Compact Brilliance: Kistler’s World Travel Series Rods

Compact Brilliance: Kistler’s World Travel Series Rods

Every angler dreams of crossing-off certain stops on their bucket-list of world renown fishing destinations. One problem that usually arises is finding a quality, high-performance rod that you can travel with on such trips. 

Trey Kistler and his team got to work and produced the World Travel Series Rod– a three-piece fishing rod that caters specifically to anglers on-the-move. This rod will help anglers break free from the constraints of traditional one-piece rods, and enjoy quality, American-made craftsmanship on any stretch of water in the world. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the highlights of this rod series and examine more closely the features and characteristics that make it one of the best travel fishing rods on the market today. 

Genesis of the World Travel Series Rods

The journey began with persistent queries from customers seeking a multi-piece travel rod. For years, Kistler did not have such a product in their lineup. Instead, the brand fulfilled various orders for custom-made fishing rods for anglers traveling all over the world. 

Finally, Trey Kistler got to work with his team to craft the best travel rod he could envision, based on the typical needs expressed by his customers. This World Travel Series was not only created in response to consumer needs but has also been perfected to align with the high standards set by Kistler.

"For years, we had to tell customers that we didn’t have any in-stock travel rods that were ready-to-go,” says Kistler. “We kept getting requests for this type of rod, so we went to work building one. This is a stock model that they can grab anytime, and it’ll be shipped that day.” 

Versatility Redefined: Spinning and Casting Rods

The World Travel Series Rod comes in both spinning and casting versions, giving anglers the flexibility to choose the perfect rod for their preferred style. The rods are made to be a true workhorse of a product that can function in a wide variety of fishing scenarios. 

"We created a three-piece spinning and casting set of rods: medium-light, light, medium-heavy, and heavy,” says Kistler. “These rods are pretty universal. They can work for bass anglers who are traveling to places like Mexico or Belize, or it can be used to throw for some snook, peacock bass and other species.”

The casting rod version of the World Travel Series comes in various power options — medium light, light, medium heavy, and heavy. These power options cover a broad spectrum of fishing scenarios, making them truly universal. Whether you're chasing bass in your local waters or embarking on an international angling adventure to destinations in Central America, South America, or beyond, the World Travel Series casting rods have you covered.

“The heavy power is going to work great in a wide range of situations,” says Kistler. “They break down to about a 28-inch length, and you can get any kind of a rod tube or just a PVC pipe and put them in. But they're pretty easy to break down like that — three pieces."

The spinning rod version of the World Travel Series mirrors the casting rods in terms of power options, ensuring that anglers can find the perfect match for their target species and fishing conditions. From the finesse required for freshwater trout streams to the stiff backbone needed for battling peacock bass, the World Travel Series spinning rods exhibit the same versatility and reliability as their casting counterparts.

Optimal Convenience: Three-Piece Design

The defining feature of the Kistler World Travel Series Rods is undoubtedly their innovative three-piece design. This design element addresses one of the most common challenges faced by traveling anglers — transporting long fishing rods without them being damaged. 

"This rod breaks down and you can throw it in the backseat of your car, keep the reel and line on, and just slap them together,” says Kistler. “This rod is made to be convenient. Whether you want to keep it in your vehicle and fish when you get a chance, or if you're planning that big vacation with your family, and they're going to be off at the amusement park, but you want to go run to the coast and fish for some snook, reds or trout — we got you covered.” 

The ability to keep the reel attached and the line spooled up means you can be ready to fish at a moment's notice. No more wrestling with unwieldy one-piece rods or sacrificing the chance to catch fish when opportunity knocks. 

Ready for Anything: Power Options

The World Travel Series Rod series boasts a wide range of power options that can be used in any type of fishing scenario. The heavy power option is perfect for tackling large, robust species like snook and redfish, thanks to the fact that it has the backbone needed for such a fight. The heavy power is also the go-to choice for saltwater anglers visiting coastal areas. 

“This rod series comes in light, medium, heavy variations for both casting and spinning models,” says Kistler. “The sky's the limit on this type of rod. We made these rods to be the most affordable American-made travel series rod on the market today.” 

Portability Without Compromise

The World Travel Series Rods are geared toward maximum portability without compromising on the quality and performance that anglers expect from a Kistler product. With the ability to break down into three pieces, these rods can be easily stored in a rod tube or a simple PVC pipe (for those budget-minded anglers), ensuring their safety during transport.

Instead of dreading that out-of-state business meeting trip, you can now look forward to it thank to the World Travel Series because you can now seize the opportunity to fish in any nearby waters in your spare time. The World Travel Series Rods make this scenario a reality. This rod is not just a fishing tool; it opens the door for adventure, empowering anglers to explore new waters anywhere in the world. 

Kistler has managed to produce the most cost-effective American-made travel series rod on the market today. There are numerous travel rod options available on the market today, but the Kistler World Travel Series Rods stand out, not only for their innovative design and top-tier performance, but also for their affordability. 

Embrace the Freedom to Fish Anywhere

The Kistler World Travel Series Rods are a testament to the brand's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of anglers. This rod’s three-piece design combines with its versatile power options to form a series that’s truly unmatched in the travel fishing category.

Whether you're a seasoned angler seeking a reliable travel companion or a novice looking to invest in quality gear, the World Travel Series Rods offer a compelling solution. Embrace the freedom to fish anywhere, anytime, and experience the joy of angling without the limitations of traditional fishing gear.