Introducing the Kistler Classic

Introducing the Kistler Classic

The Kistler Classic

Going back in time to 1999 when Kistler Custom Fishing Rods was born and the very first rod we crafted was a beautiful creation. With the traditional look and feel common to anglers yet custom cosmetics found on highend rods. After Kistler Rods set the new trends by leading with innovative rod designs, that conventional style of rod faded away. Well after many years, our loyal customers have begun to ask us to build them a traditional rod again, we decided to answer this year on our 16th year anniversary.

Introducing the Classic rod, made with the same qualities as before yet even more stunning cosmetics and style. From the full tapered cork, conventional guides, translucent paint and cork fore grip…this Classic brings it all back around. From the first cast, you’ll notice right away just how much you missed the good ol’ days of fishing with your buddies. Like us, you’ll be reminiscing those great days on the lake with your ol’ faithful Kistler Rod.

This particular model was our best seller and we know you will enjoy many types of fishing once again from flicking a senko under a dock, to roll casting a spinnerbait around a stump, to even casting and working a shakyhead rig around the rocks. I can personally guarantee you’ll be excited to own one of the limited Classic rods of 2015…heck, you might even want to collect all 12 models over the years so you can be one of the hundred that own the future Classic Series complete set. Have fun and take a kid fishing with your new Kistler Classic.

Thank you for your support of my family business….without your loyalty, we would not have the privilege of crafting such fine works of art year after year.

Trey Kistler