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You’ve felt that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you have a big fish on the line and it begins to shake with everything it’s got. That sinking feeling comes from the understanding that the fish has a considerable chance to free itself from the hook and swim away forever.

Most anglers think this is just part of fishing – that there’s nothing you can do when a trophy-size fish thrashes free.

We’ve developed the perfect solution to virtually eliminate this problem: the Feel N Reel Rod Series.

The Feel N Reel rod is made with what we like to call The Perfect Bend. Trey Kistler leveraged his knowledge and understanding of rod blank material and performance to develop the ideal combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber to create The Perfect Bend in the Feel N Reel blank.

The Feel N Reel blank consists of KISTLER CARBON KC7S - 50% S-glass and 50% Japanese Intermediate Modulus Carbon by Toray, which means this combination gives the exact amount of curvature to keep the fish pinned and maintain pressure on the hookset.

SImply put – the carbon fiber provides just the right amount of sensitivity to feel the bite while the fiberglass delivers the consistent pressure needed to keep the fish on the hook.

The Feel N Reel truly is a testament to the innovative minds behind our products.
With the Feel N Reel, you can fish a wide variety of lures and have fun reeling in your catch without that dreaded sinking feeling once the fish begins to thrash around.
It’s also made with friction-eliminating Kigan Stainless with Conventional Size Coalite Rings, as well as a Fuji Graphite Exposed Trigger reel seat and Grade “A” Cork Palm Swell handle for maximum ergonomic feel and control.

Not too stiff and not too much flex, the Feel n Reel is the tournament angler's best asset on the water.

Relax. Fishing should be about having fun, right?

You're sure to have a lot of it with the Kistler Feel n Reel.


Cast or Spin Casting
Power MH Medium Heavy All Purpose
Length 6' 9"



KISTLER CARBON KC7S - 50% S-glass and 50% Japanese Intermediate Modulus Carbon by Toray

KISTLER CARBON Blanks are engineered and constructed by implementing the 45-degree X-cross production process. This difficult process involves the layering of spiral carbon fibers at a 90-degree angle with additional unidirectional fibers at zero degree, then layering of a third layer of carbon at helicoidal, opposite direction, 45-degree angle.

The wrapping of 45-degree angle guarantees the blank proper elasticity and return to its original shape, irrespective of the load's angle. The reason most of our competitors do not use these processes is because it cost more labor and production time as well as increased material cost.


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