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Lighter than air.
We stripped weight to increase sensitivity. Average only 3.5 ounce! It's what gives the Helium its name. Our flagship rod at its core doesn't just "get the job done," but makes every cast and hook set feel effortless. When your mettle is tested and you're competing for #1, the Helium gives you all you want and need in a fishing rod: lighter than air responsiveness that gives you every advantage over the next best fisherman. Built on KISTLER KC9 Extremely High Modulus Blanks - 100% Japanese Carbon by Toray.

A dental surgeon requires a fine instrument to do his delicate work, the Helium blank is a fine instrument, meant for the most delicate of bites. A surgeon does not use his fine instrument to chisel, hammer or pull teeth, he uses a different tool for that. Metallic blue on navy blue thread colors. Bold in its simplicity, our most popular rod to-date makes the Helium a stunning example of how peak performance and beautiful design really does define the way fishing should feel.



Cast or Spin Casting
Power 3 LMH Lite-Medium-Heavy
Length 7' 0"



Kistler KC9 100% Japanese Carbon by Toray - Extreme High Modulus

KISTLER CARBON Blanks are engineered and constructed by implementing the 45-degree X-cross production process. This difficult process involves the layering of spiral carbon fibers at a 90-degree angle with additional unidirectional fibers at zero degree, then layering of a third layer of carbon at helicoidal, opposite direction, 45-degree angle.

The wrapping of 45-degree angle guarantees the blank proper elasticity and return to its original shape, irrespective of the load's angle. The reason most of our competitors do not use these processes is because it cost more labor and production time as well as increased material cost.




We're talking 3.5 oz light. It’s where the Helium rod gets its name. It’s what it feels like fishing with the Helium.

Sleek tapered grade a cork handle, corrosion control stainless steel guides, and a fuji reel seat each cut weight and give power and sensitivity to the helium.

We hear this all the time: “Light and sensitive... With plenty of backbone.” It’s what you get with Helium.


Kistler KC9 Extremely High Modulus Blanks - 100% Japanese Carbon by Toray

A high-modulus 100% Carbon blank with advanced 45 degree layered carbon. Backed by Kistler's 5-Year Bend Strong Warranty, and specially hand tested for optimal performance.

Armor-plated resin gives it a bit of extra protection and character.


The Helium, formerly known as the Helium 3 or Helium LTA is the hallmark rod for Kistler Rods.

For almost 20 years there’s been a Helium on the market.

Used by Kistler pros to win big tournaments. It’s stood the test of time, and continues to be a fisherman’s favorite.

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Veteran Owned | American Craftsmanship | 5-Star Rated | #1 In Custom Fishing Rods | Strong Values | Unmatched Sensitivity | Excellent Customer Service | Meticulous Design Detail | Expert Rod Builders | Built By Hand In Texas


Born In A Texas Garage

Our company was born in a Texas garage. After Trey Kistler returned home from serving in the Gulf War, he went to work with his father building fishing rods. When his dad retired, Trey decided to blaze his own trail. He decided to make an exciting life for himself, his wife and four babies. He decided to create some solid American jobs. And he decided to try and catch as many fish as possible. So he set himself to the task of making the best bass fishing rod out there. We, and Trey, wouldn’t have it any other way. If his family name is going to be on it, it’s going to be the best. Kistler products are excellent. Period. They are the most sensitive, the most responsive, the most trustworthy. When you hold one of our rods, you know you’re holding something special.

Kislter Crew

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Built By Hand In Texas

TackleTour Helium Review

"With a new source for blanks, 2021 sees another new beginning for Helium as well as Kistler Custom Rods. Thing is, this new blank does not fish similar to any of the previous generations. It is a lot more lively with a resonance I normally equate to something high-end. It's as if Helium were a fine wine and this 2021 model were a vintage. In this case, Helium would definitely be on my recommended buy list as a good pairing to your favorite technique."

Wow, These are the real deal!!

"I love My Heliums. These rods are SUPER light and balance so nice.. I love the 4.5 power rods, perfect tip for frogging and jigs. Lot's of backbone, with the perfect tip for skipping.. Also I have been having great luck with the 2 power for topwater poppers and small jerkbaits.. Money well spent.."

- Peter W.

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