one that topped the 100lb mark and measured 120cm in length... not bad for a rod rated at 10-17 lb... These rods are the best I have used so far (and I have used plenty!) and the new custom Z-bones take it to a new level. They are perfect for chasing all types of Australian species and I'm sure it won't be long until the Kistler craze catches on here! Cheers from Australia!

C.J. Wilson, Yarrawonga, AUSTRALIA

Products Purchased / Services Used: 3 x custom Z-bones, t-shirts, tournament jersey, rod protectors

Just received another "Z" bone crafted by Brion Hastings and it just like all my other"Z"'s as well as my heliums it is one great rod feel good to hold and feels great when in use it can feel everything. Built saddles for quite awhile and the old hands are stiff but with these new "Z"'s I can still feel everything and the lightweight I haven't thrown any of them in the drink, when I used St. Croix or Quantum my hands would just turn lose and there went another off to the bottom of the lake. LOVE MY "Z" BONES Trey and his crew do fantastic crafting of their rods wo'nt be wasting and more money on off brands rods again have 4 "Z"'s and 5 LTA and LTX heliums don't spend your hard earned $$ on other brands stay with the best. Don't know how they are warranty wise 'cause I've never had any problems and have caught some big fish in the slop, love them frogs

Bill Weaver, owner, Leather, Guns & Etc. inc., Colbert, OK.


Thanks to Kislter rods my partner and I won first place last weekend. We both agreed as slow as the bite was and as finicky as the bass were, we never would have caught what we caught without our z bone rods. We did not get a lot of bites but we felt every bite we got. The wind was blowing and the water was muddy and the fish were just barely picking up our secret baits and with the sensitivity of the z bone, we felt every bite - what an amazing rod. Kistler has produced a great rod in the z bone. I will never own any other rod.

Ray Long, Z Bone takes win

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z Bone LE

First Club Tournament of the year finished 1st Place caught all my fish using a z bone custom fliping stick fish were biting it not inhaling it just picking the jig up i felt it and swung 1st and 2nd place both of us were using Kistlers goes to show you senstivity is everything.

John Miller

Trey, thanks for the advice on the STALRS711 Alabama Rig Z-Bone! Just received this new Alabama Rig rod and couldn't wait to get to the lake to try it. All I can say is throwing an A-rig is one of my favorite techniques, and this new 7'11" A-rig Z-Bone makes it that much more productive! Up to this point I was throwing my Yumbrella on a Z-Bone 7'6" LE6XH, and didn't think it could get any better than that.... Recently, I spoke to Trey about pulling the trigger on a dedicated A-rig rod: he recommended going to the 7'11" STALARS711 because the extra 1" length on the handle and the 5" extra on the tip would make it easier to use all day. Trey was absolutely correct!!! I will recommend to all that are throwing an A-rig now that this IS the rod you need to be using. The sensitivity allows you to feel the swimbait tails moving, and easy to detect fish hitting your rig. Extra long casts are easily, and accurately, made all day with this set up, but I will have to make one minor adjustment though...I will have to respool completely with braid (instead of using some mono backing on the spool) because I can spool all the line off an Ardent XS1000 reel with this 7'11" STALRS711 rod! Thanks again Trey; you were dead-on with this recommendation, and I am having a blast using this rod with the Alabama Rig! Scott Burns

Scott Burns

Products Purchased / Services Used: STALRS711 Alabama Rig Z-Bone

I've used kistler rod's for about four year's now i have 7 of the magnesium rods and one carbon steel. I was happy with them untill last week when I went fishing and two of my rod's fell apart! when the insert's came out of the line guide"s not good.It's sad I have rod's 10 year's older then my Kistler rod's in better shape and they cost me less then one third the price. Sure can't say that I would buy Kistler again.

David Sisk, Upset , Azle texas

Products Purchased / Services Used: Magnesium TS specialty rod's bait caster's

I had an awesome day of practice today with my kistler micro mag crank rattle and roll cranking rod! The sensitivity in this tip is unbelievable! covered Crazy amounts of water and located some quality bass! Hope they will be ready to bite in the morningWhat an amazing weekend! Led the Mobile, Al. Boat show Fish n fever tournament on day one and ended up 8th after the final day and got the 1st day lunker with a 4.06lb largemouth! But the style I was fishing was made so much easier using my Kistler z bone rod, I was able to make back brakeing hook sets on the large fish on the first day to bring me in to first place! The second day the sun came out and changed the power fishing to slowing down having to caress the fish into biting, so again the sensitivity of my z bone proved true. The fish may not have been as large but i was able to feel them as a lot of them were just picking up the tail and moving it! The water was to stained to see the fish so I used my z bone as my eyes! Thanks Kistler for helping me out on all my fishing experiences! Who ever may be reading this, if you don't own a Kistler rod, today is the day to get one! When they say fishing never felt so good they meant it! Just don't ask the fish their opinion!

Mike Chavers

Stuck over 20 bass last Saturday using my new carbon steel micro guide rod and put them all in the boat I felt every fish and I know every fish felt me on the hook set! Thanks kistler for awesome products!

Mike Chavers

I've just got to say that the Kistler Z Bone is the greatest fishing rod that has ever been produced, ever. If you have not tried one of these rods then you are missing out on the best fishing of your life. If you love to fish and you fish often, then you owe it to yourself to get a z bone. I promise that once you try a z bone then you will never want to pick up another rod as long as you fish. The sensitivity in the z bone is so awesome that I believe you can feel everything that you bait comes in contact with. If you are fishing in 30' of water and your bait hits a blade of grass you can feel it. I now own 4 z bones and the fish bite/catch ratio has gone up probably 80% and this is no lie. Kistler has set the bar in fishing rods with the z bone that I don't think can be raised. I'm telling you fishermen and fisherwomen, you owe it to yourself to get a z bone and I can promise, if you do then you will be z bone hooked for life. I'm headed to the river now with my brand new custom built 7'-3" cranking z bone. May all stay safe and have a blessed day.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Custom Z Bone

I was very proud to get my 3 brand new mico mag 7' MH rods. I went to test them out and after getting them set like I wanted them I went to the lake and started fishing. I wasn't in my area for more than five minutes and I caught a 8.35 lbs bass on my new rod I love these rods and if you don't have one i would suggest you get one. I wanna say thank you to kistler and my lord and savior jesus christ!!

Cameron Mattison

Just recieved two new micro mags a few days ago and got to try them out last Sunday. Its amazing the extra distance you can cast with the micro eyes kistler puts on their rods. I was casting an additional 25-30 feet further than my partner was and that was critical to getting bites. The micro mags are a great tool to have in the arsinal. Thanks Kistler for a great product

Ronny DeNayer

Another top 10 finish with my new z bones. It was a tough tournament and the fish were finicky. We had a North wind at 20 - 25 mph, air temp at 52 degrees, water temp at 56.7 degrees. I actually caught fish all day using my new Z Bone LE spinning rod and I am absolutely certain that I would not have caught half of what I caught without the z bone. Super, super sensitive rods. If the fish bit, I felt it. Thanks again Kistler rods for make such a great rod.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z Bone LE

Kistler staff... Just thought that I would hit you with a bit of trivia that will make you even MORE proud of your product. As you well know the only way to prove a product is to use it, and I am very proud of my Kistler Rods, and I fish with 10 of them, and catch a lot of fish. I have had the rods for 18 months, and I thought that I would let you know what the body count is. We do quite a bit of finesse style fishing here in South Africa, so I use many these rods for light mojo (1/32 oz) or weightless applications. I keep a very accurate fishing diary, so these figures are accurate for the past 18 months ...... Total fish caught : 997 bass (lm, & sm), 1x14lb carp (on a super fluke), 5x 6lb+ Tilapia. (mostly on 4" senko's) Total fish over 10lb's: 2 Total fish over 7lbs: 19 Total fish over 5lbs: 47 Total fish over 3 lbs: 357 Tournaments won: 1 Top 15 finishes: 21 Tournaments competed: 27 Fishing days: 107 Did I mention that I mainly use 8lb fluoro! Just thought that this would put a smile on your faces. :)

Howard )

Don't buy these poor quality rods. I just want everyone to know the troubles I have had while dealing with Kistler. I started using them about 3 years ago and liked them so much that I went on to purchase many, many more ( 30) only to find out later that they would not hold up when used on a regular daily basis. I broke a couple of them and paid the $50 pro-rated warranty charge to have them replaced. I think their rods should last forever even if they don't have a defect, they should replace them no matter how much I fish or old the rods get. All Star did the same thing to me and that's why I switched. I will never buy another Kistler rod or anything that Trey has ANYTHING to do with as long as I live and would not recommend anyone else to do business with this type of company. Now I found another rod company with a Lifetime Warranty that is willing to give me a trade in on my old Kistler rods for their new rods. Hope I don't have the same problem a few years later as I did with All Star and Kistler. Travi

travis gray

I just received my LE2M66 this afternoon. Immediately planed a trip to go snake head fishing at one of the local ponds here in Singapore tomorrow morning. Really amazed with the packaging. What amazed me more was the weight of the rod. Paired it up with my daiwa steez baitcasting reel and tried a few cast with it. Micro guides are crazy good. Gave me loads of distance and no backlash. Overall one great first impression. Thank you Kistler TEAM!


Products Purchased / Services Used: LE2M66 Z bone LE

Simply but, the BEST OF ALL WORLDS!!! Super sensitive rods, super light rods, & super strong rods. I had owned some other rods (names left out to protect the guilty), one broke on a 12 1/4" fish, second broke on a simple under handed roll cast. I have never had any issues with my Kistlers. They have hooked and landed some nice fish for me, most of which I would have never felt the bite. I would and DO recommend Kistler to any serious fisherman or weekend warrior. Kistler For Life!!!

Kyle K. Woodland, Richmond, VA

Products Purchased / Services Used: 1 GP Senko Rod, 3 Mags and 5 LTAs (awaiting 4)

just a line to praise the z-bone line. Okeechobee is on FIRE last week we stroked them, on a 1oz blk & blue jig w/havoc blk & blue fat craw, everytime i have a day like this I loVE MY 7'3" 5H Z-BONE MORE 1 over 8lbs 2 over 7lbs and a bunch in the 2-4 pound range, can't believe the sensitivity and power of this rod, if you don't have one yet. GET YOURSELF ONE, or two you will love it. good fishin Charlie

Charles Librizzi, sales, adi, palm bc florida

I live in South Louisiana and have been fishing with your Magnesium series rods for three years now. They are with out question the most durable, while still being sensitive, rods that I have had a chance to fish with. I fished three local tournament trails this past season with Kistler rods, and I recieved AOY honors in two of the three.

Terry Jones

Products Purchased / Services Used: Magnesium rods

Another top 5 finish thanks to the z bone. Finished second place in my last tournament and every fish was caught on my Z Bone LE spinning rod. The fish were finicky and the bite was very tough as well as the wind was kicking it up. But, I could feel every bite that I got with the sensitivity of the z bone. That makes 3 top 5 finishes in the last 3 tournaments and if I were a betting man, I would bet that it was all because I switched over to the z bone. I am feeling more bites than ever before. I am fishing the same places, the same baits, the same reels and the same lines, but before I switched over to the z bone, I was not catching near the fish that I am catching now. If you would like to start feeling more bites and catching more fish, then you have got to try one of the Kistler Z Bones, it has been proven. God Bless and good fishing to all.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Z Bone LE

I sustained an injury at work that left me retired on disability, and with diminished feel at times in my hands. I thought my fishing days were done for soft plastics or anything other than the "hammered" hits. Wanted to take a moment to thank Trey and Billy for coming up with rods that are not only top quality, but have given me back the feel I need to fish and enjoy my passions outdoors. I started with Z Bones off the rack and have gone to a few custom made to suit my individual needs. Thanks to Billy at Kistler and his years of experience to help me select the best lenghts and actions to suit my needs, to Trey for his innovations and commitment to quality and customer service, and to Gary Loomis for blanks that are second to none. Z Bones off the shelf and custom are top notch made in the USA. Thank you for giving me the tools I need to compete and enjoy what God created for us all in the outdoors.

Mickie Goss, Mena, Arkansas

My Kistler He66HC with Revo is the best night blade fishing combo I have ever put in my hands, PERIOD!!! Super light weight combo, and rock solid hooksets!!! Tournament Proven 28lb+ sack!!!

Shane, Dark Fishing, TRL


I have to say kistler rods have really made my fishing alot of fun. These rods are very sensitive and allows you to fell the lightest bite. I was hooked when a friend let me borrow his kistler helium. I was fishing in 21 ft of water on a brush pile with a carolina rig had a 4ft leader and i felt a light bump. I set the hook and when got the fish to the boat it was only about 10 inches long, my partner ask, HOW did you feel that. I said to him we gotta get us some kistler rods. I truely want to thank the kistler staff I have enjoyed being on the kistler team and look forward to alot of success to come with kistler rods in my hands. Thanks and god bless, Shawn Hall Kistler

Shawn Hall

I purchased my first kistler rod last year and they have changed my fishing so much I can tell the difference in anything my bait touches there incredible. Since then I have joined the Kistler team and am love being part of it. there products are top of the line,the customer support is escellent and they are just incredible bunch of people who love what they do and really do care about there customers.

Rodney Gill, IN

Products Purchased / Services Used: Micro Magnesium Rods and Kislter Micro Helium Rods

Just wanted to brag a little more on the "z bone". I have been fishing with Kistler rods now for over 8 years and the z bone rides high over any other rod on the market. The z bone has got to be the lightest and most sensitive rod that I have ever put in my hands. I fished a tournament a couple of weeks ago and got a 3rd place finish and I Guarantee it was only because I was fishing a z bone. It was raining, wind was blowing 20 - 30 mph and I felt every bite that I got. If anyone would like to feel more bites and actually catch more fish, then a z bone is a's been proven. Can't wait to get back on the water. God Bless and Good Fishing to all.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z BONE

Just wanted to brag a little more on the "z bone". I have been fishing with Kistler rods now for over 8 years and the z bone rides high over any other rod on the market. The z bone has got to be the lightest and most sensitive rod that I have ever put in my hands. I fished a tournament a couple of weeks ago and got a 3rd place finish and I Guarantee it was only because I was fishing a z bone. It was raining, wind was blowing 20 - 30 mph and I felt every bite that I got. If anyone would like to feel more bites and actually catch more fish, then a z bone is a's been proven. Can't wait to get back on the water. God Bless and Good Fishing to all.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z BONE

Well its been 6 years now since I purchased my first Kistler rod and Ive got to say Im still impressed. I striped all my reels off them for cleaning and or rebuilding and in the process closely inspected all 17 of my Kistlers for damage or problems. Except for one guide that I had stepped on during the season and knocking the insert out they are in remarkable shape. They are a combination of Heliums and Magnesiums that have seen more than their share of torture. That one rod is going in for a complete micro guide upgrade but otherwise all of them are going into their 7th year of tournaments and guided trips. So add bulletproof to the list of positive things Kistlers are famous for. Thanks Trey for quality. Gary Longley

Gary Longley, United States

Products Purchased / Services Used: Mags and Heliums

I know this is 2011 but I have to say that that I purchased a California Senko Rod from Kistler back in 02/03 Season and the first cast out on the Delta brought me a 9LB plus Largemouth Bass. I won Big Fish for the Tournament and I have had nothing but good times on the water when ever I use that Rod on the Lakes or the Delta. I wish I had purchased one in the Spinning Rod configuration along with the Casting model. Do you carry anything that is similiar to that particular Model at this time? That is one hell of a Rod!!!

J. P. Gonsalves-Silva, Sr., Elk Grove, California

Another top 5 finish and I can honestly say it was all because I was using a Z Bone LE. I had found some fish a week earlier out in the main river and Saturday morning when I walked outside the house the north wind was blowing around 25 mph and I thought to myself that there was no way that I was going to be able to sit on these fish, much less feel any bites. So we launched and I went straight to my fish and I think the wind had done got up to around 30 by then and it started raining a little. On my first cast, with my line bowed out about 10 feet I felt some of the stumps I was fishing, then I felt a little thump. I set the hook and fish on, I could not believe that I actually could feel the bite. The Z Bone LE I was using let me feel every bite that I got, even with the line bowed out over 10 feet. My trolling motor batteries were dead by lunch time from trying to hold the boat in position in the strong winds but that did not affect me feeling all the structure and all the bites. I do not believe that I would have caught these fish if I was not using my z bone, the sensitivity in these rods are just unbelievable. Kistler Rods has set the tone to a new level with the z bones. A big shout out to Trey, Lance and the Kistler crew.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z Bone LE

As everyone knows that owns a Kistler Rod they are not just one of the best on the market, they ARE the best ever produced. As an active Pro Staff memeber and true believer in these rods and gearing up for the 2012 BASS Southern Opens, I have layed low on mutiple tournaments this year in terms of map study, saving money, and adding the neccesity items to my boat and fishing arsenal for the 2012 events. So by saying that what few events I have fished this season I have made exceptionally good finishes due to the sensitivity of these rods. I used to be that guy that if it was a deal on a rod i would buy it no matter the brand, well let me say, "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR", and Kistler is more than that, you get more than what you pay for. Being the GREAT company they are they put Pride in every rod they build and that what puts these guys at the top inturn as fishermen puts us at the top. If not for Kistler Rods (durability,sensitivity,and light weight) I would say some of the fish that I caught during those events would have never been put in the boat using any other rod. So a special thanks to all you guys at Kistler Rods, you all are a great bunch of guys and keep up the awesome work, God Bless and "Lets Go Fishing"!!!

Chris Hensley, Hillsboro A


As everyone knows that owns a Kistler Rod they are not just one of the best on the market, they ARE the best ever produced. As an active Pro Staff memeber and true believer in these rods and gearing up for the 2012 BASS Southern Opens, I have layed low on mutiple tournaments this year in terms of map study, saving money, and adding the neccesity items to my boat and fishing arsenal for the 2012 events. So by saying that what few events I have fished this season I have made exceptionally good finishes due to the sensitivity of these rods. I used to be that guy that if it was a deal on a rod i would buy it no matter the brand, well let me say, "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR", and Kistler is more than that, you get more than what you pay for. Being the GREAT company they are they put Pride in every rod they build and that what puts these guys at the top inturn as fishermen puts us at the top. If not for Kistler Rods (durability,sensitivity,and light weight) I would say some of the fish that I caught during those events would have never been put in the boat using any other rod. So a special thanks to all you guys at Kistler Rods, you all are a great bunch of guys and keep up the awesome work, God Bless and "Lets Go Fishing"!!!

Chris Hensley, Hillsboro A


I appreciate your follow up e-mail. It isn't a very common occurence in this day and age to receive an e-mail from the owner of a company thanking you for your busines. I thought I would take a few minutes to thank you for producing such an awesome line of rods and creating an awesome company to deal with. I've been using Kistler Rods for close to ten years now, they are the only rods I will own. Since I started using your rods and having success, many other members in my club decided to purchase a "Kistler" to try them out. To make a long story short, just about every member in my club now uses Kistler Rods to some degreee. With regards to performance, I purchased a Z-bone at the beginning of the year and it is by far the best rod I have ever fished with. I used it to finish 6th place on the co-angler side at the BASS Northern Open out of Sandusky Bay, OH, earlier this year. I was dragging a carolina rig in deep water and the sensitivity allowed me to catch most of the fish I weighed in. The bite was soft and I have no doubt that I would have missed some of those fish if it weren't for the Z-Bone. Lastly, I wanted to let you know that I just qualified for the BASS Weekend Series National Championship on Lake Santee Cooper on the boater side; I'll be heading down there in November. The consistently high performance of your rods played a big part in helping me qualify for this tournament. Thanks again for all you do!

Ryan Smith

Products Purchased / Services Used: Custom Z bone and a dozen more

Yesterday, I caught my first fish on the Z-bone LE-1ML-70 you sold me. The Kistler version of the “Shrimp-Tail Special”. It was a 35lb. Jack Crevalle. I am using 12 lb. Trilene Monofilament on a Quantum 1310 MG reel. After thirty five minutes. I landed the fish. I had cranked my reel drag down after about thirty minutes and I was actually trying to break the fish off. We drove the boat up to the fish. I pulled on that rod as hard as I could, and pulled the fish up and landed it. The rod was very heavily loaded, and did not break. Thanks for a great recommendation on a rod, and a great rod. As you know the Jack Crevalle is a very difficult fish to land.

