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Building Custom Fishing Rods For Over 20 Years - Find Your New Favorite Fishing Rod Today

Building Custom Fishing Rods For Over 20 Years - Find Your New Favorite Fishing Rod Today

Building Custom Fishing Rods For Over 20 Years

We're custom fishing rod builders of the highest caliber.

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All things custom.

Since 1999, Kistler Rods has been innovating and creating fishing rods for fishermen that want results and just simply love fishing, period. 

We make custom bass rods and custom fishing gear that- since the very beginning- have grown in popularity across the United States and world. Our customers fall in love with the ridiculous sensitivity and strength of Kistler rods, and they tell others too.

Kistler was one of the first rod builders to ever introduce and make popular the split grip handles that you see today, and we've continued to make fishing rods that ultimately fit the many fishing applications of our customers - whether you're looking for frog rods, big swimbait rodscustom swimbait rods, or a totally custom, build your own rod.

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A Fishing Rod You'll Tell Your Friends About

There's nothing that will take your fishing to another level faster than getting a custom rod and reel. Your fishing gear is crucial to make your experience more fun, and for you to get the results your after. 

We're one of the few fishing rod companies that still prioritizes American made materials. Why? Because it makes a HUGE difference in performance for you, our customer.

Looking for custom fishing rods for sale? Be sure to check out our deals page regularly. You never know when we might be running a sale.

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Other Custom Rod Options

Are you fishing in the surf? We're no stranger to coastal fishing. Being only a couple hours from Galveston, we know a thing or two about fishing for trout and redfish on the surf.

Every Kistler rod series in the 4-6 power options make for great custom surf rods.

Or you can of course build your own to your exact specifications, ensuring your custom surf rod is precisely built for your applications.

Don't forget to engrave your fishing pole. Our custom rod builder wouldn't be complete without the ability to engrave your rod. Add a custom rod label to make your new rod that much more special. We take pride in our rods.

Fish Kistler.