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Trey and Kyle fishing Falcon Lake testing rods

Trey and Kyle fishing Falcon Lake testing rods

If you have not made plans to fish Falcon Lake Texas, I would strongly suggest you get down there fast. I want to personally let you know that it is safe to fish as there has not been any problems whatsoever for a very long time. I spoke with the Border Patrol officers and they confirmed zero incidents since last year's news stories that most locals would tell you many stories were made up to scare away out of town anglers in order to keep their fishery strong. I would recommend caution and common sense while you are doing there.

There is no better place to test our latest rods than Falcon Lake Texas so my son and I packed up for a two day trip to do just that two weekends ago. We hit the spawn just right and caught lots of fish and a nice sun tan as a bonus. We never got a giant into the boat but I can tell you I bet at least one of those lost fish in the trees had to be a trophy bass. 

If you need information on how to find the best fishing spots or to hire a guide, I would suggest contacting Falcon Lake Tackle or visiting them while you are down there. Tom and James are happy to put you on the right pattern to help you succeed and get back safely. They also carry the Magnesium Jig and Toad you'll need to handle big fish in thick cover.

Kyle and I didn't want to leave after such a great time catching so many strong bass those two days but we escaped the lure of staying another day and made it back to work and school. It's hard being my own boss and making myself get back to reality but I wouldn't change what God has blessed me with for anything. Time with my boy while testing rods and making memories is one job I'll never complain about. Also, many thanks to you for supporting Kistler Rods and making my life's dream come true while making my hobby my way of living too.

Trey Kistler