Douglas Hale

Products Purchased / Services Used: LE1ML70

I have fished for approximately forty years. I truly believe these are the best rods I have fished with. I also believe your company will continue to prosper with God guiding your way. Thanks a God bless Larry Fadaol

Larry Fadaol

Products Purchased / Services Used: 7 models of the Z bone LE series

Dear Trey, I wanted to take a minute to thank your staff. My father, brother and I have been planning a trip to Falcon and purchased three 7'11" XH rods. Your staff went out of their way to make sure these were ready for our trip. I would especially like to thank Lance. He took the rods home last night so I could drive from Austin and pick them up after hours. My gratitude goes out to him and his family. He's a tremendous asset to your company. Thank you again Lance! A raving fan. Dustin

Dustin Brudnicki

Products Purchased / Services Used: : Z BONE LE 6 XH 7' 11" X 3

I ordered this rod when they were on sale for 169, the rod got here quickly but it was a power too heavy, not what i wanted. that was on wednesday. i called kistler the same day and they said they would ship a rod out overnight for free and pay for the return shipping. not only did fed ex pick up the rod on thursday, the correct model got here as well. so far as i can tell, the rod is amazing. i have paired it with a shimano curado 201E7 and it is so balanced. i love the combo. will be getting a flippin' stick soon.

Alex White, Sterling, VA

Products Purchased / Services Used: helium LTA 7 foot medium heavy

Just got to brag on the Z Bone rod a bit. If anyone has any doughts about the strength of the z bone rod let me put your mind to rest. My son and I fished a Grinnell (Bowfin) tournament this past Saturday and if anyone knows what these are then you know how mean and agressive they can be. When you set the hook on one of these monsters using 65 pound braid and your rod holds up, then you got a winner. I've been using Kistler rods for over 8 years now and have always knew they were awesome rods, but, these Z Bones are in a world to themselves, the most sensitive, the most lightest, and now proven the strongest rod that I have ever used. Thanks Kistler for making this awesome rod, I will be getting more.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z BONE

Got my 1st. Kistler LTA awhile back, 1st. time out knew it was good, got a LTX II not long after and WOW what a rod could feel every rock or twig the bait touched, not long ago I a custom Z" Bone and there is nothing like it can feel everything with a weightless plastic so I am designing a new Z" Bone as I write this!! CAN'T beat TREY and his crew at KISTLER!!!

Bill Weaver, owner, Leather, Guns & Etc. inc., Colbert, OK.

Products Purchased / Services Used: 3 Kistler Fishing rods with another on order


This is one great fishing rod company! If you don't fish ain't fishin right. I liked them so much I put a link on my blog: Keep up the great work Trey!!!

John Cavanaugh, Owner, EcoLube, LLC, Springfield, MO


I was very fortunate and blessed to win our Louisiana qualifying tournament on Toledo Bend recently. This will be my second win as the Louisiana State Champion in the 15 to 18 year age group. Last year, I went to compete on Lake Lanier in Atlanta GA. in the National Guard Junior World Championship, this year we will compete on Lake DeGray. On Toledo, I caught all of my fish in our two day tournament using my Kistler micro mag 7' MH rod, without this rod, I would not have been able to feel the bite as well. I credit my win to this excellent rod. Thank you and God Bless.

Cameron Mattison

A Great tournament Saturday,a 4th place finish to end the day. Things were tough, bites were light and in 20+ ft of water but the Helium LTA and Mag TS was Flawless. Thanks to everyone at Kistler Rods and I am PROUD to be partnered with you guys. Pics on my web site

Chris, Hensley, A Day on The Lake W/ Chris Hensley, Hillsboro Alabama


This past weekend was brutally HOT and the fishing was very tough. My partner and I caught over 25 keepers and had another top 15 finish and we both say it's because of our z bones. If a fish got close to our baits, we felt it. The fish was not slamming the secret baits, they were barely picking it up and we felt every bite we got both using the z bone. Hands down, these are the most sensitive rods that I have ever put into my hands. In 3 tournaments, we have had 2 top 10 finishes and 1 top 15 finish and we both agree we owe it all to our z bones. If not for broke lines and fish lost, that would have been 3 top 5 finishes, but, it's fishing. If anyone wants to feel more bites then the z bone is the way to go. Thanks Kistler for these great rods and more fish in the boat.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z BONE

Brutal 102 heat index...all bass on custom built Kistler Z-Bones...3rd place. I have a pic if u contact me...

Doug Schexnayder, PhD (ret), Vidalia, La. 71373

I can honestly say that my kistler rods have been putting some real work!! In the last 3 weeks i have had a 1st place finish & a 3rd place finish! Every fish was caught with my kistler rods!!! These are HANDS down the best rods I've ever fished with. Ever one say this, but they are the lightest,most sensitive rods around!!! Needless to say I am very happy with Kistler and I'm currently changing all of my tournament rods over to Kistler!! Don't be the one to be left out! Order your own Kistler rods TODAY!!

Jerrod Brown, Orlando,FL.

My dad got he and I new z-bone rods the other day and we are absolutely loving them! Everything so far is pond fishing until we get our new boat in! But the pond we are fishing is loaded with 3 to 5lb bass and this really lets us enjoy these rods! LOVING MY NEW ZBONE! THANKS KISTLER!

Josh Chavers, zBONE

Just got home from an evening of fishing at my friends farm pond here in Nebraska. The weeds are up and the Bass were absolutely destroying a frog. This was my first time fishing my MicroMag Toad rod and all I can say is wow. I easily had 30-40 hook ups tonight most were 2-3.5 lb class fish. I missed one that hit before I could engage the reel and a few other small fish and only had 1 that got off on the way to Boat. I had used a GL frog road previous this rod is much lighter and easier on my shoulders and wrist. It has plenty of muscle to get em out of weeds

Dave Greer

Products Purchased / Services Used: MicroMag Jig Toad Rod

Last Friday my kids and I went to the Fort Morgan peninsula speckal trout and red fishing. KISTLER + SALT= HUGE FISH BATTLES. I caught a 9lb Redfish on a KISTLER MAGNESIUM USING 10lb flourocarbon line. What this means is that the rod handled the stress to keep the line from breaking the softer tip would let the fish bend the rod on those hard pulls. Thanks Kistler for great products. Just ordered two new ZBONES ALSO can't wait to get them added to my Kistler arsenal!

mike chavers

Had an amazing after noon with my kids and kistler rods yesterday. We went to a local 8 acre lake and caught over 50 bass. My daughter is only 8 and she was fish for fish with the rest of us, she was using a KISTLER CARBON STEEL rod and using topwater baits. She would see the fish hit the bait and wait to set the hook but with the action of the carbon steele the initial hit of the fish and the action of the tip the fish were already hooked. So for a kid who is anxious about setting the hook as soon as she would see the splash, the rod was doing the work for her, helping her to have a better catch ratio.

mike chavers

Just wanted to express how much I love these z bones. These rods are absolutley amazing. With these z bones my partner and I took a 9th place finish and won big fish in a tournament this past Saturday and we both agree, we owe it to the z bones. The bite was tough, it was very hot, but we still managed to feel all the fish that picked up our bait. I'm sure we would have still caught fish but we don't think we would have felt the big bites that we got without our z bones. We just wanted to thank Kistler for producing a great rod in the z bone.

Ray Long, South ALabama

Products Purchased / Services Used: : Z BONE

Trey I want to thank you for the great job you and your team did on the micro wrap for my 2 rods. They were great to begin with, but the improvement in their sensitivity and casting distance are unbelievable. I look forward to using them at the US OPEN in July. Tell everyone thanks for me.

John Land, VP, LAND Exploration Consultants, Inc., Burleson, TX

Products Purchased / Services Used: Micro Package


I just want to say and anyone who has ever used one of Kistlers lines or rods would agree, and those who haven't are missing out. Kistler Rod are one of the most high quality, sensitive rods on the market. I use Kistler rods exclusivley and wouldn't change to another rod on the market. Keep it up guys you do a GREAT job on all you do.

Chris, Hensley, Hillsboro Alabama

I was introduced to the Zbone almost 2 years ago while fishing with FLW pro Scott Martin. He allowed me to use one of his prototype Zbones. From the first cast I was impressed. I launched the bait to the next county. Moments later I hooked a fish and was impressed with the power of such a super light rod. After that experience I was convinced I needed to get my own. 80 plus rods already in inventory was had to justify adding more, so I sold many of my 'nice rods'... "better to have a few of the BEST than many of the good"... as I justified it with myself (and wife). I placed my order for a Custom ZLE 7'3" 4MH. After only about 6 wks I had my new rod. A thing of beauty. Paired with Revo Premier and 15lbs Fluorocarbon. First Tournament resulted in a second place finish, but was telling about this event, was: I caught fish among several other anglers who struggled to get bit. I gave my partner the exact bait, weight... even had him come the front of the boat and cast in the exact area, but he and others could not feel the "lite bite". I was culling while others where scratching their heads. I am wise enough to know it was not me, but the Z Bone that made the difference. So if you really want to elevate your game, or just feel that which you have not before, get a Z bone. I now have 3 Zbones and just ordered another. Stock or Custom they are worth the investment.

John T., Jacksonville, FL

I have been using Kistler Rods for about 2 years now. All I can see they are incredible . Had our first Fishers of Men event this weekend in the Iowa division . Fishing was slow to say least I was able to get a few on 3/16 shaky in about 15' of water. Using a 3 MH Z Bone. My partner who I am working on converting couldn't believe I could feel the bite considering wind was blowing about 15-20 most of time. I am so proud to be part of Kistler Rods legion of fans.

Dave Greer, Omaha, NE

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z bone, Helium and Magnesium

just wanted to say i love my kistler roda i have 4 of the and they are great i caught an 8.3 pound largemouth bass on one of my kistler rods hilum ltx ll and an 8.13 pounds bass on one other kisyler rods they are the best i have ever used

bud barker, bass fishing, louisiana

Mike Chavers Ok folks, you will have to be patient with me for about 2 months. All of my Kistler reports will be from bankpondlake fishing. As soon as my boat is sold I will be back on the tournament scene, just had to take off till I get my new rig. But on another note the good news is KISTLER RODS perform the same anywhere! Tha...nks KISTLER for putting more fish in my boat and more fish on the bank! And more money in the bank! See More

mike chavers


steve cagle, farmerville la

Club tournament last Saturday found very finicky bite for Josh and I. We caught an abundance of fish thanks to Kistler carbon steel rods. Seemed like the fish were in a post spawn mode tired from fanning and chasing predators so they were biting very subtle but the CARBON STEEL RODS really helped us pick up on the bite so we could set the hook a littler quicker. Thanks Kistler for helping us have such awesome and productive fishing trips!

mike chavers

Had a great day on the water yesterday thanks again to Kistler Rods. I was fishing a tournament when a fish blew up behind me. I grab a rod and fired a Baby Torpedo out to the area where the blowup occured. Then there was another blowup. This time on my bait. It was a 6lb Striped Bass. Man can they fight. I gave up a half hour fishing for spotted bass to catch over, what I estimated to be, 30 pounds of Stripers. The rod was a Micro Magnesium 7' Medium. I never lost a fish and was able to play them just right. I did finally get on some decent spots that weighed around 2.5 to 3 lbs. Kistler Rods will definetly make you a better angler. You feel more, control fish better and you are less tired at the end of the day. Enough said. THANKS TREY AND ALL THE PEOPLE AT KISTLER RODS. You are all a blessing to me and my family.

Billy Richards, Moundville, AL

I fish tournaments all over North America in all kinds of different conditions, Using techniques from Heavy Flipping on Lake Okeechobee to Drop Shotting on Lake Norman The Kistler Z-Bone Rods give me an edge incomparible anywhere in the Industry!

Spiro Agouros, On Tour Productions


Another great day on the water with my new z bone. Like Shaw Grigsby said, I had a Jesus day today. These new z bones are the greatest rods out on the market today. Kistler has created the lightest and most sensitive rod that anyone could ever dream of. It don't matter if the wind is blowing 20 to 30 mph, you can still feel a fish pick up your bait. Truely an awesome rod created by an awesome company, thanks Kistler for making fishing more fun and exciting.

Ray Long, z

Products Purchased / Services Used: 7'-3" Kistler Z Bone

I recently recieved my new kistler z-bone le4 mh, and WOW. This rod is light, and extremely sensitive. I fished a tournament on march 26 th, even with frezzing cold and numb hands, the bites were easily felt. I feel this rod helped with our win. I also have 2 magnesium ts rods, and a helium ltx II, and every one of these rods are great. Not only do you get a great product, the kistler staff really cares about their customers and will always help.

Ronny DeNayer

My son Josh and I would like to thank Kistler for doing it again! We ordered the new KISTLER hoodie and jersey and they are AWESOME! They really look great, feel comfortable and keep you warm on those cold mornings! My wife saw them and said I should have gotten her one also. We wil both be sporting our jerzees, hoodies and rods at the junior state championship at Lake Mitchell, Alabama on April 9th, As Josh goes to fish for a scholarship Thanks for all your quality equipment, from the AWESOME apparel we wear to the AWESOME fishing rods we fish with! May God bless!


I have got 3 Z-Bones recently and they are totally awsome great senaitivity. I have a LM action that I was throwing 1/8oz shakey heads about 75 to 80 feet with little effort and this is on a casting rig. I really believe Kistler has really made some great improvements in their already good product.

Joe Armold Lake Fork

I think you make a great rod. I have a 7" jig and toad rod. I have fished with the rod about 20 times and I really like the feel of the rod. I have recomended your rods to many people. But now I must say that the sad thing is that it broke on a hook set the other day and it is less than a year old and I am told I have to pay $70.00 more to replace the rod. I am not made of money so when I buy a rod I have to save my money to do it. I try to buy good rods and I know they are not cheap. I am very upset with having to pay $70.00 and I just don't think it makes since. If the rod was 3 or 4 years old I would understand but I am not happy with this. I will be telling everyone I know that your waranty program is not very good. I was told if the rod broke after two trips it would have been free to replace it. So that tells me that you stand behind your ros for about a week or how ever long it takes to go two times. I am sorry that you do not have a better program

Scott Browning

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Magnesium TS Jig and Toad rod

I have 4 kistler rods and love them. Wish I could afford more but too steep for my living. I was fishing a night event and one of my Kistler rods with my best fishing reels was knocked overboard and I was lost. I got out a large sinker and treble hook to retreive but to my disbelief the rod and reel were floating like a stick on the water so saved about $500 in short time. I keep trying to find them cheaper if I can and so far have found just one in yard sale. Love my Kistler rods.I am a small time fisherman but spend many hours on water bass fishing.

David A. Cringle, Indianapolis

My son is 15 and he used a KISTLER Carbon Steel rod fishing a soft plastic bait Saturday, out of the back of my boat and put on a clinic for me! The fish we were targeting would hit a fast bait but they were'nt eating it, so he slowed down with the plastic and at the first feel of anything he was setting the hook. I could still feel the fish that would hit my fast moving bait with my Magnesium, but they were not commiting. So needless to say I had to humble myself and go to fishing the plastic, I did catch fish but he culled everything I caught! Great job son! Thanks Kistler! We really enjoy using your fishing rods! God bless! Mike chavers

mike chavers

Man what a beautiful day on the water Sat. We did'nt win but we were one fish away from it. My Son put a fine 3 lber in the boat early that morning and we had our 5 fish limit by 7:30. My son said to me. Daddy I can't believe how much difference my Kistler rods make, I can really feel the fish and the bottom alot better now! Its awesome that he is 15 and understands the importance of quality equipment. The great thing is, is that you can use the rods in competition or just having a day on a lake or pond! And I firmly believe after watching my two sons consistently catch fish, that the sensitivity of these rods helps their and my catch ratio! Thanks Kistler for fine Rods! Mike, Josh and Zevin Chavers

mike chavers

Man, another beautiful day on the water. The fish bit fair not as good as practice but good enough to be right close to the money. Crankbaits were the key Saturday which is my passion and when you combine that with a kistler magnesium rod, things get exciting! The thing about it is that we were fishing shallow water and using small shallow diving square bill crankbaits and they would dig the bottom picking up straw, weeds and grasses. Well with the magnesium's action you could rip it on the retrieve and get the debris off of it, not wasting a cast having to slap it in the water or pick it off by hand and in doing this most of my bites would come from the rip. These rods are awesome! God bless! Thanks Kistler! GREAT PRODUCT! 5 STARS!

mike chavers

Another great day on the water with the first big tournament of 2011. It was 22 degrees at launch with a nice north wind. Me and my partner pull up to this creek mouth and start chunking crankbaits (after thawing out a little). We had a few short strikes but no hook ups. I pick up my z bone spinning rod and chunk it out there and can feel the wind whipping my line. I fish along and barely felt a little tap, set the hook, and, fish on. First keeper in well. Throw back out, felt something very light, set the hook, fish on - keeper number 2 in well. Partner not getting any bites. An hour goes by and the z bone has put 5 keepers in the boat. Okay, we are throwing the same baits, same line and I'm up 5 to 0. What can I say, z bone versus brand x......z bone wins yet again. I felt every little bite that I had and I know it was because of the sensitivity in my rod. Kistler has designed a world class fish catching machine in the "Z BONE".....I proved that Saturday.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: z bone

I was introduced to the Kistler line just prior to the 2008 Bassmaster Classic. Alton Jones was giving a little talk/demo and I was convinced to give them a try. Needless to say I was not dissappointed. The sensitivity each rod has is amazing. Three years and 13 rods later, it's Kistler or nothing. I've even gotten my nephew, HM1 Shane Gilley, hooked on Kistler's. While he was deployed I had Trey and his staff make him Z-Bone spinning rod made was he ever surprised when he got back. I'll be taking 4 of my favorite rods to Florida Feb 15th in search of that 10#+ bass, pics to follow. Thanks to Trey, Lance, Rueben, Cindy and the rest of the staff.

Paul E. Fisler, CCEMT-P, The Woodlands, Tx.

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! KISTLER RODS WIN AGAIN!!! IN LARGEMOUTH VS KISTLER! Practice day today was awesome, multiple bites that were so easy to feel, I was using a carbon steel mh for worm fishing and had my magnesium on the cranking bite today. It was such a blast the fish were in bite and fight mode today when I set the hook on the plastic they were caught and all I had to do on the crankbait was just reel into them! You always have to play a fish correctly but it sure makes it easier with a rod that is designed for it's assignment. So excited about Sat. I know my KISTLERS are ready I just hope the fish are! Pics on facebook soon! Thanks again KISTLER! God bless!

mike chavers

Man I am stoked! First big tournament of the year coming up on Sat. I got the Kistlers rigged and ready to rock! See the deal with fishing with Quality KISTLER equipment is, just knowing that when you come thru or across that structure you can feel it or when that fish taps it or starts walking with it you can know it! It gives you confidence in knowing that when you swing for the hook set that its going to have resistance behind it, because you know when it's a fish! Seriously you can go back to old school fishing with a quality rod like this. You count down to the bottom, feel the bottom and then you can read the bottom with the sensitivity. I am not saying it is a depth or bottom finder but this is the way the old timers used to do it! Again Thanks Kistler for such fine quality fishing rods!

mike chavers, Baldwin county, Al.

I have been using Kistler rod for about 7 years now and I truely believe the they have turned me from a middle of the pack finisher to a threat in each of the tournements that I fish. They are the most sencitive rods on the planet. Thanks guys for such a great product.

Bryan Wright, Alexandria Alabama

Z-Bone delivers winter performance! During Dec-Jan I was in some area club events and my 5 new Z-Bones brought it home. The custom-made 7 ft H was 100%, I mean 100% for jig bites felt and in the livewell. I like. A tough chilly early December day but 4th with 6 keepers for a 12.12# limit helped in the points race on Lake Bruin near St. Joseph, La. Then Jan. 15th I won a small closed no points event with another club on Lake Concordia near Ferriday, La. The Z-Bone ripped that 5/0 jig hook into the daily 4.50 lunker early and despite only 1 limit my 4 keepers...10.25# was just enough for the .25 edge. Sensitive power is the Z-Bone way and easy casting thanks to the micro guides. Game, set, match!

