Dive Deep to

Dive Deep to "Crank" In Big Bass

Are you really reaching deep enough with your crankbaits? If you miss the bottom by, one foot…you have missed by a mile. Here’s a solution to that problem. An extra long cast with light line will help you reach the strike zone and stay in it longer to catch more fish. Those bigger fish are down deep staying away from all the shallow fishermen, so you must fish as deep as possible to catch them.

Longer IS Better...

Many anglers just do not realize how much better a longer rod (over 7 feet) casts big crankbait. So many of others have figured it out by stepping up to a 7’ 3” or even an 8’ rod in order to get the maximum distance possible.

Better casting & better hook sets

Another important aspect to the right rod is the power in the tip section. If you want to chunk a ¾  - 1-ounce crankbait a long, long way, sometimes in the wind, you MUST have a medium-heavy powered, moderately fast tip action, period. The standard medium powered rod feels great while reeling that crank baits, but what good is that if you can’t get the bait out there far enough to reach the strike zone? Now when you do hook up on that big bass down deep, you’ll have the extra length needed to sweep hook set and play the fish out easier than with a shorter rod.

We designed a few rods specifically with the deep diver crankbait in mind to help you succeed in catching fish offshore because we want to better equip our customer with the right tools for success.

Take a look at these two rods and get into the swing of the things down deep to catch Big Bass!