Wired2Fish Magnesium 2 Casting Rod Review

Wired2Fish Magnesium 2 Casting Rod Review

This new rod from Kistler is full of features that aide in sensitivity, strength and backbone.

I’m incredibly picky when it comes to my jig rods. I’ve been using custom-made rods for pitching and skipping docks for years because I couldn’t find any mass-produced rod with the same action or taper. Heavy-action rods didn’t give me the tip I needed to skip long distances and medium-heavy rods didn’t have the shoulders to quickly get big bass out of tight spaces. 

The Kistler Magnesium 2 Casting Rod, however, is one of the best mass-produced jig fishing rods I’ve had an opportunity to use. I’ve been testing the—this is a mouthful— heavy-medium-heavy extra-fast model for several months and it has everything I look for in a jig rod. 

Here’s why I say that. 

It has the tip and backbone

I skip tens of thousands of docks each year and I see lots of anglers make a very common mistake: They use broomstick-like rods to skip their jigs underneath docks. Not only does this significantly hinder accuracy, but it also makes it difficult to land the jig quietly. 

99 percent of the shallow-water jigs I use are 1/2-ounce and the Kistler Magnesium 2 handles them beautifully. It loads just enough on the back cast to allow for seamless skips whether your target is 10 yards or 30 yards away. I have absolutely zero complaints for both underhanded and side-armed skipping applications. Once I got “in the groove” with this rod, I’ve been able to easily skip my jigs from the front of docks all the way to the seawalls.

I’m very impressed by how well the extra-fast tip transfers to a solid backbone, as well. When a big bass bites your jig and you have to wrench them over four or five cross braces to land ‘em, this particular rod has no problems putting the heat to them.

Essentially, it has the shoulders of a heavy-action rod and the accuracy of a medium-heavy rod. Although I’m relatively inexperienced with Kistler’s lineup, this is a huge deal for me. I have found my new dock skipping rod.