Doug Schexnayder, PhD (ret), Vidalia, La. 71373

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z-Bone LE rods

Just received my "Z" bone custom designed rod on Thursday. Wasn't suppose to be here till Friday had a hard time finishing out the day then Friday as well, already have a Helium LTA and a Helium LTX went fishing this weekend. You can feel every pebble, twig and shell as you slooooowwwwwly drag a 1/8oz plastic craw with a 5/0 frog hook, you can feel every turn of a spinner blade with a Shimano Core 50mg7 can sling any bait a country mile. Thanks for a 3rd time to all the folks at Kistler Rods they are more sensitive and lighter than any St. Croix or Quantum rods I have.

Bill Weaver, owner, Leather, Guns & Etc. inc., On the Red River at Lake Texoma Dam

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Fishing rods


It was almost embarassing this year guiding using a Z-bone while some of my clients used their brand x rods. I did make some believers and new Kistler die-hards though! Keep up the great work...

Bob Bott, Fishing Guide, TGIF Outfitters, La Crosse, WI


I have been using Kistler Rods exclusively since 2004 I have seen Kistler change and grow each and every year. The reason I will never fish with another rod is because each year they out do themselves from the year before and come out with yet another amazing rod. Trey and his staff really do a great job and it is because he makes it his business to make sure you have a more enjoyable time on the water fishing with an incredible product. Thanks

Richard Cooper, awesome, NC

Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium lta, Helium 2ltx,Z bone, Magnesium, Carbon steel, graphite series

Guys I have to tell you about my catch on the Tennessee River over Thanksgiving. I went fishing with my Mom, Dad, and girlfriend and like all good stories this one started out kinda rough. We had just started heading up river when the motor on my Dad's boat failed. With nothing to do but float back to the boatramp I decided to pick up my 7' medium heavy carbon steel Kistler rod and try and catch a few fish. I droped a 3/8 ounce gold spoon to the botton and bounced it twice when something huge pounded the line. The fight lasted about 15 minutes and by the end I had a 50lb flathead catfish in the boat. Your rod once again performed flawlessly. THANKS!!!!

Darin C., Frisco TX.

If you are looking for the best fishing rod money can buy LOOK NO FURTHER. If you are looking for the best value in a high end rod LOOK NO FURTHER. If you are looking for one of the lightest rods you ever had in your hand LOOK NO FURTHER. If you are looking for the most sensative rod you have ever used LOOK NO FURTHER. Read all the testamonials on the Kistler Z-Bone line of rods these are the truthful facts from everyday ordinary people using a extraordinary fishing rod made by people that want to and do produce the best fishing rods on the market. I have used many high end fishing rods over the last 20 years- G.Loomis GLX, St Croix, Powell, Power Tackle- and was constantly searching for the ultimate fishing rod and I can honestly say that I have found it. If you are on the fence about the purchase of a Z-Bone rod get off the fence and make the purchase . If there is one rod on the market that can help you become a better fisherman or fisherwoman or a better tournament angler this is the one! Powerful, light weight, extremely sensitive and the best value in a high end rod. After using my Z-Bone LE 7'6" H at a tournament during a cold front in Florida, I am convinced that had I not been using that rod that I would have not felt most of the bites that I got that day. I am also convinced that my partner and some of the other competitors had some bites that day that they never felt . I also wonder about all the past tournaments I fished how many bites I had and never felt ? I am sure that there was many. After using the Z-Bone you will be left scratching your head also! Rodney Orlando FL

Rodney Glunt

Have 3 old kistler rods..An argon, magnesium TS, and carbon steel. Have had problems with two of them. The Fuji eyes and ceramic inserts are worthless. I have several loomis rods and they stand behind there product. Cant believe I have to pay to ship these rods back to get fixed. Im getting my mag ts fixed so I can sell it and be done with Kistler

Maxx Manes

I want to first say Praise God for the message that comes on every tag, in fact that is why I started fishing Kistler 5 years ago. I bought my first, a carbon series worm and jig brush buster heavy b/c of the message on the card.. Then I got a few more. I have 7. I tried a few combinations outside of the Kistler family but, have realized that there is no place like home and no rod like Kistler. Proud to buy a product from a company with such a good root in what is important. Thank you.

Josh E. Lovett, The Message, USA

just a line to say thanks again for my new 7'3" Z bone heavy action rod "AMAZING" I truly believe it helped me win the Ghosts and Goblins this year we had 28.30lb's you can see the fish on when I tell you it felt like a bluegill pecking at my bait, the Zbone is so sensitive i could immediately feel them, not to mention drag them out of the heavy cover, there were alot of great fisherman in that tournament, and I was thankfull to have any advantage, thanks again for building the best rod I ever used. Charlie.

charles librizzi, sales, adi, boynton bch florida

I bought a Helium 2 LTX 6'9" MH spinning rod and used it to throw soft plastics and jigs. The sensitvity was great but the strength of the rod is very poor. I had 3 different rods in the back of my truck with a cooler. One was my Kistler, a G Loomis IMX, and a Shimano Crucial. We were driving a little too fast down a dirt road, which was my fault, and the cooler started bouncing around. When we stopped to check the rods, only the Kistler was broken. The other 2 were fine. (This is the first time this rod broke). They sent me a replacement and for a year and a half it worked fine. Then one afternoon I was throwing a 1/4 ounce jig. I rared back to cast it and when I started to whip it forward, it snapped in half, half way down the rod. Unbelieveable. If you are going to purchase a rod this expensive the warranty should be A LOT better than what it is. Needless to say, I WILL NOT be purchasing a $350 rod that is no stronger than that.

Matt Eads

I'm not one to jump on the bassn equipment bandwagon when it comes to rods and reels very easily. I received a Kistler spinning rod from a guy on BBC in exchange for a SS prop. That's all it took for me to start switching out my rods to Kistlers. They are awesome! Quality, comfortable, light, sensitive, strong, functional, the list goes on and on.

Craig Gilham

Products Purchased / Services Used: now own several spinng and baitcast

My son and I fished our local club tournament yesterday, at the Tensaw delta, it was an incredible day we had a couple of huge blow ups on frog but the fish did'nt commit, but we ended up with 9.10 with our best 5 for third place! Just want to thank Kistler so much for having great fishing rods! These rods make so much difference, with the sensitivity. You feel the strike so much better, whether you are fishing a crank bait , spinner bait or a worm. These rods totally will improve your fishing! You find the fish and these rods will put them in the boat! Thanks Kistler! and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

mike chavers, baldwin coutny alabama

Trey: I just wanted you to know. I could not have done this without your rods!!! After being held to the bay at the FLW in Erie,PA. on day one. I managed Fifth after blanking on day one. Your rods really made the difference when we were allowed on the big water and fishing down deep. I am still amazed after all of the years I have been fishing your rods how I consistently catch more fish than others using different rods. As soon as I give up one of my Kistlers, the sides even up and I have made several believers into new Kistler owners. All it takes to sell one is to let someone use one! Joe Stois Sr.

Joe Stois Sr.

I have never met a more amazing group of people, not to mention they create an awesome product. I have been using kistler rods for about 6 years now and just when you thought it couldnt get any better, they pull another model out. The new z bone puts you in the drivers seat from design to production. These rods are made from the most sensitive blanks on the market, paired with extremely high quality components, the fish don't stand a chance.

richard cooper, raleigh nc

I have never met a more amazing group of people, not to mention they create an awesome product. I have been using kistler rods for about 6 years now and just when you thought it couldnt get any better, they pull another model out. The new z bone puts you in the drivers seat from design to production. These rods are made from the most sensitive blanks on the market, paired with extremely high quality components, the fish don't stand a chance.

richard cooper, raleigh nc

Just wanted to thank Kistler again for making a great rod. I have now fished with my new z bones on several occasions and I have not one bad thing to say about these new z bones. Kistler has created probably the most lightest and sensitive rod on the market today. The z bone with the new fugi titanium micro guides and the new smart grip has these rods weighing about as much as an Eagles feather. And the sensitivity is just out right amazing. You can feel way more bites, you can cast your lure much farther, you can hold these rods in your hands all day without fatigue, no more line slapping, this list goes on and on. I can honestly say that these new z bones have increased my fish catching ratio by a great percentage. Feel more bites = catch more fish. If anyone out there is looking for a great rod, then I suggest trying one of the new Z Bones, you will not be disappointed, I guarantee. AND, the customer service at Kistler rods is the best. Thanks Kistler for a great fishing tool.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Z Bone

Recently I was out fishing on the Potomac River and the bite was tough. The sensitivity of a 7 foot Heavy Zbone LE flippin rod made the difference in my fishing day. My friend could not believe how I was getting bit and he was not. He was just unable to feel the bite. We realized this after I let him use the Z-bone rod that I was using. As soon as he started fishing with it, he started catching fish. If there is one rod that can improve your fishing the Z-bone is the rod.

Corbin Gotwalt

Went fun fishing with my sons on Sat. for about 6 hrs and we now all fish with kistler rods, we have carbon steel rods and magnesium rods. They are awesome we really caught a lot of largemouth using chatterbaits and crankbaits. We have been so excited since we got our new rods, so we are in the process of purchasing a couple of z bones for my oldest son and I. It is so unbelievable how much more you can feel with these rods! It helps all of us to feel bites quicker and feel the structure when you are bottom fishing! my youngest son is only 9 and it has helped his catch ratio due to being able to feel the fish sooner! These rods are amazing! Thanks Kistler for quality equipment!

mike chavers, angler, baldwin coutny alabama

Thank-you guys for the awesome rods. I used my Z-Bone and Magnesium rods this past weekend at Lake Eufaula to finish 6th in the AL B.A.S.S. Federation Nation State Championship and qualify for the State Team. The bite was tough and subtle which is where the sensitivity that these rods provide came in handy. If you haven't experienced the sensitivity of the Z-Bone, you are missing out. Again, Thank-you guys and God Bless.

Phil Williams, Bay Minette, AL

I have fished Kistler LTAs and Magnesiums for quite awhile now (and I love them), but about a month ago I got my first custom made Z-Bone. I had a 7'3" made so I could punch deep grass at Amistad. All I can say is what a rod; 2 words can describe everything-Power/Sensitivity! Good enough to cash a check at the Permian SIT at Lake Amistad. Everyone who loves bass fishing needs a Z-Bone!

Dario Guerra IV

It's been an AWESOME year for me and my partner Brandon Dillard this year...we've finished consistently in the money in each of the tournaments that we have fished this year and even ended up winning Angler of The Year for one of our trails... A big "THANK YOU" to Trey and Lance, as well as the rest of the staff at KISTLER RODS for being there for us and providing us with the best rods money can buy! We both own an aray of rods from your line and I especially enjoy fishing with my custom Z-Bone rods!!! JW WARD

Walter "JW" Ward, Kistler Pro Staff, Ft.Worth, TX

Another remarkable day on the water with my new z bones. The weather has cooled and the fish are biting. Weekend before last I was out looking for some fish, the wind had picked up and was making it tuff to be out there. But, you got to remember, I was armed with the z bones and even with the wind whipping at your rod, you could still feel 100% of the bites. It's just unreal how sensitive these z bones are, everytime I go fishing and pick up one of these rods, I am amazed all over again. Really people, if you want to feel every little detail on the lake bottom and feel every bite, the z bone is a must. Z Bone number 5 is in the making. (Caught over 30 bass by the way).

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Custom Z Bone - 7'-3"

Got my 2 custom Z-Bones yesterday. Took one out and managed to catch some fish (2 to 6 lbs). I got to say, this is the best fishing rod I have ever used among my collection of more than 60 rods. You can feel everything that your lure is going through under water. And when a fish strikes, you feel the take immediately and you guide the fish in, any direction you want it to turn. You are in total control. Simply Remarkable!

Kah Chew

Products Purchased / Services Used: Custom Z-Bone

Good Morning, I told you 2 weeks ago I had caught some nice fish on my new Z 7'3'" loved the feel and sensitivity, the only question I had left was abilituy to pull the big ones out, well last weekend I pulled an 8 and a 6 along with some other good ones from the heaviest hydrilla I have seen, I'm stoked!!! thanks again.

charles librizzi, sales, adi, florida

Received my first Kistler rod (Z Bone 3MH 7') at the Fisher's of Men Regional tournament on Kentucky Lake this weekend. My first 3 bass on the incredibly sensitive, light, yet strong rod were 6.5#, 4,5# and 3.5#. My brother and I finished 6th out of 214 boats and we are now qualified for the FOMNTT National final. Thanks for making an awesome rod! I am sold.

Greg Ladd, Somerville, TN

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z Bone 3MH 7

I just received my new Z Bone and put it to the test on Sam Rayburn this past weekend. The wind was blowing about 10 MPH out of the east and those that fish Rayburn know that type wind puts out enough waves it makes fishing the open water a challenge. The fishing was good and that new Z Bone really made a difference feeling the bite, fishing worms in that wind. Guys, thank you for a great product that actually will improve your success on the water where it counts.

Martin Elshout

Over this labor day weekend went fishing and caught a 4 lb largemouth bass on a Argon 7,2 jig &worm rig wit a strike king sexyshad crank just to catch another one two casts later!!!! it was awesome and this rod took them out like a champ. thnx Kist u guys r the bomb

Angel Guillen, Chicago,Ill

I was blessed to have won 4 club events and had a 2nd and a 3rd fishing with 3 clubs here in east central Louisiana for the summer of 2010. My LTA rods never failed me...heck, I even winched in a 5.03 and the medium action rod held...not that I am doing that again though. 100% performance 100% of the time is where its at for Kistler rods...I like! Have two Z-bone heavies ordered for jigging after Halloween...can't wait for them either.

Doug Schexnayder, PhD (ret), Vidalia, La. 71373

Website: http://loumissbass/

After flyrodding for trout almost exclusively for seventeen years, I have decided to go back to the way I used to fish when I was younger: light baitcasting for warmwater species. After carefully surveying the market I chose a Kistler Micro Magnesium seven foot medium action rod. It arrived yesterday. The rod is fantastic! As far as appearance, attention to detail, and construction, it rivals most custom rods (including my own). Of course, that's not the main reason for buying any rod; fishing with it is. I tried it out today on a local lake and the level of performance is amazing. The balance, flex during casting, control, and accuracy are superb. The sensitivity of the blank allows you to feel even the lightest take, and when you have a fish on you can really feel its power and motion. It will definitely be my goto rod when I'm not fishing with a fly rod! Also, I want to thank you for including the beautiful message about our Lord Jesus Christ. I became a Christian in 1977 and my life has never been the same since. Knowing that his presence is with me and his spirit in me has allowed me to feel peace and comfort regardless of the circumstances. If only everyone would accept the gift! You make a great product and your personal attention shows through in every way. I wish you, your family, and your employees all success and prosperity, both financial and spiritual, now and forever.

Jim Benenson, Stonefly Custom Fly Rods, Santa Fe NM

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Micro Magnesium 7 ft. Medium casting rod


Agree with what Phillp said. These rods will change your fishing. You'll feel every bite you get then have the right rod to land every fish. I'm no Pro but just in the last 2 tournaments I fished I brought home over $1000. Not bad for a weekend tournament angler. Fishing Never Felt So Good!

Eric Heil

Another great day on the water with my z bone. To bad it wasn't a tournament day cause I totally wacked em. Had about 30 pounds in about 2 hours. These new z bones are just unreal, I was feeling bites with the wind whipping my rod and I was lucky enough not to have lost a fish. Not only was I feeling every bite that I got but I was doing something that I shouldn't have been doing, I was flipping 5 pounders over the side of the boat, now you couldn't do that with any other kind of rod I bet. Z Bones rock. Now just waiting on my next z bone...........keep up the good work Kistler

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler custom Z Bone

I have just receive my new Z-Bone Rod. 7'2" MH Spin rod. First time out caught 8#8oz Largemouth. I am 63 years old and have tried Many high end rods, but the Z-Bone is the best.

David Trevathan

Funny story about how much i like the Kistler rod. 2 weeks ago while fishing a tournament with my girlfriend on the Ohio River she hooked a sauger on a rattle trap. I hear "will you get this thing off here?" It is dumping rain so I was wearing Frogtoggs. I set my kistler down and grab my pliers and head to the back of the boat. My Kistler naturally was kick in the water by my baggy pants. I reach for it but see it sinking away. I dive in head first caught the rod and never lost my hat in the process. thinking all is well i hear "OWWWW!!! *$%@*&" look up and here is a treble hook as deep in her thumb as ive ever seen a treble hook. She thought I fell in and took her attention away from the fish. Well an hour later we were at the dock going to the emergency room. All cause I love the Kisler and didn't want it to leave.

Bill Wagner

People I cant Express the the changes you will see with any Kistler rod. You will feel at least 50% more bites and land more fish. Dont waste you time and money on other rods save your money a little bit longer and buy Quality. I used my first Kistler in 06 and Now there are 23 rods in my boat from Carbon steels to Z-bones. Find them in the bass pro catalog, find a staffer to show you them, look on ebay, but what ever you do Buy a Kistler and your fishing will Change big time!!!!!!!

Philip Wright, Kistler Pro-Staff

I purchased fifteen kistler rods Helium 11 xlt three years ago.The cost was over $4,000.00 Dollars. I broke a rod called for replacement they sent wrong rod.And they charged me for sending the wrong rod.I sent the rod back at my expense. Don't expect good warranty service;Go else wheres

John Hos

Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium 11 xlt

I recently received my second custom zbone...a 7'8" heavy mod. fast and I couldnt be happier. It has the micro guides which helps maximize the sensitivity...which is already amazing! I plan on using for texas rigging and jigs. I mounted a daiwa zillion type r on it and its totally balanced. If youre in the market for a great rod and need the best, I HIGHLY recommend the Kistler ZBone...either stock or custom, I promise you WILL NOT go wrong with it. Thank you Mr. Kistler for providing the best rod ever made at any price and making it available to the public at a reasonable price


Products Purchased / Services Used: 2 Custom Z-Bones

Won last Saturday as 13 brave souls showed despite the t-storms of central new Kistler 7-6 hvy LTA wacked the jig bass while my 6-3 LTA medium took care of the crankbait keepers with zero losses. Three jig bass actually fell into the boat BUT the Kistler gave me the leverage and backbone to get them over the boat fast! I like. Two weeks ago I actually winched over a 5.03 with a 6-3 medium many rods can do that? Quality quality does.

Doug Schexnayder, PhD (ret), Vidalia, La. 71373

Products Purchased / Services Used: 12 Kistlers

Website: http://loumissbass/

After 70 years on this earth, most of which I have spent my free time fishing, seldom have I found anything or any product that would move me to write a testimonial. That ended after a week of fishing in Canada. We have fished Canada for 20 years now and the non-stop, week long experience brings you intimately familiar with your gear. There are many rods in our boat, Loomis, St Croix, Kistler’s, Shimano’s, to name a few. This year I fished a new Kistler Z-Bone, 6’ 9” LE with micro guides and revolver (Roberts) wrap. I finesse fish plastics 90 % of the time and the Z-Bone rod was superb. This extremely light, 3 power rod easily handled many Bass, Pike, and Bowfin with ease and provided a level of sensitivity that no other rod in the boat could match. Teamed with a Shimano Core MG7, spooled with Daiwa 30 lb braid and a 5ft Fluoro leader, I could feel the slightest activity at the lure. This combination is so light that after a day of fishing you feel no arm weariness at all. The Z-Bone rod was outstanding, so much so that I only fished my other rods to confirm what I was experiencing. There are a few negatives with this rod. First and least significant is trying to pass a knot through the tip with micro guides. On the cast, you don’t even know the knot is there. On the retrieve, the knot tends to hang up on the tip. This proved true with the Alberto Knot, Crazy Alberto Knot, Slim Beauty and the Uni to Uni Knot. It is not the knots diameter that binds at the tip, it’s the length of the knot. If the knot length equals or exceeds the inside diameter of the guide, it won’t make the turn. Perhaps Trey can replace the micro tip guide with a standard tip guide. I have never experienced a problem passing knots through a standard (#6 I think) guide. The second negative is that you won’t want to fish your other rods. This can have an impact on your pocketbook and what do you do with all your other rods that fail in comparison. I can hide them from the wife, but somehow she finds them, I could call them my “arsenal”, but even I don’t buy that one, I have grandsons, perhaps that will work. Many Thanx to Trey, and the staff at Kistler Custom Rods.

