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Kistler Announces the Magnesium 2!

Kistler Announces the Magnesium 2!

The Magnesium 2

The past Magnesium rods were Kistler’s best selling rod series between 2005-2015 due to the perfectly designed actions/power combinations. The great price point also attracted  thousands of anglers to the Magnesium rods. The new trendy neon green accented Magnesium2 is priced right and perferct for your quest for the elusive bass. American made quality at affordable pricing.

Next Gen SM “Superior Modulus” Graphite blanks made by Gary Loomis’s Team at North Fork Composites in Washington state. Made with Kistler’s typical “raw carbon” look….leaving off the paint and other coatings that negatively effect the performance. Super light and surprisingly sensitive performance is what you will find while fishing with any one of these awesome Magnesium 2 rods.

Watch Trey Kistler Talk about the NEW Magnesium 2 Rods!

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Time tested Fuji reel seats for longterm durability and rock solid grip on reel feet. The latest in handle designs offering a super tacky grip in all weather conditions, introducing the Neon green Winn Grip handles with oversized eva butt end for extra leverage on the cast and hook set.

The award winning and now very popular American Tackle Microwave stainless steel guides offer the angler a “tangle free” frame design that lessons the chance for line wraps. Back to the basics with the Macro sized guides. Another great feature is the tip top design that eliminates line wrap due to the invisible welded frame. The Magnesium 2 rods also feature the Kigan Hook Lock keeper.

The trending neon green color thread wrapping makes the Magnesium2 rod appear to be a custom work of art. Something to be very proud to own and count on when the money is on the line. Tournament anglers on a budget will find the Magnesium2 series to be their most reliable, most affordable and most loved rod on their boat. All Magnesium 2 rods are backed by Kistler's VIP One Year Warranty, plus extended customer loyalty protection!