Trey Kistler Warranty Promise

99.5% Flawless

Because of my commitment and passion for quality control, our rods enjoy a 99.5% flawless performance, but that .5% does exist and I personally want to make sure 100% of my customers are happy with our products for from the first cast and long after.

If you need a replacement tip top, do NOT file a claim. Click Here to order.


Trey's Warranty Promise

Here at Kistler, we have proven to the industry that we manufacture the very best Made in America fishing rods at the very best value. Therefore, you can relax and know that Trey Kistler will back up your rod purchase with a warranty promise against manufacture defect or component failure for One, Two, Three, Four or Five years depending on which rod series you choose.

Who should file a Claim?

If the graphite blank, line guide, reel seat on your rod should break or fail during its specific warranty period, file a claim form here online. If it is clear to our expert warranty department associate and Trey Kistler that the break was due to manufacture defect while reviewing the claim information such as original registration, receipt, reason for breakage and if you are the original owner then we will repair or replace as soon as possible.

You might be asked to return your damaged rod to our factory for inspection if the claim form information is insufficient or is questionable but in many cases, we can save you the trouble and money thanks to our efficient system. The more honest, accurate and complete the claim form, the quicker the turnaround time is.

The warranty by definition is not intended to cover accidents, abuse, neglect or normal wear and tear. The warranty is not intended to be a 'lifetime replacement coverage' for rods that have outlived their respective warranty proration period nor is the warranty intended to cover "unknown causes of breakage or damage" after the proration period respectively.

Kistler Rods reserves the right to void any warranty claim. Obviously, we can’t cover accidents caused by rod lockers or clumsy feet damages, so that we can cover legitimate claims for valued customers for years to come.

To process a warranty claim efficiently, please completely fill in the Warranty Claim Information Form. Within 48 hours (during the work week) our warranty department associate will be in contact with you via email or phone about your warranty claim replacement options.

Be Aware During the COVID-19 "Lock-Down" our offices have limited staff and we are working in shifts to adhere to the Social Distancing rules so you might experience a longer wait for a response until the virus scare lessens. 


Trey Kistler Warranty Plans Graphite Custom Rod
Months To File A Claim After Purchase 12 months 24 months 36 months 48 months 60 months 12 months
Online Warranty Claim Form Required Required Required Required Required Required
Covers Manufacturer Defect Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Covers Component Failure Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Covers Accidents or Abuse No No No No No No
Covers normal wear and tear No No No No No No
Proof of Purchase Required Required Required Required Required Required
Return Shipping Fee $29 $29 $29 $29 $29 $29

Prorated Replacement Cost Graphite Argon
Feel N Reel
Helium Z Bone Custom Rod
Date of Purchase - 12 Months (one-time replacement) FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE
Between 13 Months - 24 Months After Purchase 
(one-time replacement)
N/A $99 $99 $99 $199 N/A
Between 25 Months - 36 Months After Purchase 
(one-time replacement)
N/A N/A $149 $149 $249 N/A
Between 37 Months - 48 Months After Purchase 
(one-time replacement)
N/A N/A N/A $199 $299 N/A
Between 49 Months - 60 Months After Purchase 
(one-time replacement)
N/A N/A N/A N/A $349 N/A

Please use one form for each rod claim.