Ed Anderson

Hi, my name is Ray Long and I am an addict. (lol). But seriously, I am totally addicted to the new Kistler Z Bone. The lightest and most sensitive rod that I have ever picked up. I can't even imagine ever fishing with another rod and to think about all the fish that I have missed over the past 20 years or so. But I guarantee there will not be any missed bites now - truly amazing - if a fish even breathes on your lure, you will feel it. All fishermen and fisherwomen should try a z bone once and you will be joining the rest of us in the z bone Anonymous meetings.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z Bone

Precision pitching, flipping, casting and sensitivity are what you can expect from a Kistler Z-Bone. I own 3 and wont buy any other rod from now on! As a man that once was a faithfull, nothing but, G-Loomis user, I have converted to a Kistler Z-Bone guy. Z-Bones have payed for themselves twice this year alone. Thanks to all at Kistler Rods for the most innovative rod on the market. They really give a guy the edge on todays highly pressured lakes.

Jason White, Engineer, Bucyrus, Kansas

I'm an admitted part time baitcast user (I've preferred spinning tackle for 30 years). I just spent 8 hours fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire with the Kistler Micro Magnesium McMag70MC with a Daiwa TD Zillion Left Hand - 6.3:1 and a BassPro Laser Eye 3/8 oz Chartreuse/White Chartreuse/White Gold/Nickel Blades. and Sufix 14 lb Tritanium Plus Copolymer line. Ok the short story. I was able to zing the spinnerbait out about 75' to 100' and when 20 smallmouth and the lone 28" chain pickerel attacked, the reel drag was a smooth as silk. The rod handled the up to 4 pound smallmouth like a champ. I was able to leverage the cast by using the rear boss on the butt end of the rod as a fulcrum and casting was pretty effortless. The reel felt natural to my hand on this rod. I could leave my hand in the as cast postion or move it up to cup the reel and it felt good in either position. I had no problem applying pressure on the fish either right or left using the leverage of the rod butt against my forearm. With 5' of line out I was able to lift the fish into the boat with no problem. Overall the whole rig just felt well balanced and with the reel adjusted for the weight of the bait, I could cast all day long. This rod was simply great with a spinnerbait.

Dennis Boulais, Design Engineer, Connecticut

Products Purchased / Services Used: Micro Magnesium McMag70MC

My wife and I own 25 Kistler rods and we won't own anything else. They'll catch 10 fish to one against an ugly stick! They are the most sensitive rods we have ever fished with. I can tell you what the bottom is on the first cast. Just got off KY lake after fising for 8 hrs and not even tired! My wife used to only be able to fish for an hour or so before tiring with other rods. Now that she has as many Kistler rods as I do, she fishes all day with me. If I buy a new rod , she has to have one too! I challenge anyone who bass fishes to try a Kistler rod and I guarantee, you will, throw your other rods overboard!!! Thanks KISTLER for making the best and most sensitive rod ever!!!!!!

Steve Perkins

It's been a while since I posted anything but after fishing with the new Z-Bone rods I couldn't hold out any longer. I have been fishing with Kistler rods since the very beginning and have owned at least 35 different models ranging from the California series, Mark Tyler series, Helium LTA's, Helium LTX's, Magnesium, Argon, Micro Magnesium and finally Z-Bone. The bottom line is this...Kistler rods will make you a better fisherman. I know, you here stuff like this all the time but I'm telling you the truth. I have no reason to lie and many trophies and plaques to back it up. There are a lot of things that will make you a better fisherman...for example, great reels, great lures and great line. But what good is all that without a great rod. I took a friends advice about 10 years ago and gave a Kistler rod a try. Things have never been the same since. The sensitivity and feel of a Kistler rod is like no other. Since that time I have never even considered trying anything else. I believe this, if you have something you have confidence better use it. Maybe this will help someone that is straddling the fence and can't decide what to do. Go buy you a Kistler rod and see if I'm not telling the truth. You will be just like I was, telling my friend how much I appreciated what he did.

Billy Richards

I have been fishing kistler rods for the past 2 years. I started out with the Helium 2 LTX. My catch ratio went up, this year i went to the new Z-bone. I have put more fish in the boat then i have ever. the new Z-bone is the best rod ever.

Paul LeSaulnier

Just won bak2bak club events plus a 5th and let me tell you the Kistler medium action LTA held those key 4.45, 4.25 and 4.08 needed for the high finishes despite using 14# test and the dangers of cypress roots in losing bigger bass. Those were caught on a Baby Torpedo and Cordell Big O...not large baits so landing a quality bass is key...3/3 can't be beat...and either can Kistler rods!!!

Doug Schexnayder, PhD (ret), Vidalia, La. 71373

Products Purchased / Services Used: LTA rods, a dozen

Website: http://loumissbass/

I just received my 7'6" Heavy Z Bone LE with the Micro K guides and it's the best rod I've ever handled. At first my friends were skeptical about how well these guides actually prevent braid from wrapping around the guides. Then one of them wrapped the braid around the tip about 5 times and it came loose with ease. Needless to say they were all astonished. The blank itself is pretty much the perfect blank for flipping with braid. The tip is light enough to make the most quiet of presentations accurately, yet there's still plenty of backbone to wrestle fish out of heavy cover. On top of that, it's hands down the most sensitive rod ever built. Don't know if it's just the blank or the micro guides or combination but this combo is the way to go. I took it out for a little test run on Lake Toho the first day and was fortunate enough to catch 3 fish over 8 pounds with my new Z Bone. Talk about breaking it in. Anyway, the parabolic bend actually fights the fish for you. It's an experience that I've not had with any other flippin stick. The only complaint I have is that I don't have enough money to replace all my rods with the Z Bone LE and Micro K guides.


Products Purchased / Services Used: Z Bone LE

I finally got to use my new custom built z bone rod this past Saturday and amazing is all I can say. When people say that the rod has nothing to do with catching more fish, then I say they are wrong. This rod is so sensitive that I felt every little thing that my lure touched, it was Unbelievable and I caught every fish that bit. Example - I was catching 3 times as many fish as my partner was and we where using the same lure and same line weight. After about 3 hours we switched rods and he started catching 3 times as many fish as I was. He could not believe it until we switched and now he is hooked (almost didn't get my rod back). SO, if you want to feel and catch more fish then I suggest you go out and buy you a Kistler rod - especially the new "Z BONE". These rods are truly amazing, so sensitive and so light.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: z bone

Wow! The Z-Bones are extremely sensitive! My oldest son Matthew just joined the Marines and is leaving in January. I deciced to fish local team tournaments with him this year. We joined the Northern Open Anglers Association (NOAA) here in OHIO---Go Bucks! With the help of the Lord and my new Z Bones we won! 16.47 lbs and a check for $6360.00! April 17 2010 was terrible, it was snowing, raining, sleeting, and the wind was in the 20 mph range. we caught the majority of the fish flipping. With cold wet hands I could still feel that slight little tick that means game on! Thanks guys with the help of the new Z Bones I have a great memory with my son. God Bless, Todd A. Truax

Todd A. Truax

Trey Kistler, You run a fine company with exceptional customer service - bar none, I've never had a better experience with a broken rod to include the folks at St Croix and Gloomis, and certainly never recieved such respect and understanding. My rep was Ruben, by the way. Your customer service and incredible rod replacement warranty will be propogated amongst my friends, soldiers, and certainly my BASS clubs. You have a customer for life. Let me know your addres - I'd like to send you a commander's coin (military tradition) as I'm a company commander in the army. Many thanks for your dedication to furthering the sport and bettering business practices. My heartfelt thanks - you've founded a great company. -Pierre

Pierre Han, Company Commander, Army, United States of America

I gotta tell ya...I Love my Z-Bone!! I fish a local lake that is notorious for extremely lite bitting fish!! I have been hammering them!!! I won a tournament there Friday night with a stringer nearly 4lbs heavier than the rest of the field mainly because of the extreme sensativity of my 7' Z-Bone heavy action worm rod!!! Thanks Kistler for making such a fine product!!! John Kerr

John Kerr

Dear Billy/Trey & Kistlerrods Staff. Sorry for not informing earlier regarding Z-Bone Rod that I've received somewhere a month ago.Nothing to say less coz everybody telling more about it.I'm very proud to be the first Malaysian to owned the fabulous,fantastic and futuristic(3F) rod ever built by KISTLERRODS.When touching,loading and casting with the Z-Bone Rod which I have a feelings as I've already owned everything in one rod which every angler's dreams. Once again thanks to Billy and Trey in making the best rod ever built !!! Nordin Harun Shah Alam,Selangor MALAYSIA


Products Purchased / Services Used: Z-Bone LE(7' med-hvy)

I have 8 Kistler rods from the Argon series to the Magnesium serious not to mention the old IM7 rods, I also have 2 Kistler Magnesium rods that are about 40 ft deep on the bottom of Falcon lake, dang I miss those rods especially my 7ft jig n toad... I wish warranty would cover that but I guess I'd be dreaming..

Christopher A Rea, UISD, USA

1 word...A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love my custom Z-Bone rod. Excellent customer service...thank you Cindy for all of your assistance. I will definitely be purchasing another custom Z-Bone very soon!!


Products Purchased / Services Used: Custom Z-Bone

I recently purchased a custom Z-Bone 7' medium heavy, 3 power including titanium/alconite micro guides and split EVA handle with a balanceing kit. My main purpose was for T-rigs and Senkos and this rod delivers. I own a lot of high end rods and consider the Z-Bone to be among the best if not the best. The thing I am most impressed with is the lightness, balance and sensitivity. It is one of the most sensitive rods I have ever used and have been feeling bites I may have missed otherwise. The tip is extremely fast for long accurate cast with plenty of backbone for hook setting power. I was so impressed with the rod that I turned around and ordered another one a week later. Lance has been great to work with and has helped me every step of the way, from beginning to end. The Customer Service Kistler provides is second to none. Keep up the great work guys!

Steve Wall

Products Purchased / Services Used: Z-Bone

Within the past month I got three zbone LE's and two Micro magnesium rods. As a loyal Kistler customer, I was very anxious to see how the micro guides were going to perform. I got two Zbone 7' Heavy LE's one 7mh Z bone le, one 7' heavy MicroMag and one 6'10 medium heave spinning rod. The Zbones are the most sensitive rods that I have ever used, and I have had GLX's Legend Elites, etc. The overall sensitivity and strength of the zbones raised the bar to a whole new level. The microguides are absolutley sensational. I was weary to try them in the beginning, but once i got them and used them they lived up to the speculation. Casting distance is far greater because there is less resistance with the guides. Also they are very easy to get in and out of the rod locker which is a bonus. They are lighter, stronger, and more durable than regular sized guides, and made by Fuji you cannot go wrong. On the spinning rod, it eliminates line twist while increasing the distance. For years anglers were trying to figure out how to put spinning rods in their rodlocker and not take up an over abundance of room. Microguides solve the issue. Lastly, I would like to talk about the micromagnesium's. They are the best rod that you can get in that price range period. The sensitivity of the rod is comparable to that of a 250 dollar rod, and they are well balanced. For years Kistler has been leading in terms of technological advancements on rods, and Trey and his staff have done it again with Microguides and bringing them in at a reasonable price on their most selling rod. If you are going to get a zbone or a magnesium and are unsure about the microguides just get them because they are worth the extra money and just phenominal once you start using them.

Corbin Gotwalt, Zbone and Micro Magnesium/Micro guides

Just wanted to let you fishermen out there know how great these Kistler rods are. I have been using these rods for about 7 years now and have no regrets (well maybe one, should have started using them long ago). I took my new z bone out fishing last weekend and I absolutly wrecked me some pigs. First of all, the crankbait bite was on and I was using my Argon crankbait rod with a shallow running crankbait tied on and it was just about every 5th cast. I wanted to change over to my rattletrap but I didn't want to take the crankbait off the Argon so I picked up my new z bone, tied the trap on it, and made the cast. I was shocked to see how far that trap went (thought for a minute that I unspooled my reel). Not only was I able to cast out twice as far, I was able to keep the trap in the strike zone twice as long, and let me tell ya, my arm was killing me by the end of the day from setting the hook (but oh what a great hurt). My new z bone with the new Fugi Micro Guides has got to be the greatest rod that I have ever owned. Just about all "line slapping" was elliminated with the new micro guides giving me the power to make those extra long cast. So, if any of you would like to catch more fish and feel every bite, then you have got to get one of these new Kistler z bone rods with the micro guides. Stay safe and God bless, Ray Long - South Alabama

Ray Long

"Wow" is the only word that I can use to describe my new Kistler Z-bone with Fuji Micro guide technology. Casting 3/8 oz wooden crankbaits into the wind is no longer a chore. The sensitivity of the rod really helps me feel every rock and piece of wood that my crankbait comes in contact with. This is a key factor in triggering strikes. I Couldn't be happier with my Z-bone.

Sean Wilkes, New York

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Z-bone with Fuji Micro Guides

Over the past couple years I've had a horrible issue with line failure on AS rods in that crucial 2-5 second period after hook-set (cost me lots of $.) The sensivity on SC rods just isn't there (cost me lots of $,) and I refuse to blow $300+ on GL's. The Kistler's are by far the absolute best value on the market today. The FEEL of the rods are beyond comprehention. I picked up 2 Mg's in MH6'10" and mated them the Revo SX's. I'm going back for a 7'+ H to mate to a Revo STX. Our Nite Tournaments start 4-17-10 and I truly think these Kistler's will eliminate that "I can't believe I just took it away from another one." Therefore, drawing a more Checks this summer. Thanks for the outstanding work Trey. -CSG

C.S. Gilbert, fish'n for $ in a Gambler, Oldfield MO

Hello all, Just wished to share this with you all. Please excuse my english, it's not as good as it used to be... However this post is a must! Last saturday I got back from a fishing trip to Calderon lake in central Mexico. I visit the lake at least four or five times every year, because I've seen reallly large bass and previoulsly landed there a 10-pounder (not from a kayak). So, yesterday was my dream day. I looked for a dropoff adjacent to deeper water, because I knew there would be big bass moving up to start spawning. I chose a good spot and concentrated on fishing the area with big fish lures (swimbaits, large senkos and big jigs). At around 2:30 PM, I felt a very subtle difference in the weight of the lure (I was fishing a 7-in wacky-rigged watermelon red stick bait), and immediately set the hook. I was rewarded with a huge response and the bass started to strip the line right away. I always check my drag to be smooth and not so tight so I was sure this was a big fish! I started to work the bass very carefully, and after a few minutes I could see the bass some 10 yards away from me, just breaking the surface. I plunged the rod in the water to prevent the bass from jumping and shaking the hook off, and net in hand, I worked the bass all the way to the kayak, not before several runs and carefully working the fish... The sensitivity of my rod was what allowed me to detect that very subtle pickup (Kistler Helium LTA He70HC), using 15-lb fluorocarbon line. The bass was a healthy big female, and weighted at the scales 14 pounds and 10 ounces!!!! That'a a whooping 6.8 kilograms!!! My record was 5.3 kilograms (around 11 pounds) so I am very very happy. Fortunately, a boat was close so I asked them to help me to take pictures and release the bass. Everything is also recorded on video. Back home I started to look into the figures of kayak-caught largemouth bass, and it is likely that this will be the next world record for largemouth bass from a kayak! (the actual record was caught in Florida, a 13-pounder)... I am still shaking! The fight was very strange; I had caught two double-digit bass before, but they both felt like pulling a sack of sand and only close to the boat they would run. This one felt more like a sailfish, running and stripping line from the moment the hook was set! Only now I really appreciate how important invest ing in good equipment is, I can't really say enough about my Kistler LTA, it is just superb, also the blank kind of "loaded up" to sustain the fight... and quite strangely I was enjoying every moment of the fight, perhaps because it was a looong fight, I played with the drag so I wouldn't break the line so I really enjoyed that huge fish! And more important, she is still there, perhaps in the future someone else will catch it again and hopefully release it! Now i can only dream of about the Z-Bone... maybe one day I'll have the chance of fishing with one! By the way this technique has produced some nice fish, dead-sticking a 7-in wacky-rigged senko in rocky bottoms, and a twitch every now and then... you got to have patience but it has payed off! in clear water I use watermelon seed, in stained water I choose watermelon red, and for murky or deep water black blue flake... these three colors are what have worked for me. I have improved my fishing techniques a lot using Kistler rods, I won 2nd place in the Central Mexican Qualifier (a total of 70 teams showed up) and a couple of months before won 4th place in a Kistler-sponsored event (I took home a Magnesium rod)... Thanks for a great product!

Alejandro Perez, Morelia, Mexico

I just received my new LE 7'3" Z-Bone rod and it is awesome! Thanks for the help Lance. I immediately went to Lake Jordan and tested it on some of those big 4 and 5 lb Coosa spotted bass. The bite was light, but it was amazing how good I could feel such a light bite with the new Z-Bone rod. Its almost not fair to the fish... The sensitivity of this rod is like no other. The FUJI micro guides are a great addition, also. I was impressed with the casting distance with these FUJI micro guides. These new Z-Bone rods are the real deal!!! Thanks Kistler for helping to better my fishing.

Mark, Auburn, Alabama

i purchased the new le zbone 7'6" and absolutely i have many other rods such as carrot stix and st croix's and they are not even close in comparison to the comfort and power of this rod the best I have ever owned and will purchase a few more to complete my collection. Well done Kistler team this is the best rod i have ever had in my hand. Your going to have a hard time outdoing this one.


Dear Sir..i purchased a helium 2 spin rod from you guys about 2 years ago....this was an amazing rod.I accidently broke the rod which you replaced with the later helium 2 with recoil guides (the guides will last a life time!) meanwhile I bought a top of the range Loomis.Am excited about your new Z bone,s.It appears you have now incorporated the Best of both worlds!! If our Aussie dollar gets some more legs, I will order one!!

Drue Mc Laughlin, Darwin Australia

Just got my new Z-Bone rod the other day. The rod is great,lite and sensitive and I really like the micro guides. First time I took it out fishing I looked down and it was trapped half way up the rod by my rod locker lid. I paniced and said well I broke my new rod on the first trip. Dislodged it and there was absolutely no damage to the rod and becasue the guides were so small they weren't even bent. I dare say any other rod I have would not have survived. I have used it twice since with no problems. You should have a real hit with these. As a side note I had several of my old Kistler rods re-fitted with the new micro guides . I now have 6 Kistler rods with micro guides. Here's something you may not have thought about--if you are like me and carry too many rods but can't stand to leave any at home. Because the micro guides are so small I can fit more rods into my rod locker without them tangling up. If you are thinking about getting a rod with micro guides this is a real plus that you might not think about.

bob keller, dallas tx

I discovered Kistler Rods through the Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail a few years ago. I now own 15 Kistler rods (Graphite Plus - 3, Magnesium - 7, Helium LTA - 3, Helium II LTX - 1, and Argon - 1), and I can't wait to try the new Z-Bone rods. I love the fact that Trey puts his statement of Faith in Christ on Kistler Rods catalogs, the card that comes with the rod, and on the website. Kistler Rods are the best! They are leaders in innovation, and there customer service is the best! Kistler Rods are now the only rods I fish with!!!

Michael Smith, Americus, GA

In 1994, I founded the LOBI tournament with the help of 23 Directors, the first tournament was started with 343 - 2 man teams at San Miguel Park in Toledo Bend.The LOBI tournament was the first tournament which presented each entrant a quality "FISHING ROD, as a bonus door prize during the registration , The first year we obtained the rods through one of the tournament directors tackle store. The following year, we had the good fortune to meet BILLY KISTLER, Billy Kistler donated the winning team championship rods to the LOBI, and we purchased the rods Billy was building then, and gave each contestant a rod at registration. As Billy moved on to start other rod companys, the LOBI tournament decided to follow Billy and continue to purchase his rods, and present them to each entrant of the tournament..When KISTLER rods became available, LOBI presented each entrant a KISTLER ROD, (APPROXIMATELY 1400 RODS..... KISTLER RODS, remain the official LOBI TOURNAMENT ROD AND EACH PARTICIPANT IS PRESENTED A KISTLER ROD AT REGISTRATION........THANKS BILLY FOR CONTINUING SUPPORT CHANO LEAL- LOBI FOUNDER

Chano Leal, Jr., FOUNDER- LOBI TOURNAMENT, Gen. Mgr./IWTI, Lafayette La.

