Solved a Problem...You Win

Solved a Problem...You Win

How many times have you personally shopped for an affordable fishing product, located one you like only to find later that is was not made in America? I know I have done it time and time again now matter how hard I look, the most affordable tackle comes from overseas. Why do we as a whole, have to sacrifice quality to keep the price down where we can afford it? Why must we resort to paying more just to get great quality in most cases. Well I just built and bought myself a custom pair of running shoes from New Balance web site where over 70% of the shoe is Made in America. You can find New Balance in all the big box stores as well at reasonable prices. I like to support American jobs as much as possible.

After years of trying to accomplish a goal of building a super high end rod here in Texas with over 70% American made materials, I know now that we have achieved our mission with the introduction of the new KLX Micro rod series. You are the winner here because you now can own a rod that feels and performs like a fine sports car but without the high price tag. The affordable price tag is possible because we believe you deserve an option, like my New Balance option, in fishing rods made here in the good ol' USA.

So congratulations, you got what you have always wanted deep down inside your soul finally thanks the my friend Gary Loomis, his team at North Fork Composites and my hard working professional staff here at Kistler Rods.

Extremlely high end with historically low cost! The all new KLX aka the "Kistler Loomis Xperience". What more could you ask for in a rod now? Go ahead, try one and you'll be one of the great American anglers fishing proudly with his American Made work of art KLX.

Thank you for your support,

Trey Kistler, founder and president