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Kayak Fishing With Kistler Rods

Kayak Fishing With Kistler Rods



Deep-seated in our hearts is this yearning for adventure this desire to get out in God's creation and go and run and play and explore. You see it embedded in the hearts of kids.  Nobody teaches a boy that he needs to go pick up a rock and go throw it in the water.I t's just something that's kind of  ingrained in us in the beginning.

As you get older some of that seems to be lost, but a lot of that passion I think comes back once you get into a kayak and you get out on the water. You slow down,  you soak in God's creation and you really just let your heart explore and go and be free.  You do your own thing and be eye level right there as the waves kind of crash over the bow of your boat.

It's almost a man versus nature type experience to where you’re out there battling the wind and the waves and the water and trying to catch a little fish.

What drives us for that, there's something magical about that about being out there on the kayak and going and doing that. If you have that desire, if there's something in your heart,that's kind of pushing you to go do something - go get a kayak.  Go get out on the water,  go try something new. You're going to find a whole new world out there that you never even thought existed. You're going to find places in you, parts of your heart that you didn't know existed. It just opens up a whole new way of thinking,  a whole new way of living, a whole new way of being get out on the water.

Go play.

 Go enjoy God's creation and just see what you can learn about yourself.