I own just about every maker of rod and reel for every kind of fishing from fresh to salt or fly to offshore and will let anyone I know use any of them with one exception. No one but me fishes with my Kistler heliums!!! Simply the best rods EVER! Thanks guys for producing the finest sticks I've fished ..... the end!

Darin Clum

I recently made the switch to the Heavy 7'6" Helium LTA for my general flippin & pitchin and it makes my other flippin sticks useless cause I don't ever want to touch them anymore. I've got it rigged with a Shimano Chronarch D & 65 lb Sufix braid and it's the perfect setup. The tip on this rod is just limber enough to make a quiet pitchin presentation and the bulged marbled cork handle aids in the pendulum action you're looking for. The handle's also the most comfortable and slip resistant I've tried. One of the downsides of braid is that it makes your rod less sensitive with a limp line, but you still feel everything with this rod. I mean you can breath on it and you feel it. It really comes in to play on those cold front days when the fish just barely grab it and don't move an inch. I've tried a bunch of flippin sticks and the Helium LTA is by far the best I've ever owned. The only improvement I could possibly make is adding the micro K guides to keep the braid from wrapping around the eye. I'm getting rid of all the others and will have multiple Kistler flippin sticks from here on out. This rod will ruin ya.

Hojin, Orlando, FL

S&H is excellent. Cindy has processed a late 2009 order and my first 2010 order. It seems like in no time the FedEx truck is coming up the driveway. Packed perfect in the tubes, here is nothing but 100% quality involved in the shipping process. Thanks Kistler as usual!!!!!!!


Products Purchased / Services Used: 2010 Jan. Pro Staff Pkg 1.

"WOW" Every Kistler I buy I find to be super sensitive and light weight. I have caught bass up to 7lbs on my 6'6" Mag Kistler MH spinning rod with 10lb test and this rod preformed perfectly. I have 5 other Kistlers and they are equally great rods. Also have another on order as I type and it wont be the last. Thanks Trey for producing a great product and standing behind it.

BJ Tarr, Cypress, TX

I was getting cabin fever so I took my new Z-Bone fishing rod out just to get the feel of a rod in my hands. Before I bought my rod, I was told how superior the Z-Bone would be over other rods. Being a G-Loomis GLX owner, I was a little skeptical. But after five minutes of being out in the water with it, my expectations were far exceeded. Not really fishing, but just feeling the contour of the lake--the underwater structure, the gravel, the rocks, the weeds--the rod was so much more sensitive than I could have ever imagined. I can’t wait to actually take it out and fish tournaments with it. Trey has sold me on the new Z-Bone.

Paul LeSaulnier, Kistler Fan for Life, Waterloo, IL

I would like to thank Trey for talking me into taking a New Micro Mag to Falcon this last week. I was able to cast my brush hog a mile without any line twist or back lash the only trouble I had was putting it down. It was so good I even made a little money with it. Trey, I will be by soon to get another rod. Looking forward to seeing you and Cindy.


Products Purchased / Services Used: Micro Mag 7

I own 15 Kistlers, including Magnesium, LTA, LTX II, GRAPHITE PLUS and Carbon STEEL and I love every one of this rods.

Gregorio Hernando, León-SAPAIN

The NEW MiCRO's are INCREDIBLE...I went fishing with a reel that I had lying around for a while which was spooled up with Seaugar Invis-x 10lb line that had been on the reel for about 6 months...LOTS of memory...after fishing with it on the MiCRO for a short period of time it appears to have reduced the memory of the line....absolutely love the way they feel and cast!!! Very accurate with less effort and further casts. Can not wait to see how my Z-Bone rod is going to be with the micro guides.....

JW Ward

Used my first Kistler rod while fishing with A buddy. WOW, I had to have one. Picked up my first one on the way to A tournament in Missouri. Best fishing rods I have ever used. I plan on buying several more before spring. Thanks for such A great product!

Adam Hartshorn, Nebraska

After using Quantum and St. Croix rods for years. I tried a freinds LTA rod and now Kistler is the only rod to use. I now have a few Helium LTX2 and am waiting for the new custom design section to open I will need to get some new ones with the micro-guides. KEEP ON BUILDING GREAT RODS. Bill

William Weaver, owner, Leather, Guns & Etc., Colbert, Ok.

Products Purchased / Services Used: 2- Helium LTA rods and 2-Helium LTX2


As a Tournament angler for over 20 years i have used everything under the sun! some are good some are better! but nothing compares to the feel of a kistler rod. Day in day out they stand up to the toughest conditions our Canadian fish can put them through, with a new aspect of my life beginning now with fishing south of the border in some of the largest tournaments on the planet i can't imagine not having my kistlers by my side, as well as knowing that for any reason the great people like Trey and Cindy and the rest of the team at kistler are there behind the scenes to make your fishing dreams come true. Thanks and god bless all!

Spiro Agouros, Pro-Staff, On Tour Productions!, Peterborough Ontario Canada

Products Purchased / Services Used: Argons, Heliums.


thats what happend when i was catching dinks all day today, i am very satisfied with the kistler magnesium series it has great action and backbone i love about a MH and the sensitivity of a L action rod for i have found a new love when i went fishing today i was feeling every bite on the kistler, but none on a ML BPS extreme rod it makes me wonder how many fish ive missed i cant wait to hook up on a hog i got this rod a week ago and about to get a carolina rig rod pared up with a revo stx a combo better than peanut butter and jelly. did i mention that angelina jole and megan fox arent nearly as sexy as this rod because it is GORGEOUS?

michaelfromflorida, thunk thunk... wham!, orlando florida

I have to give props to the Kistler service department. I returned a broken rod on Friday and got a new one on Wednesday. That's pretty awesome and new rod came with a rod sock. When someone purchases a Kistler, it is definitely money well spent. Awesome rod, tremendous service. Thanks.

Brent Conerly, Gonzales, La

i bought 8 kistler rods, 4 of them broke, kistler will not stand behind thier free warranty. DONT BUY THEM! I fished with ugly sticks before and only broke 2 off thems. them gots a lifetime warranty they stand behind. BUY UGLY STIKS if you want your rods to last forever.

dan blaker, owner of my own bizness, where the fish bit

Products Purchased / Services Used: Rods

Trey, I just wanted to let you know that you have an amazing rod. I have officially put the rods to the test in saltwater tournament conditions for a season now, and I can not begin to tell you how impressed I am with the LTA's and the LTX's. We have caught reds to 37 inches long and not had a single malfunction. These rods are indestructible!!! Thanks for everything Joe Peddy TEAM TKF

Joe Peddy, Kistler rods, unbeleivable!!, Team TKF, Sour Lake, TX.

I just recieved the new Argon Rods I ordered last week and let me tell you these rods are extremely sensitive. I was fshing in 40ft of water and could feel even the lightest bite. My buddy was using my old quantums and said he never felt a bite. I would compare these rods to the Helium series which are beyond belief themselves. Keep up the good work Kistler for you have hooked another one.


Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Argon 7'-6" spinning and 7'-1" flippin stick

First let me say I have never written anything about a product before but today I feel compelled to praise Kistler Rods and their customer service. I presently own 5 G Loomis and 4 ST Croix rods and have been very happy with them. Recently I was looking for a new Senko rod and came across the KISTLER MAGNESIUM TS CASTING ROD MGSWMH70 on sale at Cabels. Although it is manufactured in China I took a chance and ordered it. On the day it arrived I put a Abu-Garcia Revo ST on it and went Bass fishing that evening. Since I live in a private lake community (Lake Mohwak NJ) there is a catch and release policy therefore the fishing is excellent. We have three lakes that range in size form small to the largest man made lake in NJ. That night I put the KISTLER MAGNESIUM TS CASTING ROD MGSWMH70 to the test on one of the small lakes and caught 4 large mouth bass ( 1-3 lbs) in 2 hours. I was so impressed with the rod that I went to the Kistler web site and did some research on their products and was surprised to find some of there rods are made in the USA. After reading a few testimonials I purchased a He69MHC 2009 Helium LTA 6'9" Medium-Heavy Fishing Rod from the website. Since I am going on vacation starting this saturday I ordered RUSH 2 day delivery. However, the rod did not ship the day I ordered it so I immediately called their customer service and spoke with Cindy. About an hour later I received an email with a tracking number and tge rod will be here Friday so I can take it on vacation. I always felt customer service was dead in America but Cindy and Kistler proved me wrong. I am very fortunate to be employed in this terrible economy and able to purchase new fishing gear. Kistler, I hope you read this because you have a new fan. Thanks for making excellent rods in the USA, abroad, and excellent customer service. Thanks and look for my future orders in the near future and I replace my G Loomis and St Croix with Kistler rods. Frank Tatulli

Frank Tatulli, Sparta NJ

I've used g loomis rods for over the last five years and had problems recently had 4 of their rods break just by pulling them out of the rod locker on my 20' Triton but recently got bought 6 KISTLER rods 3 Helium2, 2 Magnesium , and 1 Graphite rods and they are 100 times lighter and more sensitive than any other rod I've used and wont own any other rod but a KISTLER

JC Christopher

I have been using many different rod throught the years from $50 rods to $400. I have never experienced the quality from any of these rods as I have with Kistler. From the low end to the high end Kistlers you will notice a big difference in the sensitivity of a Kistler rod. I fish aroung 40-50 tournaments a year and trust Kistler rods to out proform my competition. Kistler make the best rods I have ever used. My favorite kistler is the LTXII models. They are so light and you will feel every bump even in deep water. Thanks Kistler for making such a quality product at an affordable price.

Josh Fulks

Products Purchased / Services Used: med-heavy spinning, 6'-10" Magnesium jerkbait rod, 7' Magnesium crankbait rod, (2) 6'6" Magnesium med spinning rods, kistler Carbon Steel 7' Med light spinning

Two words, "The Best" rods on the market! I'm an aspiring Pro Angler and these are tournament proven. When i'm not on the water, i am a talking advertisment. I've made at least 10 people switch to Kistler! If you dont have one, pick one up!

Andrew McClusky

All I have two say is I have never caught so many quality fish before! I have the MG Senko Special & MG Jig N Toad rods. I can use these two rods for anything. I use the Senkco special for Flipping small Jigs, Tubes, Football Jigs, Small Swim Baits, Spinner Baits and Rattle Traps. The Jig N Toad is just what it say's. I have yanked many BIG Heads from the thickest stuff! I have caught 5lb fish from 35foot of water with 3/4oz Foot Ball Jigs. I have fished with alot of different angles in the last two years and they jerk alot more than me on what they think is fish. I jerk less but catch more. I can feel so MUCH BETTER than them. With a Kistler you know when you have a bite. There's no guessing. The sensitivity is unreal. Oh I have also won two tournaments this year using My two Kistler's!

Mike Andrus, Owner, Professional On-Site, Pump & Septic Inc., Conway, Ar

As a charter captain and redfish tournament angler I have had the opportunity to fish with alot of different equipment and Kistler rods are by far the best on the market. The new Argon series rods are phenominal, they are sensitive, light weight and yet have the backbone and power to handle Big bruiser Redfish with ease. Big redfish are no match for the Argon. Great job on a Great rod. Capt. Paul Davidson Jr.

Capt. Paul Davidson Jr, FishTaleLLC, Hackberry La.

Products Purchased / Services Used: Argon Series ASWAP70s


Over the years I have used all sorts of rods and Kistler rods are the best bar-none

Jeremy, Montoya, Ft.Collins, Co

Man do I love these rods!!!!! I purchased a Magnesium Jig n' Toad 7' and put a Revo reel on it. You can fish all day long with this light weight combo. It's super!!! Can't wait till I can afford another one!!!!!

Craig Finegan

I bought my first Kistler rod at the Bass Pro spring sale and had been using G-Loomis for years. When Kistler rep told me the principle for Kistler had been with G-Loomis I bought a Mag. That was 5-6 weeks ago and I now own 6 Kistler rods and absolutely have fallen in love with them! In fact I was fishing on Fork with an unnamed guide who is a friend and sponsored by Loomis. After much goading he tried one of my Kistler rods. Acouple of weeks later he informed me by text he had "purchased" two Hel2 LTX Kistler rods and would not allow his clients to touch them!!


Products Purchased / Services Used: 1 MagTS, 1H LTA, 2 HEL2 LTX, 1 Argon TS

if you are a tournament fisherman like i am ,you know how important it is to have the right equipment for the right application. KISTLER has some of the best rods for there spacific purposes, there spinner bait rod is like nothing i have ever felt. I couldnt believe how sensative to the vibrasion of the blades it was. The drop shot rod I just cant say enough about this rod.You can feel the slightest tension on these rods in any conditions wheather wise. I have 2 spinner bait rods 1 cranck bait 1 top water rod a drop shot rod and a flippin stick and i wouldnt trade them for anything. You need the right tool for the job, BUY ONE

Jackie marsigliano, Keene NH

I'm so very angry with all of you at Kistler!!! I received a MgHCFS68 for my anniversary and it has totally ruined what I thought was a fairly decent collection of Shimano rods that I have. I THOUGHT they were OK until I got this Kistler!!!! HOLY COW WHAT SENSITIVITY!!! I was c-riggin rocky points this past weekend for smallies and I could feel EVERY little tick, bump, gravel piece and bottom composition change. I swear I think I even felt a minnow fart as it swam by my line!!! I switched back to working a jig down a point at one time with one of my "old" rods and couldn't feel anywhere NEAR the stuff I was feeling only moments before on the same point. I had NO idea what I was missing!!! You have made me a loyal Kistler fan. I will no longer waste money on buying inferior rods. If I can't afford a Kistler from now on, I'll wait until I can. THANKS for opening my eyes. PS - I've already purchased my second Kistler - a MgTBWWMH610S

K. Watson, Middle TN

Products Purchased / Services Used: MgHCFS68, MgTBWWMH610S

I received my Argon rods last week,(my 15th & 16th Kistler's) and couldn't be happier. You guys just keep getting better and better at this! My only problem is deciding which rod to use! I own some of all, and they are all better than anything else I have used. The customer service is simply great. Thanks to Trey and all the staff!

Gregg Keller

Products Purchased / Services Used: LTA,LTX Magnesium, Argon

Was fortunate to win and also place 2nd in some local events here...11 jig bites and over 31 pounds thanks to the sensitivity and hooksetting power of my LTA heavy action. Also I could swing 3 pounders into the boat without concern for the rod breaking...quality quality does. How swet it is!

Doug Schexnayder, PhD, Vidalia, La. 71373

Products Purchased / Services Used: 10 K rods the past 3 years...

Website: http://loumissbass/

I have been useing these rods for the past couple of years now and i still love the way they fell , get rods ,they still look great and wpuld tell any one to buy them they have great reaction . great company great rods.


This day 3/23/09, I e-mailed Trey about a rod situation I had and after several back and forth e-mail I got all the information I needed. Guys this is MONDAY morning, when the owner of a company can sit down and take the time to answer that many e-mails, that tells you something about the company and the people working for Kistler. The product is only as good as the people standing behind it, thank you Trey.

Ruben Roy

I recently purchased 12 Helium LTAs and all the hype is right on! Light, sensitive and strong by people you can trust to stand behind their product. Thank you to everyone at Kistler!

Bruno Murphy, Elastic Earth, Springdale, Ar

Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium LTA


I now have been using the Helium 2LTX spinning rods here in Florida. What I don't understand is how someone cannot think that this is the greatest rod ever made?? I will be buying several more shortly. Big bass are no match for the strength and power of the Helium rods. Go Kistler !!!!!!!!!!!!v

Phil Hopkins

Products Purchased / Services Used: helium 2 ltx

I’ve been using Kistler rods now for 2+ years and I have to admit I’m still blown away every time I fish with them. So light and sensitive but yet they are strong!!! You can fish a 1oz jig or a big swimbait all day with a Kistler rod and never get tired. Just ordered my Argons and I can’t wait to give them a try. Kistler rods are a thing of beauty!! Thank You Trey and Kistler Staff for taking pride and ownership in building and providing such a great product!!!

Adam Hodge

After spending countless hours on the water trying to hook up during the Jig Bite and not being successfull. I asked local Fishing Guru John Skipper for advice he helped me pick the right helium lta rod. I purchased it and it was the best investment. I can fish in twenty feet plus water and feel the diference in structure and have consistently hooked up. Thanks for a great product and thanks for a great time on the water... this is the lightest most sensitive rod I own, I will be replacing all my rods with kistler rods!

Davidd Senecal, Midland City Alabama

Products Purchased / Services Used: he76xhc

I started using Kistler rods three years ago I own four LTA and two Magnesium and the feel on the rods are second to none thanks again for the best RODS on the market

John Skipper, Dothan Alabama

I 1st tried kistler rods with Scott martin on a guided trip. and by the end of the week I bought one from him. now I own 3 LTX rods, 2 helium rods and 2 mg rods. and I am always trying to get people to get their own. once I let someone try them they usually buy their own just like i did! thanks Scott.

scott lewis, myturn fishing, n.h

i own 6 graphite specials and i just want to say awsome rods

zoran mundisev, machine repairmen, john deere, davenport IA

Caught 40 pounds in two days in the Quinte Fishing Series classic. Couldnt do it without the senseitivity of the rods and the good back that they have kistler the best rod out there!!!!!

Ryan Somerville, Belleville Ontario Canada

Purchased my first Kistler Rods (Helium LTA and LTX II) in Febuary 2008 from Peter Simmons @ Simmons Sporting Goods at the Bham Boatshow. Over $3,000. in winnings later I realize that good equipment does matter. I had the best year ever in tourney fishing and alot of the success goes to the sensitivity and light weight of these Kistler rods. Can't wait to try the Argons

j norris

I bought a Kistler Magnesium in Mexico (Tampico) and it was a great choice! The rod is light enough to cast easily and strong enough to take out the bass without any problems. Congratulations!


Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Magnesium

Over the past year, I was sponsored by another rod company. Although I really liked the products they were putting out, I still could not get rid of the couple of Magnesium rods I had in my locker. I had the crankbait and drop shot rods, which I wouldn't give up for anything. I am no longer with the "other" company, so now I am starting to build up my Kistler selection. I just purchased a LTX II Flippin stick, and I am totally blown away at the craftsmanship that went into this rod. What a beautiful rod! I will also be purchasing 3 or 4 more rods over the holidays, and I am sure they will be just as good. I am excited to try the new Argon series, which will be my next purchase. Well anyway, I just wanted to say I really love your rods, and I look forward to trying as many as possible.

DJ LaRoche, West Coast Custom Tackle, Washington State


This testimonial is really for everyone who wonders if kistler rods could really improve your fishing. in october, using two rods, a h2 7 ft. heavy, and a 7 ft. med. heavy helium lta spinning rod, I won the bfl reigonal championship on lake murray. During the same weekend Scott Martin finished second at clark hill in a flw series event. one month later co-angler John Skipper from Dothan,Alabama went to table rock lake in Branson, Missouri and won the stren championship. thank you Trey and Kistler rods. ALL KISTLER ALL THE TIME.

David H Lowery, Kistler Pro Staff, Milledgeville Georgia

In September 08 I held my 1st Kistler rod, which belonged to my partner in a charity tourney. Last month, I purchased my 11th! My catch ratio has dramatically increased. The sensitivity and "feel" is unrivaled. I also want to thank Pete Simmons of Simmons Sporting Goods in Bessemer, Al. Pete is simply fantastic to deal with, and ships promptly to make sure you get your Kistler when you need it!! Anybody want to buy some no longer needed G Loomis rods??

Gregg Keller, Savannah Ga

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Rods LTA, LTX, Magnesium.

I want to say thank you to Trey and company for making my days off and time on the water more enjoyable. I had been a loyal St. Croix rod user for over ten years. But a couple casts with my partners Kistlers, and I knew I found my new home. I also want to thank Peter Simmons at Simmons Sporting Goods in Bessemer Alabama for taking care of my 13 rod order !! I hope to spread the word about what a great friend Kistler has with Peter, and what a great company Kistler is. Cant wait till spring now ! God bless you and our troops !

