Maximize Jerkbait Action with the Kistler Jerkbait Rod

Maximize Jerkbait Action with the Kistler Jerkbait Rod

Creating the perfect jerkbait technique involves a thorough knowledge of this particular type of lure, as well as the feeding habits of fish during certain times of the year. To some extent, the movement produced by a jerkbait can be attributed to the angler’s skill and expertise. However, the skills and knowledge of a jerkbait fishing wizard can be maximized by premium quality gear like Kistler’s Jerkbait Rod. 

A world renowned painter has the ability to create impressive artwork using any old paintbrush, but if that same artist has a brush made of the ideal length, weight and the finest bristles, the result has the potential to be an iconic masterpiece. We firmly believe that the same concept is true when it comes to anglers having the best possible fishing rod in their hands. 

Keep reading to learn how the Kistler Jerkbait Rod helps maximize jerkbait action and deliver proven results in the form of trophy fish and tournament-winning catches. 


There are endless variations of jerkbaits available in today’s industry with each having its own specific application. Some lures are longer or shorter depending on the type of bait they intend to mimic. The lip can be larger in some cases to produce more erratic movements while some brands produce lures that are designed to travel at a specific depth in the water column. 

There are endless varieties of jerkbait presentations that will draw a strike from your target fish species, but it’s important to have a rod that is capable of making each type of jerkbait lure work to the best of its ability. The Kistler Jerkbait Rod is a workhorse when it comes to fishing with any type of jerkbait lure you choose. 

The rod’s length is an ideal 6’10” that makes it capable of creating the sharp dives and back-and-forth motion that tap into the fish’s predatory instinct. Thanks to its shorter handle, anglers find it extremely easy to twitch or jerk the lure with a subtle flick of the wrist. 

Minimize Fatigue 

Jerkbait fishing involves a great deal of effort compared to other techniques. Using a jerkbait for hours on end can be quite taxing on your wrists and forearms, especially when using large, heavy jerkbaits. 

The best rod for producing the right jerkbait action would ideally be one with a very stiff backbone as the lure would respond effortlessly to the angler’s movements. However, an overly stiff rod makes it extremely difficult to land fish once they’re hooked. The rod also can’t bend too much as this would cause unnecessary fatigue by having to pull harder to create the same jerking motion. 

There’s a delicate balance between stiffness and parabolic bend that must be met to achieve the best jerkbait rod possible. Trey Kistler and his team went to the drawing board to design a jerkbait rod that would easily create the action you want in the lure while minimizing the effort it takes to produce these movements. 

Kistler’s Jerkbait Rod is made with its distinct light-medium-heavy power that delivers the right amount of stiffness, as well as plenty of bend and flex needed to maintain pressure on the hookset once the fish bites. 

The rod is made out of the KC9 Carbon blanks by Toray-Extreme High Modulus. The dozens of 5-star reviews on our Kistler Jerkbait Rod are evidence that this matches-up with the top jerkbait rods in the industry. 

Kistler’s design experts crafted a rod that makes it easy to control the lure with minimal effort, but the ease of use is enhanced by the lightweight nature of the Jerkbait Rod. Many anglers describe the rod as having the lightest feel of any jerkbait variation on the market. 

The Kistler Jerkbait Rod transforms the world of jerkbait fishing now that anglers can effortlessly fish their favorite lure all day without feeling like their arms are turned to rubber afterwards. A 

Rod that Can Cast the Bait Well 

One of the more overlooked aspects of a solid jerkbait rod is its ability to cast the lure out to an acceptable distance. Many brands produce jerkbait rods that offer optimal stiffness and action as it relates to the movement of the bait, but few actually put in the time and effort to design a rod that can cast a lightweight plug more than 20 to 30 yards. 

As is the case with all Kistler rods, the design team went to work creating a rod that could minimize fatigue, deliver the right action, and also launch the lure as far as possible by augmenting the rod’s kinetic energy. 

In order for a rod to cast a jerkbait as far as other types of lures, it must have a certain amount of softness that will allow it to bend and load-up kinetic energy to catapult the bait outward. For some fish species, long casts are an uncompromising aspect of getting bites as the slightest hint of a boat or angler can spook them. 

In addition to this, it is also true that you’ll have a greater chance of getting bites the longer your lure is in the water. The Kistler Jerkbait Rod is designed to maximize casting distance in every possible way without sacrificing its ability to produce the right movement and also land fish once they’re hooked. 

The experts at Kistler, led by Trey, planned and tested the rod’s casting ability to ensure that it would out-perform others in all of these areas. Every component, including the Kigan Stainless Macro guides, are specially crafted to allow the lure to reach its maximum distance potential. 

Professional anglers are familiar with the fact that a rod must have enough ‘give’ at the tip, along with a faster mid-section to reach optimal casting ability. Kitler’s Jerkbait Rod is made with these characteristics, as well as an incredible lightweight feel that makes fishing fun and easy. 

Landing the Fish

Last, but certainly not least, a good jerkbait rod must be capable of landing the fish once it’s been hooked. If the rod is too stiff and doesn’t offer the needed softness to maintain constant pressure on the hookset, the rest of its characteristics are virtually useless. At the end of the day, what matters is the ability to put fish in the boat–especially for serious anglers who rely on their tackle to win high-stakes tournaments.  

A soft rod is better for bringing in fish once they are hooked. Kistler’s light-medium-heavy blank provides just the right amount of bend to keep big fish pinned, yet delivers the backbone needed to work the jerkbait like a magic wand. 

The Kistler Jerkbait Rod is the most comprehensive solution to jerkbait fishing that will open up a whole new world of techniques and tactics for your fishing tackle arsenal. 

Custom Jerkbait Rod 

It’s no secret that Kistler is the leading brand in the industry when it comes to custom fishing rods. We offer anglers the opportunity to fully customize every single aspect of their rod – down to having their name engraved on the blank itself. 

If you’re a professional angler with a knowledge and understanding of exactly what you want in your ideal jerkbait rod, contact us and our team of experts will be more than willing to assist you in crafting the perfect jerkbait rod. 

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