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Only The Best

You get a Z Bone when only the best will do, when peak performance is your goal, and when you just want to enjoy the finer things in life. The absurd weight (or lack thereof) of the Z Bone lets you know right away that you're holding something special. Average only 3.5 ounces!
Like a fine wine, custom rifle or a premier set of clubs, you get what you pay for with the Z Bone.  Built on KISTLER KC9 Extremely High Modulus Blanks - 100% Japanese Carbon by Toray. A dental surgeon requires a fine instrument to do his delicate work, the Z bone blank is a fine instrument, meant for the most delicate of bites. A surgeon does not use his fine instrument to chisel, hammer or pull teeth, he uses a different tool for that.
The blank has been individually hand inspected to ensure perfection, and each guide, cork, and wrap only serves to make the Z Bone lighter, smoother and stronger. You might just like great things. You might just love to have every competitive advantage possible on the water. Or you might just need to see for yourself what it's like to have only the best: The Kistler Z Bone.


Cast or Spin Casting
Power 1 ML Medium Lite Fast
Length 7' 0"



Kistler KC9 100% Japanese Carbon by Toray - Extreme High Modulus

KISTLER CARBON Blanks are engineered and constructed by implementing the 45-degree X-cross production process. This difficult process involves the layering of spiral carbon fibers at a 90-degree angle with additional unidirectional fibers at zero degree, then layering of a third layer of carbon at helicoidal, opposite direction, 45-degree angle.

The wrapping of 45-degree angle guarantees the blank proper elasticity and return to its original shape, irrespective of the load's angle. The reason most of our competitors do not use these processes is because it cost more labor and production time as well as increased material cost.

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