Scott Cormier, Sales Trainer, Hilltop RV Superstore, Escanaba, Michigan

Products Purchased / Services Used: kss610(2)kcrmh7(6)kcbs7(2)kfwts69(3)


I purchased my first kistler rod back in the spring of 2008 and i cant even begin to describe how awesome this rod is. Being that i couldnt afford the high dollar one, i bought a 6'9 Graphite Plus series finesse worm rod. This is by far the lightest, most sensitive spinning rod i have ever owned. My hook up ratio since buying this rod has easily doubled. In the future as money allows, i will slowly replace the rest of my rods with Kistlers. Thank you for the great rods.

Toby Gifford, Bassin Freak, New York

My first experience with Kistler was in 2005, just before the Weekend Warrior champioship on Eagle Mountain Lake in Texas. During that 2005 season, I met a local pro-staffer and bought one of his "experienced" jig sticks after a local tournament...and man was I impressed. The feel, the sensitivity, and the was the total package. I soon purchased a few more from the factory and before long I was culling my mix of rods for the newer and better, Kislters. While I worked hard and improved my tournament results I had yet to get a taste of the winners circle. But in the summer of 2005, I got my first tournament win with a Kistler in one and big fish of the tourney in the other!! We bested the 84 boat field that night and I was forever a Kistler owner.... Fast forward a few seasons and my quiver was Kistler laden and my tournament finishes were consistently in the top of the field. And in 2007, my team partner and I recorded 6 top 10 finishes and finished the season winning Angler of The Year for the 07' season. While many people believe rods are just rods, I do not. I firmly believe my Kistler Rods put me in the position to succeed everytime I enter a tournament. Even for the guys that fish when nothing is on the line, KistlerCustomRods is the way to go. Thanks Kistler Daren Lacher

Daren Lacher

Products Purchased / Services Used:

Hi Kistler, I am Fabrizio from Italy and have 17 years old, I love bassfishing and thanks to Livio (T2Distribution for Italy) I know Kistler.. Thanks to sensivity of the Kistler Rod I capture many Largemouth Bass and with Helium II Ltx I perceived very very very small touch to Lure.. and from now I have only kistler... Thank You Kistler!

Fabrizio Renda, Fishbuster Bass Team, Empoli (Italy)

Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium II Ltx

I own about 12 kistler rods more than half done been broke then you send them back along with 50.00 dollars and you get another rod do that about 5or6 times ipromise youll get tired of it paying all that money for a rod it should be replaced for free you can buy a rod from wal mart keep it 5 years break it take it back show a recipe and you can get another without the hassle im selling all my kistler rods from graphites to Ltx u pick

cedric, not worth all that, want buy anymore, tallahassee

For years I only bought BPS brand rods that were on sale, because I could spend the money I saved on other tackle. A few years ago I finally broke down and bought a Graphite Plus Series rod. I was so pleased with the sensitivity and the no foregrip design that I bought another one. Eventually I got the courage to try a Helium LTA rod and it lead to buying more. Now I have the two original Graphite Plus rods, one Magnesium TS, six Helium LTA's, two Helium 2 LTX's for a total of 12 Kistler rods. I absolutely believe that the sensitivity and light weight of the Kistler rods allows me to catch more fish and fish longer with less fatigue. I loan my rods to friends fishing in my boat and I always laugh at them when they are setting the hook on weeds or other objects in the water that they couldn't feel with their own rods. In a few hours of fishing I make believers out of them too. Over the past few years, I have had two rods break within days of buying them and they were replaced promptly by Kistler. Their customer service is first rate!!

Tim Hollaway, Alabama

I am a firm believer in kistler rods now. i won a tournament in 10 min. with a magnesium ts senko rod. we had one fish in the box when we pulled up to our last spot of the day and grabbed my kistler rod for flipping docks and in 5 min i had 4 fish in the boat. what a rod, thanks kistler for a great rod. i have 3 spinning and 2 all day flipping rods. thanks

Chris, Grand Rapids,Michigan

After using one of my fishing buddies Helium LTX 11 I knew this was the lightest most sensitive rod I had ever fished with. After many days of trying to trade my G Loomis Glxs for a Helium without results, I finally purchased my own. This was the best move I have ever made to improve my fishing. It is almost like cheating. Thanks Trey, Billy and all the staff at the Kisler Family. May God Bless and Keep up the great work.

Johnny Haga, Manager, Tyson Foods, Waldron

Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium LTX II

I just bought four Helium II LTX 6'9'' MH to replace my Carrot Stix. I fell for the hype and bought the Carrot Stix when they came out. I already had three Kistler Magnesium's, but everyone said how great the Carrot Stix were. The sensitivity does not even compare. I took a loss on brand new rods just to replace them with Kistlers.


I have 6 Kistler rods, 3 Magnesiums and 3 LTAs, and all I can say is wow!! I fish Basschamps South Division and these rods are tough enough to hand the giant bass we have down here. My Kistler rods were crucial in helping me feel that sensitive deep water bite at Amistad in the winter, and tough enough to rip hawgs out of the Falcon brush and Choke Canyon grass. What else can be said! Can't wait for the 2009 models!!!

Dario Guerra IV, San Antonio,TX

Been a Kistler owner just this year and have to say that my tournament results are improving. Just won a PRO Bass Canada event last Sunday in heavy winds were feeling for a light bite was critical. Collected a check in my second BFL and won two local events and a few 2nds and 3rds. A lot of these tournaments were in the wind and conditions were tough to even fish let alone feel a bite. Im finding these situations to be my advantage when I got a Kistler in my hand. Im starting to get worried when I see another competitor with a pile of Kistlers on his deck. Keep up the good work Trey and THANKS! Gary Longley

Gary Longley

I have been using Kistler rods for the past 4 years, and I must say that they are the best rods out on the market. I have used every model kistler makes from the graphite plus to the helium2 and I can't say enough good things about them. If you are in the market for a new rod check out Kistler and see for yourself.

Rocco Marrari, Nitro boats and Mercury Pro staff, Davenport Iowa

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Helium 2

I did a lot of research before purchasing a flippin stick. I bought the Magnesium MgADFPSH78T and was glad I did!! It has a great tip and all the back bone I would ever need. Since then I have purchased two LTA's, the HE69MHC (the best all around rod I have ever used) and the He70MC (great for wacky worms and rattle traps) . I also purchased the Graphite Plus KSBS69, this is another great all around rod. This weekend I'm picking up a Graphite Plus KSS610 for throwing Senkos. At this rate all my rods will be replaced by Kistlers. I can't wait to see the next line of great Kistler products!!!

Rob Mitchell, ASE Master Auto Tech, Fairfax, Va

From 7 1/2lb smallies to 11 1/4lb largemouth, from 14lb walleye to 24lb pike, Kistler rods have won over the lunkers for our clients and myself! Would not trade them for anything.

Bob Bott, Professional Guide, TGIF Outfitters, Onalaska, WI

Products Purchased / Services Used: All Kistler Rods


I just wanted to thank Kistler rods for making such a great product.I fish a NBAA division in michigan(mid michigan challenge) and we just repeated as points champs.I believe I felt bites with these rods that I would not have with other rods I used to use.I know i convinced my partner,he just sent away for his first rod,many to follow for sure.If you ever need a salesman to promote your product do not hesitate to call(734)530-2121 I would be more than happy to help.

Douglas Garland Raines, Salesmen, Dick Genthe Chevrolet, Southgate Michigan

Products Purchased / Services Used: drop-shot magnisium,many lta's

I have now purchased four Kistler rods in the past six months or so and they are everything I thought they would be and more. They truly are the best rods I've ever used and I can't wait to pick up another three or four. The craftsmanship and sensitivity of these rods is second to none, and they are more than stout enough to handle the largemouth down here at the best bass fishery in the world, Falcon Lake. As I've said before, never will I buy another rod unless the Kistler name is on it. Please keep up the fantastic work!

Matt Dillon, Federal Officer, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, South Texas

I bought my first kistler about a month ago and was completely blown away by the sensitivity. The light weight is a great bonus. I did have one break, called kistler and they shipped out a new one that day. Also they went above and beyond by rush shipping so the rod would arive in time for the next tournament. No Hassle. Kistler has by far the best costomer service I have ever delt with. Would reccomend Kistler Rods to anyone looking to catch fish.... Thanks Kistler

Cori Wolfgang, Medical Officer, Garfield Twp. Fire Dept., Lake, MI

Products Purchased / Services Used: Warrant/KFWTS69


I have been using Kistler made rods since Billy made the first All Stars many years ago, and have been using Kistler Custom rods since Trey started the company. In my modest opinion in having used many brands, there is no other rod that has the sensitivity and strength of a Kistler. As part of the Mexican Pro Circuit and fishing on some of the best Bass Fishing lakes in the world, it demands only the best tackle and equipment. Kistler has helped me win several tournaments and has helped improve my overall fishing. In Mexico I only use rods over 7' in order to get the hawgs turned around and away from all that nasty cover. In the past this meant heavy rods that broke your back, but thanks to the Helium and Magnesium series, I can fish a 2-day tournament and still have energy to pull in those Mexican monsters. If you have not tried one of these, pick one up and feel the difference.

Lauro Cantu, Kistler Pro Staff Mexico, Mexico

My cousinand I fished our final WTTT tournament on Lake Brownwood in June before the champpionship to be held in September it was extremely hot and the bites were slow and very subtle but thanks to the sensitivity of my Kistler Helium 2LTX 7'11" we were able to capitalize on these bites and manage our first win of the year! thanks Kistler for your excellent product and unbeliveable service.

Lance Reynolds, Big Lake tx

Recently, while on a fishing trip, my helium LTX baitcaster, with the Diawa Steez reel, was accidently kicked overboard while landing a large bass. The ROD FLOATED !!!! Long enough to turn the boat and retrieve the rod and reel. Bass was catch and release. Thank God for the lightness of the LTX.

Philip Hopkins, Florida

Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium 2 LTX, bait and spin.

I really enjoy fishing with my kisler rods. I had one break, sent it back and Kistler sent me new one, no hassles. Their staff is great and so are their rods.

David Malone, Elko Bass Club

Products Purchased / Services Used: Warranty - cindy & Monique


These Kistler rods are so awesome. I fished the BFL tournament out of Logan Martin this past weekend and finished in 6th place with the help of my Kistler rod. The fish there were so slow at biting that I don't think I would have felt most of the fish that I caught. Sensitivity was the key to my placing in 6th place.....thanks again Kistler, keep up the great work.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: MgDSFWML69S

What a great product!! I have been using MgCBSJBM610 for over a year now for anything from topwater frogs to heavy spinnerbaits and I can honestly say it is the best rod that I have ever used. The action and power of these rods fit my style perfectly. I just ordered a new flippin' stick and can't wait to use it here on the Arkansas River. Thanks Kistler! Keep up the great work!!

Matt Ward

Products Purchased / Services Used: Magnesium TS Chatterbait/Swim Jig 6'10"

Just a note on how awsome the LTX He2M69S is! We were surely blessed by God!We caught over 100 Bass on 6-24-08 most of them on a worm! This rod is so sensitive and light if a Bass even breathes on my bait I can feel it! I let a buddy use one and he told me it was like cheating! Thanks for making Great Rods!

Todd A. Truax, Vice President, Sonshine Medical Inc., Canton, Ohio Go Bucks!


Another Kistler rod happy ending. I finished 3rd in our monthly club tournament this past Saturday and did it with only 2 rods, my MgTWJBM68 for a buzz bait and my He69MCH for a spinner bait. If you like fishing a buzz bait, then I suggest that you get a MgTWJBM68, you will not be disappointed. These rods are truly amazing. Thanks again Trey for a great rod.

Ray Long

Thanks for making a great product!! Had one of the best days ever fishing today using Kistler Rods. Fished several different rods of yours and caught over 40 fish. These rods preform better than any rod I have ever had before.

Chris VanSky, Hebron, Ohio 43025

Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium, Magnesium

The Helium LTA is sweet! When you really need bite detection, there is no way I would use anything else. Last week on Lake Conroe, after some high pressure blew in, the fish just were not active. You had to take advantage of every bite, and the bite was subtle, they dropped it as soon as they picked it up. Without the sensitivity of my LTA's I don't think I would have put fish in the boat that day. Thanks for a great rod!

Chad Walling, Magnolia, Texas

Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium LTA

As a fisher without sight I use casting rods matched up with spincast reels when direct contact with the line during the retrieve is essential. I recently had the privilege of fishing for Walleye on Lake Sasseginega, one of Canada’s Northern lakes. The trip presented my first opportunity to use my new Kistler Helium 2 LTX 7’ casting medium action rod paired up with a Zebco Omega 2 spincast reel loaded up with Red PowerPro 20lb line. The combo was fantastic as it allowed me to work my jig over the countless submerged tree branches left behind by the Beavers without once wrapping the jig around a branch. After I got home I wanted to test just how sensitive my helium 2 really was. I placed one of my Braille books open on the floor, and by running the Helium 2’s tip over the page I could actually feel the raised dots. If you know someone who is experiencing vision loss and who is interested in fishing, please pass along our web site address.

Lawrence Euteneier, Captain, Blind Fishing Boat, Ottawa, Ontario CANADA


Just wanted to make a statement. I bought my first Kistler rod about 3 years ago (Helium LTA He70MHC) and I must say, one of the best investments I have ever made on a rod. Today, I now own 5 Kistler rods and will own more soon. This has got to be the lightest and most sensitive rod that I have ever put into my hands. I won second place in a club tournament a few months back and I promise, I would never have done it without my Kistler rod. The bite that day was so slow and the fish just was picking up the bait and I truely believe that if it wasn't for the Kistler sensitivty, I never would have felt some of the fish I boated that day. I strongly urge anyone in the market for a new rod, go and buy you a Kistler rod, you will not be disappointed and you will totally feel more bites.

Ray Long

Products Purchased / Services Used: KSBS66, He70MHC, He66MC, He69MHC, MgTWJBM68

exelente equipo kistler es parte de tu equipo de pesca es un articulo para profecionales exelente..

arturo viramontes s, servicios de agua y drenaje de monterrey

My wife gave me a Helium LTA 7 ft. Medium rod for my birthday....Have been overwhelmed with feel of rod as well as how it handles fish..... Hope to be able to add more Kistler rods to my boat..... Thank You , John R. Petrea

John R. Petrea, Mining & Quarry Specialist, Fabick CAT, Pittsburg, IL

Products Purchased / Services Used: Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium LTA 7 ft. Medium

In 2 years of using Kistler rods, I have gone from 2 rods to 16 Kistler rods in the boat at all times. I have also went from years of winning a couple hundred dollars to now winning in the thousands. No more holding my finger on the line to feel bites its all felt in the rod. These have to be the lightest rods in the world. I dont have sore shoulders after a three day tourney of flippin'.Come on people get with the program and get a Kistler Rod!!!!! It doesnt matter which one wether you have Heliums, Mags, or Graphite plus rods I have some of each. If you want more sucess fishing get the real deal, Get a KISTLER!!!

Philip Wright, Bedford , KY

I purchased a Helium LTX II rod. As a bonus I received a Magnesium TS medium light as well. I now fish all my small crankbaits with this rod only. I have never fished with such a sensitive rod. My fishing buddy keeps trying to "borrow" it. Not going to happen. I still havent even fished the He2HC that I purchased! As soon as I find the right reel , I know I will enjoy it as much as I do the free Mg.

Rob Earickson

Recently a reed buy a magnesium (All Propurse) and truth do not change for another brand, I recommend my friend the Edgar Tellez (BassAr, in Monterrey Mexico) is very light and excellent sensitivity.

Armando Gonzalez

I recently purchased a helium 2 ltx rod and I only have one word to describe fishing with this rod AMAZING! I have never felt my baits better and had more hookups! thanks trey marco claudio

marco claudio

I have to say your rods have made me a better fisherman. They are so sensitive i am feeling more bites than ever before, and i know that your rods are going to take me to the top of the fishing game. Thank you for building such a top notch product i think everyone should use your rods to become better fisherman!!!!

Bill Bishop Jr

These Helium LTX II Rods are unbelievable. I thought the Helium was the most awesome rods that I had ever used, but these are even lighter. I now can say that everyone who uses Kistler Rods has got to at least have one of the LTX II. I fish with all of them, freshwater and saltwater, casting and spinning, "Silver Series" to the LTX II, and the rods that are being built today are the finest on the market. I also want to give a big shout out to Cindy Pyle, for her kindness and promptess when ordering rods and handling warranty issues. Keep up the great work Kistler Team. Ken Parker Boerne, TX

Ken Parker

With the Magnesium and Graphite Plus rods, Kistler has taken all the guess work out of selecting a rod for specific situations and lure presentations. I know of no other manufacturer that has done this for their customers. Great job Kistler!!

Jim Tomsovic, Kistler takes all the guess work out!!

I have 3 magnesium rods and they work great. the crankin rod is awesum. Kistler needs to make a pro fishing jersey with the magnesium did win the classic,right.

Bob, Pa

I've used to fish using other brands, and the pain in my shoulder after a couple of hours of casting and pitching used to be the reason to stop fihsing, or to decrease the intensity. Four years ago, I meet KISTLER and my shoulder pain it´s gone. Here at Mexico, we need a strong and sesitive rod in order to take those big bass out of the mezquites or some other heavy cover, we also need a sensitive rod to feel the soft bites, and with KISTLER we have it. My fishing level in mexican tournaments has been growing in the last four years. Thanks a lot! Gustavo Leal Logistics Manager H-E-B Mexico

Gustavo Leal, Logistics Manager, H-E-B Mexico, Mexico

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Heluim II H, Kistler Helium MH, Kistler Helium H, Kistler Magnesium Cranckbait special, Kistler Cuchillo Special XH, Kistler California H.

I am up to 8 Kistler rods now. While not inexpensive, they are absolutely the best value on the market in a market where 'crap is king and its all about the bottom line has been the rule. Most recent purchase is a great spinner bait rod- that combined with an excellent Competitors Wdge spinner bait makes a touch to beat combination in the spring.

Chester Winans, Pricing Analyst-Marketing Director, Smithville Bassmasters, Smithville MO

Products Purchased / Services Used: Rods Purchased at Cabela's in Kansas City KS

I very recently visited your shop and purchased two of your graphite rods and one of the tournament jerseys. After using them at Fayette County the other day I have reached a conclusion: Never again in my life will I buy another fishing rod unless the Kistler name is on it. The quality and craftsmanship of Kistler rods are second to none and I will recommend them highly to everyone I know and fish with. If they're good enough for Bassmaster Classic winner and fellow brother-in-Christ Alton Jones, then they're good enough for me! On a side note, the sales staff and customer service folks at your shop were the most gracious and helpful people I've ever met. I will be back for more Kistler rods and gear as soon as I have the chance! Please keep up the fantastic work!

Matt Dillon, Federal Officer, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, Texas

Products Purchased / Services Used: Grass Puncher X-Heavy/Buzz & Pop Special

I purchased a Helium II LTX MH about 6 months ago, since then I have caught more large bass than I have ever caught before including yesterdays 7.2. I am a "touch and technique" guy, you know plastics, jigs, etc. so feel is paramount to my style. However many of the rods with "touch" don't have the power to fight something large, so you are forced to "dance" around your boat or shore to land it. On the other hand the rods with power sometimes have the characteristics of a broom handle. The Kistler has been nothing short of amazing. Not only does it have exceptional feel, but it has the backbone to control your fish, not to mention it is ergonomically perfect, its about the only baitcaster, that I dont have to adjust my body or grip to it, I dont even think about the rod in my hand, the handle length and reel seat position are perfectly balanced and spaced. Great rod!

Virgil Pattarino, Safety Coordinator

I just want to write a quick note about a recent event. I took one of my fellow team members out on a lake in Phoenix, Arizona in February. He was fishing with a higher end rod/reel (not a Kistler) and he accidentally dropped his rig in the water. OF course it sunk and my response to him was "you should have been fishing a Kistler, they float". Well the truth is I had never dropped one of my Kistlers into the water until 2 weeks ago. Even with all my rigging it floated and was rapidly retrieved. Now let me tell you my team member, the only way he got his rig back was to fish for it with a crank bait and it took 40 minutes. Time better spent fishing if you ask me.

