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Kistler FLW Pro Mark Rose Fall Fishing Tips

Kistler FLW Pro Mark Rose Fall Fishing Tips

With all the rod options available (length, action, power) … FLW PRO (Mark Rose) shares his own personal favorites for FALL time fishing. The man has test driven enough rods to know what action you want in your rods when fishing each technique to get the best performance time and time again.

Ever wonder what the perfect setup is for a lipless crankbait such as a Red eye shad, a topwater walkn bait like the Strike King “Sexy Dawg” or a 1/8 oz shakey head?

Below you will find a few insights from Mark Rose on the set ups he uses for the following producing fall patterns/Lures.

Lipless Crankbait:

  1. Strike king Red eye shad (chrome/blue back)
  2. Kistler KLX Mark Rose 7' 11" Med-Hvy KLXMRO711MH
  3. 20 lb Seaguar invizX flouro.
  4. I like the 7'll" length for casting distance and it has the perfect action for lipless will outcast anyone in your state!  Perfect combo for fall fish moving up on flats! The great thing about this rod is you can also set it up as your deep diving crankbait rod as well.

Topwater Walkin Bait:

  1. Strike King Sexy Dawg (bone)
  2. Kistler KLX Xtra-Fast Series 7' 0" Med-Hvy KLXXFS70MH
  3. 17 lb Seaguar Senshi (green)
  4. This is the perfect length/action for topwater - long enough to reach "schoolers" yet maneuverable enough for casting to targets (overhangs, docks, etc.) sweet combo!

1/8 oz Shakey head:

  1. Strike King Shakey Head (1/8 oz gr. pumpkin with gr. pumpkin Fat baby finesse worm)
  2. Kistler KLX Shaky Head Tube Bait 6' 10" Med-Hvy  KLXSHTB610MH
  3. 8 lb. Seaguar Tatsu flouro
  4. Shakey Heads are a good choice in the fall targeting isolated cover on flats. This rod is great and I've got one coming that's gonna be a dandy also!