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Kistler’s Alton Jones wins the Bassmaster Classic!

Kistler’s Alton Jones wins the Bassmaster Classic!

Alton took the lead on the second day and never looked back! His ability to find and catch deep-water fish helped him to win the Classic Championship. Alton has been with Kistler for over a year and has increased his fishing success due to our Helium and Magnesium rods. He used a combination of a He70MHC, MgAPSMH69 and a MgAPSMH66 to work football head jigs in 30-40 feet of water.

Alton proved why he is one of the most respected and feared fishermen on tour. Jones celebrated his victory at the Classic with a victory lap with his family around the Bi-Lo Arena.

Look for more news about Alton’s Classic victory next month and on the Kistler website. We are working on Alton’s Signature Helium LTA Football Head Jig Rod.


Alton Jones