David D. Meeks, Owner- Team Meeks Fishing, Team Meeks Fishing, San Antonio, Texas

Products Purchased / Services Used: LTX 6'9 med heavy w/shimano


If you have never read a bias testimonial, you are about to. In 1983, I co-founded AllStar Rods and in 1990 I founded Castaway rods and from 1983 until 12/14/98, I built the best rod that I could with the finest components available. My son, Trey, worked in both companies with me and believed then and now in customer service and quality.. I was out of the industry for almost ten years and did not miss it at first but now have re-entered by joining Trey. I was not able to help him early on because of a non compete agreement. I have now fished with Trey's rod since 11/07 and am as proud of Trey's company as I was of mine. Sure, I am his father(earthly) but there is one promise I can safely make; If you try his product, you will improve your fishing abilities.The proof is in the fact that there are very good and prominent fishermen using his rod successfully because of the uncomprimising committment to excellence. If you already are using Kistler, thank you and if not, do some due diligence and consider trying Kistler, to see what I am talking about.

Billy Kistler, Montgomery, Tx

I've lived on a lake in MA since I was 5 years old. I have been fishing since my very first summer here almost 20 years ago. In the last 3 years I have gotten very serious into tournament bass fishing and I have always been someone who demands the best equipment I can possibly afford. I have used All Star, Daiwa, Falcon, Fenwick, Shimano, St. Croix, and just about every brand of rod. I had rods that I thought were so sensitive and light and responsive...until the first time I picked up a Kistler. Out of all the top-of-the-line lures, line, plastics, jigs, rods, and reels that I have used over the years, none of them have changed my fishing anywhere near as much as Kistler rods have. They enable me to detect subtle bites that I would've never even known happened before. I fish a lot of ultra-clear, deep lakes with lighter line and it takes a very sensitive rod to detect some of these bites, without Kistler I am SURE I would not catch as many fish. When I read these testimonials before I got my first Kistler I thought most of them were a little over the top, or dramatic or maybe even people who worked for Kistler. Now I understand. These rods are SECOND to NONE. This is in NO way a commercial for Kistler. I am a bass angler that wants to help other bass anglers by clueing them into the BEST rods on the planet. Believe me, I've tried them all just about and nothing fishes like a Kistler. If you're debating what brand to try next, use this testimonial I am writing as the deal-closer. GET A KISTLER, I promise you, it will change your fishing.

Tanner Paulini, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Products Purchased / Services Used: The Kistler Forum, Customer Service. Helium LTA 6'9" APC Med-Heavy, MagTS 7' Medium Composite Cranking Rod

On Thursday 3/19/08 I was introduced to Kistler Fishing Rods by Eddie Bussard of Bass Challenger Guide Service while fishing the St Johns River near Orlando Fl. We fished all morning throwing jerkbaits and Texas rigged worms as well as Carolina rigs. We caught around 25 bass to six pounds (all on various Kistler Baitcasting Rods) and never have used a lighter rod with so much backbone. At noon my guide suggested we try some golden shiners for St johns giant and an hour later a 9.5 lber (my personal best) was caught and released again using Kistler Rods. I was so impressed that I went out the next day and and purchased a KSRM7 for fishing in the ponds at Sawgrass near my home. Two days later (the first morning fishing with my new rod) a 10 lb bass was caught on a Senko! I truly have become a Kistler fan and will no doubt be buying many more Kistler products. Keep up the good work. Photos will gladly be sent on request. Thank You for a great product.

Charlie Corring, Ponte Vedra, Florida

Products Purchased / Services Used: KSMR7

Trey; Before I go any further I want to thank you for clearing up something for me. I have been hearing many of the Pros. referring to their rod and reels being an "extension of themselves". I have just thought they were selling fishing equipment because I have used so many rods over the years and never have I fished with any rod that came close to feeling like an extension of an appendage until the day I took my first LTA to the Lake. I now am trying to change all of my rods to Kistler. I also give credit to my 7' medium/heavy LTX for a big part of catching the fish in the picture. I would not have felt the bite if not for that rod. The week before catching the fish in the picture, my Nephew and I were fishing an all-night tournament in one of the many what I refer to as extreme fisheries we have in our area. I believe I counted 18 great bass lakes within 1hr. 45 min. from my house including the California Delta. The lake we were fishing was Lake Don Pedro. Our lakes out here are smaller, deeper and clearer than the lakes the B.A.S.S. Elite series generally follow. I hooked one about 2:00 am and had her at the boat twice but had left the drag on my reel set too tight and she turned left and snapped my 14lb. Fluorocarbon like it was thread. She was a minimum of 3-4 lbs. larger than this one. The following week my Son-in-law and I went back to the same lake about a mile from where I was the week prior, using the same lure I found this little lady. What really makes this so cool to me is that there was a bite I had been missing. Maybe some of you that are pros. or just better fisherman than I am have felt this, I have always used good equipment G-Loomis etc. but there is a difference between good and great. To get back to where I was, this bite felt more like the fish was humming ever so slight with it in her mouth for a second then nothing then back to that very slight vibration. What does everyone say? Pulling is free! I pulled and she pulled back. It was an awesome day for me and I wish everyone could experience it. One last thing but it is the most important too me, I had her weighed by the park Rangers and the Marina and took her back to where I caught her and released her back. Our fishing used to be rough around here because everyone kept the fish they caught. Now most all-bass fishermen around here release their fish and we have, I think the best bass fishing there is anywhere. Please practice catch and release. They now make replicas that will last your lifetime and you can't tell the difference. Leave them so you can come back and catch their offspring. I am now saving for a LTX 7' 11" Swim Bait rod. I am fishing with my 7' M/H and it is not made for the heavy Swim Baits I am throwing. I have found that buying the right rod and reel for a specific fishing method makes it much easier to increase your catch ratio. I did not mean to make this sound like a Kistler commercial but changing to Kistler has increased MY catch ratio by a big margin. Dave Bell

Dave Bell

Ladies and Gentleman, If you havent fished with a Kistler rod you are missing out on the Best Rod money can by, I have been fishing with Kistler Rods since there inception and they have always built the very best rod I have ever fished with. My job allows me to fish many days a year and all my customer are very impressed with these rods. From the Graphite Plus to the H2's they are built with the best quality components the industry has to offer. You can feel confident wheather you are a seasoned Tournament angler or just a Weekend Warrior that Kistlter rods will not dissapoint you, and you can have the peace of mind knowing you are purchasing a piece of fishing equipment that carries the best Warrenty in the industry. When you do business with Trey Kistler and his staff they treat you like you are there most important customer, that is a great feeling to know that they are very accessable when you need them or have a question, not to mention Trey Kistler is one of the finest Men I have ever met. I look forward to many more years using Kistler Rods and I hope you will too!! Go pick one up today and fish with it!! "Kistler Rods, Its not just a Rod, it is a Feeling"!!

Gilbert Ornelas - A.K.A, Spring, Texas

I have a customer that has a lot of kistler rods that he purchased through my store. He was coming home from the lake last sunday and got side swiped by a truck, it hit his boat and knocked it off the trailer. He had some rods on the deck of the boat, some kistlers and some st. croixs, they bounced down the road for about 100 yards along with his gps unit. Everything that was on the deck of the boat broke in pieces, except for all the kistler rods that he had on the deck. Amazing rods, that is all that I can say. Thanks for making such a great rod.

Dustin Dunn, Manager, Black Oak Sports, Mascot, TN

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This is my second testimonial in 2 weeks, just finished BASS Elite Series as a Co-angler at Kissimmee Chain in Florida. The fishing was all over the board. Fish were caught on just about every technique depending on the day and the weather. I finesse fished, wormed, cranked, through a chatter bait, a spinner bait, flipped and pitched. As a coangler you are limited to very few rods and I used my 7' MH Helium 2 LTX rods for all these purposes and cashed a check in the first two events I ever fished like this. They are strong, light and extremely sensative. I'm not sure I really need any other rods in my arsenal anymore. Thanx Kistler, couldn't have done it without you!

Dr Kurt Michaux, LTX's for every need, Florida

Just fished my first BASS Elite Series as a co-angler and used my brand new LTX 7' MH's and I made the cut and got a check. The bite was real tough, but with the sensitivity and strength of the best rods made, I did awesome for my first time. They are so light weight, that after 3 days of fishing, I barely had any shoulder or wrist fatigue too........thanx Kistler, I'm ready to get a few more. May God continually bless your company.

Dr. Kurt Michaux, LTX's Are Awesome, Clermont, FL

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My name is Dillon Tucker and I am 15 years old. I won the 2007 Junior State Championship on Logan Martin Lake. I then advanced on to the world Champioship in Hot Springs Arkansas. I finished second in the southern division. I just wanted to tell ya'll how much these rods helped me land fish in these tournaments. These rods are so sensitive. If it wasn't for these rods I may have never done that good. I just wanted to say thanks! Dillon Tucker

Dillon Tucker

Hello there let me tell you these are the best rods in the world i have 3 of them and i don't know how i can catch fish with out them they are so light and you can feel everything. i try whenever i am out weather at a tournment or fishing show, show off my kistler stuff because they have some awsome stuff

Mark Rose, Tournment fisherman, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Magnesium Ts all purpose, drop shot, tube bait

First things first, right? It's very refreshing to see Christianity practiced openly as part of your business model. I am furthermore honored to purchase and support a company that God has blessed and is prospering! As with many who have said before me, I've used all of the rods out there and still use GLoomis (GL3/GLX) and St. Croix (Legend/Avid), till I called to get them to change something/add Fuji Sic guides. To my astonishment that is when I was told they did not do that sort of custom work! Makes you wonder why they call themselves "Custom" rod builders. My first Helium LTA was a stock 7' Med action and I thought I had the perfect Rod till Clifford put together a custom built 7'6" Helium LTA, He76MS and yes he wrapped it with my supplied Fuji Sic guides for Red fishing here in N.E. FL---Wow-beautiful work and great customer service Clifford and all the staff at Kistler!!! You have a customer for life. Thanks again!

Greer F., "Custom" fishing rods, US Army, St. Augustine, FL

I used to be the type of angler that would go for a cheaper rod, and didn't think it made any difference...That was until I used my first Kistler. I got it a season or two ago. It was a Helium LTX 2. It truly changed the way I fished. I never knew a rod could make that much difference, but it definitely does. I started using Kistler Rods in both my everyday fishing and during bass tournaments. I started catching more bass almost immediately. The quality of a Kistler is another thing that keeps me coming back. I gradually started replacing all my rods with Kistler Rods. We've even started using Kistler Rods with kids when we take them out during our Fishing Tree classes. The kids can really tell the difference in a rod also. When we teach them to fish with a Texas Rig for instance, the reactions they make when they feel that fish take the worm are priceless. Thanks to Trey, Cindy and everyone at Kistler for making such a great product!

Rob Gross, Fishing Tree Instructor, The Fishing Tree, Minnesota

Products Purchased / Services Used: Heliums, Magnesiums, Numerous Models


Worked at Cabela's Spring Show as member of Kistler Pro-Staff. We sold numerous rods, especially when comparing against the other high end rods. I have used the rods myself for over 4 years and was sold before I was asked to join the Pro-Staff.

Ken Parker

What a great Rod, I have lived here in Texas for a year now and started with all lamiglass custom rods, well I guess somebody needed them more than I, broke into my rod boxes and all gone with reels, well you can bet it was expensive to replace so I opted to go with Falcon, well my wrists were getting tired and finally tried a Kistler Mg7 footer and was in love, well I now have all Mg and LTA rods, and now my wife who also tounament fishes with me is using all Kistler spinning rods and she just loves the feel,weight and sensitivity she never had before.

Rick Muir, Smokey, Bedford Tx

Products Purchased / Services Used: great customer service, sent wrong rod,decided to keep, had already sent new rod and didn't have to ask superb company

2 for 2 with the new Mg Series! Kistler Rods' new 7' MgTS Senko Rod is like fishing an extension of your arm. The sensitivity is almost a part of you and the strength that the rod has is unmatched! Last weekend's 8.9# post spawn hawg "ticked" the senko and then blasted off after the hookset. The bite was light, the fight was wild, but the new Mg Senko rod performed like it should. 22.76 last week, 20.40 the week before. Thanks Trey!

Allen Rhoden, Huntsville, Texas

Products Purchased / Services Used: MgSWMH70

I finally got a Helium 2 LTX rod for my birthday! I went down to a local canal, that has a lot of hydrilla mats. i caught 5 fish because of the power of my rod! The fish altogether weighed 20 pounds. If i would not of had my KISTLER rod to pull the fish out of the mats, would have lost the 5 and 4 + a hlf pound bass to that unforigving hydrilla. These rods are the BEST on the market that i know of. If you dont have one you are missing out on everything. THANK YOU for making such a GREAT ROD!

kelly parker, Port Charlotte, Florida

Products Purchased / Services Used: bass fishing/ He2MHC70

These are the best rods out there.The craftmanship of these rods are of the upmost of quality.Kistler rods, if you want to be the best,fish kistler rods.God has surely blessed your company.

Douglas Raines, Sales Consultant, Dick Genthe Chevrolet, Southgate Michigan

Products Purchased / Services Used: lta,mag,plus series

I gotta tell ya I have used many rods over the years and I am not an easy person to please I want what I want after all its my money and more than that fishing is my time and my passion. Thanks Kistler for giving me a rod worthy of my time on the water.

Chuck Wiginton, Marion Arkansas

I was first introduced to Kistler Rods throught fishing the Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail. I purchased my first Kistler (6'6" MH Graphite Plus) over 5 years ago, and I now own 8 Kistler Rods (2 Graphite Plus / 2 LTA's / 3 Magnesiums / 1 Helium 2 LTX). They are the lightest, most sensitive, and innovative rods I have ever owned or fished with. The hook hanger is awesome because you do not have to remove the hook from your plastic bait in order to place it on the hanger. Also, Kistler is constantly seeking to improve their rods. The customer service is first class, and I admire Trey for sharing his faith in God very openly on the labels that are attached to the rods when you receive them. Kistler Rods is a first rate company that builds a first rate product and backs it with first rate customer service. It just doesn't get any better than that!

Michael L. Smith, Minister of Students, First Baptist Church, Americus, GA

Products Purchased / Services Used: 6'6"Graphite Plus MHC / 6'6" Graphite Plus Dock Skipping Special / 6'9"HeAPC / 6'6"HeMS / 6'6"Magnesium All Day Flipping stick / 7'Mag. Crankin' Rod / 6'9" Magnesium Drop Shot - Finesse Worm Spinning / 6'9" Helium 2 LTX MHC

The one that didn't get away.....unfortunately! Well, to set the stage, I have been fishing for about 28 years now. Other than top water, fishing an ultra light combo is my next favorite way to catch largemouth bass here in Florida. (now the technique is called Finesse Fishing) I have used rods from many companies, but when I picked up a Kistler Rod, I was blown away. I have been switching all my rods to Kistler now. I bought a Magnesium Drop Shot Rod, it was the perfect ultra light rod for me. Light, extremely sensitive and now I know ultra strong. So I'm on Lake Harris using 6 lb. BPS flouro carbon on a drop shot rig in 15-20' of water with my new Kistler. I feel tap, tap and I set the hook. Wow! The fight was on. My drag started screaming. 15 minutes went by and I was sure this was the "big one". 30 minutes went by and I'm fighting and now starting to try to horse the fish in thinking this is not a bass but a cat fish. I had to chase the fish all over with my trolling motor to keep from getting spooled, but my rod is doubled over the entire time and is holding up. 45 minutes go by and now several boats have stopped to watch, but can't get her to the boat. At the hour mark, I'm now getting frustrated cause its stripping all my line off the reel, then I chase her, horse her toward the boat and as soon as she sees the boat, the fight starts again. 75 minutes and now I am holding the spool expecting my rod or line to break and literally forcing her to the surface. I'm done with the drag. I'm tired and need to get on with my pre-fishing. It was literally like pulling a small car off the bottom. Is it a catfish, a carp, maybe, just maybe the world record bass who didn't want to jump? I still have a slight hope in my mind. Nope, its an 8' foot Florida Alligator on 6 lb test and a Kistler Medium Light Rod. I know it sounds crazy, but it is completely true. Then of all things, she is sitting under me and I'm looking down to her and the hook gave way and it was over. Interestingly enough, she came up and sat right next to my boat as if she wanted to play some more tug of war, I guess no other rod ever gave her a good fight like that. I forfeited and went to another spot. Could you ever have a more magnificent testament to the strength of Kistler Rods? I don't think so. Oh, by the way, she is 1 of 2 gators I caught on a Med Lt Kistler rod. The other was on a shaky head in 6' of water with an LTA, same story, but she was only a 6 footer.

Kurt, The one that didn't get away.....unfortunately!

I've been using Kistler rods for about 4 years now and could not be happier. A few weeks ago someone must have thought they would like to feel some of that same happiness as they broke into my barn and decided to steal them. What a testiment to a great rod, when burglers break in, have the opportunity to steal thousands of dollars worth of stuff but took only my Kistlers, a life jacket and two shimano reels. Anyone in the mid-Michigan area know someone who just came across some Kistler rods, I would love to know their names. Thanks Troy Moiles

Troy Moiles, Gaines MI

Over the past four years I have been using kistler rods. I am pleased with the sensitivity and performance of the rods.

John Ross, Farmerville, LA

Products Purchased / Services Used: graphite composite, lta, ltx, and magnesium series rods

I have been a fan of Loomis rods for a long time, but two years ago, I started converting over to using Kistler Rods after trying a friend's rods. The performance has been fantastic and thay have helped me boat quite a few more fish. They seem to have a rod for everything if you do your homework. I fish a Senko a lot, and mostly fish it Wacky-style. That HE69APC with 14-16lb Flourocarbon is a deadly outfit for that bait, and also worls well for creature baits too. Last summer I won a two-day club tournament on Oneida Lake here in upstate NY using that rod with Senkos, and I never lost a single fish! The rod is flexible enough to throw the bait a long way with 16lb line , but has plenty of backbone to set the hook. Try it with an Abu Revo-the combination is perfect.). Also, the magnesium Flippin rod is an awesome rod for large tubes. We fish the large tubes for Smallmouth (Schubert) and that rod works great for that! Thanks Kistler and keep up the great work!

Paul Pflieger, Upstate NY

Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium LTA and Magnesium



Products Purchased / Services Used: CRAINK BAIT

A year ago i bought my first Kistler Rod, a Jig n' Toad Special. This is the best frog rod i have ever used. Recently i purchased the Kistler Helium 2 LTX and all i can say is ...EVEN BETTER! I sold all my other rods(G-Loomis), they just didn't compare to the Kistler rods. Thanks for making such a great product!!!!

Jeremy Johnson, Tournament Angler, Longview, TX


Hi Kistler Family, The first Kistler Rod I purchased was directly from you because we had no dealers in Valdosta. After receiving the rod (UPS), taking it out of the tube was exciting (Helium 2 LTX Spinning). I have to say that these are the best rods you can buy. Since that time, 2 years ago, I have purchased 4 more. I now own 1 Magnesium LTA Bait Caster, 1 Helium 2 LTX Bait Caster, and 3 Helium 2 LTX Spinning Rods. You have a loyal friend of the Family of Kistler. Thanks, Kirk Johnson Jr.

Kirk Johnson Jr., Valdosta, GA

I bought my first Kistler rod 3 years ago (HE76HC). During the first day on the lake I realized that I had something special. The sensitivity and performance was amazing. With out a doubt Kistler rods have made me a better angler. That rod has payed for itself many times over. Special thanks to Trey Kistler, Lance Stringer and everyone at Kistler!

Greg Sallee, Kistler Pro Staff, Magnolia KY, Great Investment

I went fishing in a guided tour on lake rosalie. The guys i went fishing with let me use one of his kistler rods and I fell in love with it! It was so light and I could feel every bite i had. I'm going to see if my mom will get me a kistler rod for christmas. Thanks for make such a great product!

kelly parker

I just wanted you to know you have the greatest rods. I started with the Graphites 2 years ago and worked up through all the offerings. I am a die hard LTX guy. Love the grip and 0 weight. Dont think it is all about bass, my rods are hooking Walleye on a regular basis. Thanks

Jay Couch

I was handed a Kistler HE70MHC, a7ft. Med/Hvy baitcaster one day by one of my clients to fish for a couple of minutes. That was all it took to give Trey a call. The top of the line rods I owned felt like clubs in comparison. I have put these rods into the hands of many a fisherman since and within a few minutes they all say the same thing. Man, is this rod light and sensitive, where can I purchase one! Thanks Trey. Capt. G.J. Longley

Gary Longley, Pro Guide and tournament angler, Mission Fishin Guide Service, Vermont and Southern Quebec

Products Purchased / Services Used: Mag. Dropshot, He 7ft all purpose, Mag 6'10" tube spin, Dockskip special, 7'6' Heavy

Hi Kistler family,I own four of these rods they are the best feeling rods that i have ever owned,they have great reaction and flexability. I would tell everyone to buy a KISTLER ROD , they are great.

Corby Tinney

Being in the fishing industry, I have had the opportunity to fish with many of the "High-End" rods on the market. After hearing about Kistler from one of my pro-staffers and friends, Art Ferguson, I decided to give them a try. The 1st tournament I fished with my new Kistler's was the FLW Tour Championship on Lake Logan-Martin in AL. I was in 3rd after the first day after catching a 3.5lb and 4lb largemouth in the last 30 minutes. The amazing thing is that the bite was so light, that I don't think that I would have felt those two "key" bites on any of my other rods. I replaced all of my rods with Kistler's and have been a loyal user ever since.

Troy Cox, VP/CEO, Mizmo Bait Company, Jonesboro, AR

Products Purchased / Services Used: He70HC Heavy


Iwould like to say these rods are the best I'v ever had in my hands. These rods are so sentive you can feel a fish fart before they hit your baits. Thanks Cleo

cleo jennings, warehouse coordinator, Trane Parts, Knoxville,Tennessee

Products Purchased / Services Used: Iown several

Hi kistler family, my name is Alessandro Villari, an amateur angler fishing at the federation nation tour in Italy. Thanks to my 7'6" helium ltx i got the big bass honor + the 2nd place at the ELITE tournament trail in europe. Thanks to kistler rods for a great product and thanks to Livio @ t2distribution to make this happen. Nuff Respect!Alessandro

Alessandro Villari, Mr., Triton Boats Italy, Italy


Been using Kistler Rods for 4 years now and I couldn't be happier with the new products they keep coming out with. If you haven't tried the Magnesium series rods....TRY THEM!!! Comfortable beyond measure and so sensitive, I can feel a fish "thinking" about biting my bait!!! HA....thanks Trey, God bless, Art Ferguson

Art Ferguson, Professional Bass Fisherman, Art of Fishing Guide Service, St. Clair Shores, MI


One day while shopping at cabela's in fort worth I walked by the fishing rod racks and saw a name I have never seen before: KISTLER. I was intrigued right off the bat. Until I picked up the Magnesium series of rods and held them in my hands, I was now hooked. LIGHT, BALANCED, AND EXTREMELY SENSITIVE. I purchased the all purpose magnesium that day. I fished my local lake in fort worth and absolutely hammered them, largest was 6 lbs. I would have never felt that 6lb bite with my other rods. I have used loomis, st croix,daiwa, lamiglass, and kistler has them all beat by miles.

jason m. schack

Products Purchased / Services Used: magnesium crankbait, all purpose, jig and toad, and 2 spinning rods

F.Y.F.I. #1 Just wanted to let everyone out there know how will the KISTLER HELIUM LTA He66 Medium Spinning Rod performs. This past March I was on Caddo Lake fishing like I always do, with Fineness baits, fishing one of my big bass area. It was about 9am and I was using my He66 MS Rig with 8 lbs Shakespeare Cajun RED line with a June bug Fineness Worm rig on a MrBlitz 1/32oz Weedless wacky hook and flip it to one of many cypress trees in this area, low and behold a 9.25lbs bass jump on it. I didn?t know how will this He66 MS would handle a fish of this size, I was thoroughly impressed with this Rod, the sensitivity and the power in the way it handle this fish. Dennis North

Dennis North


Well, I just got finished cleaning my boat and everything in it. To my amazement I realized I have more than 15 Kistler rods. From HII's to composites. I have been using these rods for more than 5 years. I will not settle for less when a tournament is on the line. One word that can sum up Kistler; SUPERIOR.

Murray White, Kistler ProStaff , AZ

Where I live, you can catch 100 bass in a day on 50 different presentations. From flippin' deep grass to crankin' ledges and all the way to drop shotting out on the rough waters of Lake Erie, I have total confidence in my Kistlers to help me produce fish in any conditions mother nature may throw at me.

Ben Lipiec, Fishing Associate, Gander Mountain, Erie, PA

Recently returned from a 3 1/2 day fishing trip at Lake Fork. Caught 67 Bass (Biggest was 9.89) and a 17lb Grennel (sp). All fish were caught on the magnesium series multipurpose rod. Rod worked very very well- was sensative enough to feel the slightest tick, and also had the strength to pull fish out, and away from cover.

Chester Winans

I have used pretty much every rod out there and was really never satisfied until i got hooked up with kistler. Up here in NY we have huge weed beds which take a sensitive rod to feel the bite and a heavy rod to get them out when they bite. Kistler puts together a great package. From pitchin a 1oz to1 1/2oz jig to where the big boys live to throwing a 1oz spinnerbait for our out of control NEW YORK smallmouth kistler has the rod for you application

TJ, Kistler Prostaff, Rochester, NY

Products Purchased / Services Used: all kistler products

I just want to thank Kistler and all the people involved in making the most incredible fishing rod on the market. On March 11, 2007 my partner and I caught one of the largest one day tournament stringers of fish in the past 15 years on Sam Rayburn Resevoir. Our 5 fish largemouth bass limit tipped the scales at 35.26 lbs and included a 12.16 lb bass. There is no way we could have landed these fish with any other brand of flippin slick. We both have been using Kistler for years and this year we upgraded to the 7 ft grass puncher just for Sam Rayburn. We were sight fishing in really heavy matted grass and brush. No one even came close to us, we were landing fish that couldn't be landed with other flipping sticks. This all added up to an $11,000 day of fishing. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Jaret Latta Todd Castledine

Jaret Latta, Nacogdoches, Tx

Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler 7ft grass puncher

Just spent 3 tough days on Bull Shoals in the FLW Sren Series. The wind blew 30 to 40 mph for all three days! I was blessed to finish in the top 20 and very close to the final day cut. I was pitching 5/16 oz jig on a Helium LTA 6'9" MH. I gave my nonboater one of my jigs and in one hour the craw had teeth marks all over it. He could not feel the fish pick up the jig in the high winds. I am sure he will have a Kistler Rod before the next FLW. God bless you all and good fishing. Jim Cunningham

im Cunningham, Winchester Fishing, Nixa Mo

I went out fishing in Feb. on Monday and broke my new Helium II LTX rod and was feeling bad because I was leaving for Lake Amistad the following Sat. for a week long trip. I was resigned to the fact that I would be without my best rod. I shipped the rod back to Kistler next day UPS Tuesday after work, on Friday after work the replacement rod was waiting for me at my front door. That is the most AWESOME service I have every had! I got to take LTX on the trip and it caught several good bass. I love the rods and will be a customer for life. Rodney DeLong

Rodney DeLong

I have been bass fishing for sixteen years and I have used g loomis, castaway, diawa, bass pro shops,and other fishing rods.about three years ago I won a kistler drop shot rod from an anglers choice tournament. I was amazed at the sensetivity of that rod. I live out west and I am used to fishing deep water up to 75 feet. I have purchased four kistler rods since then and I can say that they are the most sensative and comfortable rods that I have fished with.To give you an example, I recently fished the b.a.s.s. federation club regional tournament at lake Amistad.On the last day I found that my shallow bite had died by 2pm. It was very windy and I needed two more fish for my limit. I went to a spot to drop shot.Because of the conditions,I needed a 3/8 weight because I was fishing 60 feet deep.I used my magnesium ts 7ft. jig and toad special rod with 10lb. test. I was still able to feel the bite with that rod from 60ft.It is amazing that that big rod still had the sensativity for that condition. I was able to get two more keepers and my team wound up coming in third place. I am sold on Kistler rods.

mark hedstrom

I consider fishing similar to golf. If you don't have at least 12 rods with you when you go out, you are cheating yourself. I have also learned the advantage of using quality rods and reels vs. best price. This started with buying, Fenwick glass, the original Ugly Stick in 74/75, the first Browing Boron, St Crouix Premier, Fenwick HMG, Daiwa, Shimano, G Loomis, Bass Pro Shop, Gander Mountain etc, etc,etc. Of all the rods I have used, in my opinion, the feel, sensitiv, castability, lightness and fish catching ability of both the Helium LTA and LTX are the finest I have used. Thank You

Ron Pocius

I have been fishing since I could walk, and have used every rod on the market today. But I had never felt a rod as sensative as the Helium 2 or Magnesium TS series from Kistler. Being an avid tournament angler, I depend on bites and being able to feel those bites in any conditions. These rods are built to let you feel the slightest pick up or bump on that bait, but still have the backbone to put that fish in the boat. I am a loyal Kistler Rod user and will continue to be as long as Im standing on that front deck casting and competing! I highly recommend you trying these rods out and better understand their saying: "Fishing Never Felt So Good." Thanks Kistler for making a rod with such high qualities!

Chris Sinkey, Pro-Craft Texas State Team Member


I have purchased 4 Kistler rods since 12/09/06. My rod collection consists of All Stars, Castaways, Falcons, Fenwicks, G Loomis's, and American Rodsmith rods (24 rods including my 4 Kistlers). About half of my non-Kistlers will go on ebay once I cull through the 'junk'. I've only been able to use them once because of the weather (at Lake Fork Texas) I had 4 bites (3 of which I never would have felt on any other rod) and caught a 7lb and two 5 pluses. These are the best rods in the country.

Chester Winans

I have have been bass fishing for the last 7 years and have fished everything from shimano to G-loomis to falcon. But in the last 3 years I found Kislter. Fishing 25+ team tourneys a year these rods have put me over the top in the last three years compared to all others, with hardly a single problem and alot of added winings to my credit I am know confident and happy to take it to the next level.

Derrick Patch

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Just acouple of things to say about the Kistler rods and the staff that works for Kistler, Great product and great staff. I've fished with kister rods for 2 years and want fish with anything else. If you haven't tried one your missing out on the best rod out. If you have any question the staff will help you and get the rod for your personal need. You will catch more fish, feel bites you did'nt feel before. Thanks to Trey and his employees for a great product. Alsome!!!!!!!! C Vaughan

C Vaughan

Just picked up a Kistler Magnesium 6-6 Med/Heavy all-purpose casting rod and my wife and son purchased a Helium LTA 6-6 Med/Heavy rod for Christmas, well with the very mild temps in NJ I was able to land 2 early season bass on them and I am very impressed by these rods, felt everything and bites I may have missed in the past. Great product and I see other rods being added to my boat.

William Minaeff

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I was shopping for some new rods for myself and my customers and was turned on to Kistler rods by a salesperson at Cabella's in Buda,Tx.. I really was impressed with how the rods felt so I decided to buy 3 baitcasting rods for myself to fish tournaments with. I have had the good fortune of catching some really nice trout and redfish with these rods and I don't think I will fish with anything else. I am really happy I purchased these rods and am looking forward to being a part of the Kistler rod family for years to come. Thanks for the quality. Alan Thompson.

Alan Thompson, Very happy new Kistler customer, Artificial Intelligence Guide Service, Corpus Christi, Texas

Making a living putting customers on fish on a daily basis with all the different weather conditons that I face throughout the year is stressful enough .I would like to think all the people at kistler for the fine quality rods that you make. Not having to worry about rod failures makes my life whole lot easier. I have 6 kistler LTX rods that my customers use and I have not had one complaint yet, Lots of compliments on how light and sensitive your LTX rods are. This year my customers have boated 14 largemouth bass over 12lbs, those bass come from stumps,grassbeds and other various cover and i have not had one thing go wrong with my kistler LTX rods. Thank-you Richard Belott Texas Fishing Adventures

Richard Belott, Guide/Tournament fisherman, Texas Fishing Adventures, Amarillo tx

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Oh boy! Picked up one of your prototype Helium II LTX rods on E-Bay last week at a dream price, and I can't put it down. What a fantastic rod: light, powerful, and an absolute joy to fish with. Thank you for the fine product, and keep those "one of a kinds" flowing...I'll be picking up several more as soon as I can. Please pass on a collective "thank you" to everyone in the's a real pleasure to know folks can build them better than anyone else right here in the USA!

John Policastro, COntracts Manager, DCMA Springfield, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ

Products Purchased / Services Used: LTX Helium II 6'3" Medium Light Prototype Baitcasting Rod

Trey, just a little blurb to let you know how it all worked out. Clifford was very good to work with. He talked with me and resolved my delema with a custom build. From initial conversation to finished product in my hands, less than 3 weeks. The workmanship is simply outstanding and the service absolutely premium. Anyhow I just wanted to let you know you can put me down as another satisfied customer. Your brother, Bert Slane

B Slane, ID

My Kistler KTNT68 Tails and Topwater rod is by far the most versitile rod I've ever fished with. Wether you are battling big redfish in the marsh or hauling lunker bass from the lake this rod can do it all. Lightweight and strong this rod can walk the dog or bump a jig equally. If I could only have one rod this would be the one. I also own several Helium baitcaster and spincast rods. I'm often amazed at their lightweight strength and sensitivity. The fit, grip and balance of the Helium spincast rods are like shaking hands with an old friend. Once you put one of these rods in your hands someone will have to pry them away from you.

Vincent Rinando Jr., Houston/Galveston

Products Purchased / Services Used: TailsNTopwater, Helium Baitcaters and SpinCast

I have been fishing for a long time. Quality and durability are essential considerations anytime I make a purchase for my saltwater angling endeavors. Without the slightest reservation, I suggest anyone who wants quality and durability in a fishing rod, consider a Kistler. Kistler craftmanship is fantastic. My rod is sensitive enough to feel a lazy winter trout bite, yet strong enough to muscle the big bull reds to hand. I've fished 'em all, Loomis, St. Croix, Shimano, etc. and nothing compares to my Kistler. Thanks Kistler!

Jeff Herman, Quality of a higher order, Ocean Kayak Pro Staff, Houston TX

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Not only are Kistler Rods the lightest, most sensitive rods available, the customer service is unreal. On a Friday prior to the 3rd leg of the Kayakmaster's Series, I broke my Topwater Rod. A quick Call to the fine folks at Kistler, and an hour drive, I walked into their office, and was back on the road within 5 minutes with my rod replaced. I have been absolutely astonished at how sensitive these rods are. At times, I feel I could tell how many teeth the speckled trout at the other end of the line had. And The wader Special Med Light, when combined with a top quality reel can outcast any spinning rod when it comes to throwing weightless soft plastics.

Robert Harvey, Houston, TX

Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium Topwater Rod, Graphite Plus Corky Special, Graphite Plus Drop Shot Special, Graphite Plus Wader Special Med Light, Graphite Plus Cajun Special, and Helium 6'6" spinning rod


I was looking to purchase a quality rod and just happened to pick up a Kistler Rod at a dealer store and knew immediately I had found it. Although I was not ready to buy that day I read the "Dear Fellow Angler" note from Trey Kistler and bought the rod immediatley. These days, not many are willing or have the courage to stand on their Christian values and I applaud and support him for it. I believe Christians should support fellow Chritians. You won't go wrong with the right heart. However, make no mistake if the the rod was not as good as advertised I would not buy another one, because I am kind of cheap. Long story short, the rod is great and better than advertised and I will make Kistler my mainstay rod. Thanks, Ben

Ben Bruner

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I was throwing 1oz. football head jigs in a recent tournament. The bite was pretty good, so I had two rods rigged up. One was a 7' Heavy Kistler H2 LTX and the other was a 7' Heavy action "other brand" (still a very good rod). I couldn't believe what a difference that H2 made. When throwing 1oz. jigs all day long, the lighter your rod, the longer you can keep casting. It's still hard for me to believe how light the new rods are, while still keeping all the sensitivity and feel, and not to mention the hook hanger. Don't leave home without your Kistlers!! Thanks guys!

Derek Yamamoto, good guy, Kinami Baits, Austin, TX


i have 3 of the new magnesium ts rod. they are great and light to use. i am going to get my forth soon. the best this about this series of rods is they have a rod for every type of lure you are going to use.

david jolliffe, thornton wv

I just wanted to give you an update and thank you for your great rods. I recently, 9-23-06, won big bass/coangler on a BFL Super T on Lake Champlain. I was using your Helium II LTX , 6'6"MH casting rod and caught the 6 lb. 2 oz. LMB in 5 ft of water with submerged grass at the Fort Ticonderoga area. This was the largest bass I have caught in a tournament and I have your company to thank. I can not tell you how great the rod was able to keep the fish on. I have 6 Kistler rods (5 lta's and 1 ltx) and look forward to purchasing more in the future. Keep up the good work and look forward to bigger bass in the future.

F Salzman

I bought my first Kistler Helium rod, a 7' Medium Caster, sight-unseen, three years ago and I was so overwhelmed by it. I have since bought six more.

Dan Greene

When I decided to start fishing seriously, and makingit my living I chose Kistler's. Fishing a 150 days a year I need the lightest, most sensitive, and durable rod which I found when I picked up my first Kistler.

Alex Davis

While fighting this shark I said to my father, ?Somebody has to give in and it won't be me or my rod,' I am extremely pleased with my Kistler Rod because of the sensitivity and the strength to catch the big one.

Aaron Perez

When big smallies are biting light, there is nothing more sensitive than a Kistler Rod.

Steve Hashimoto

Kistler rods is not just a great product, but a name of integrity. I started using them only after hearing the good reports of the people behind the rods. I am thoroughly impressed with the huge selection of styles and actions and most impressed with the sensitivity and lightness of the rods. In January of 2005, I was blessed with a MONSTER, 11lb. 1oz. bass in the BASS Tour and I credit the POWER behind the 7'6" Helium LTA (He76XHC) to fight that fish in from the bottom of Harris Lake, FL.

Art Ferguson, 4 Bassmaster Classic Qualifier & FLW Tour Pro

As a professional angler making my living on the BASS and FLWtours, I'm in constant search for a competitive edge. I believe Kistler developed the perfect technique specific rods that have the right tip action that I needed to increase my hook/catch ratio. In my opinion, this Kistler rod definitely makes the difference between winning and losing.

Chad Morgenthaler, BASS and FLW Pro Angler

When I hooked on to this Big Trout, I knew I had her stuck good and wouldn't loose her because of my experience with my favorite Kistler Rod. You guys have created unbelievably sensitive and light tools for my beloved hobby. Thank you Kistler staff.

Charlie Miller, Award Winning Gulf Coast Angler

I have been using Kistler Rods for three years now because I have total confidence in their rods. I feel the lightness and super sensitivity of these rods help you feel even the softest of bites. These rods will give you a definite advantage.

Scott Martin, Pro Angler with Career Earnings of $600,019

Through out my fishing career I have used hundreds of different rods, until I purchased my first Kistler. Now I only use Kistler Rods. I can honestly say it fishes like no other Rod I have ever used. I 100% believe it has greatly increased my fish catching and casting ability. Wether it be the lightness, sensitivity, strength, or even no line twist due to the guides, Kistler ranks above the rest. Thank you Kistler for making great products and increasing my ability to become a better angler. God Bless

Kirk Mannon, Scottown, Ohio

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I started using the Heliums about 10 years ago and they never let me down...even hoisted 3 bass over 5 pounds into my that is backbone! Superior sensitivity on those weak bite days is a huge plus also...along with light weight.

Doug Schexnayder, Vidalia, La.

Products Purchased / Services Used: Heliums, Z-Bone and KLX

I closed the garage door on my new Helium 3 spinning rod and bent it to a crazy angle. I heard the noise and ran to stop the door but was too late. I went back to see how many pieces it was in but to my surprise " no damage". How can rod that fast and light take that kind of abuse. Beats me but it did. What a great rod.

David Trevathan