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Feel the Difference in Kistler’s Hunt BFS Series Rods

Feel the Difference in Kistler’s Hunt BFS Series Rods

An angler’s performance will always depend on the quality of their gear. 

The era of technique-specific rods has arrived and Kistler has earned a reputation for innovation and performance with their products. Kistler’s newest release, the Hunt BFS series, is set to revolutionize finesse fishing in ways previously believed to be impossible. 

For many years, anglers have searched for a baitcasting rod that could cast ultralight lures with the same distance and accuracy as a spinning rod and reel. The Bait Finesse System (BFS) was recently developed in Japan as a means of targeting highly pressured fish using small lures and it has since exploded in popularity. 

Various manufacturers have produced BFS rods, but nothing compares to the craftsmanship and precision of the Hunt BFS series. This series of Bait Finesse System rods is the vision of Trey Kistler and BFS fishing expert Aaron Hunt. 

The Kistler Hunt BFS series includes:

Ultra-Lite, Ultra-Tough BFS Rods

The backbone of each Kistler Hunt BFS series rods is made of the brand’s patented KC8+ blank that’s made of 100 percent high-modulus carbon material. This gives the rod incredible sensitivity and lightweight feel without sacrificing the strength needed to land big fish. Aaron Hunt delves deep into the world of BFS fishing on his Youtube channel, Angling with Aaron. He says the key to Kistler’s BFS rod design concept is shock absorption. 

“When it comes to bait finesse fishing, you have to play the fish a lore more in order to land them,” says Hunt. “As a large fish puts a deep parabolic bend into the blank, it becomes progressively stronger while maintaining the ability to act as a shock absorber for light line.” 

The length of each Kistler Hunt BFS series rod also plays a major role in improving your ability to maintain constant pressure when fighting a fish. Much like the added length in many fly fishing rods, the Hunt BFS series rods are made with more length to provide the extra leverage needed to land trophy-sized fish. 

“When you’re fishing with ultralight gear, the rod really needs to be the shock absorber,” says Hunt. “When a fish does a head-shake or turns and runs, you have to be ready to react to that using your arms and knees, but you also need your rod to have the capability to bend in different directions without losing pressure on the hook-set.” 

Keys to Bait Finesse System Rod Design

Hunt worked with the rod design experts at Kistler for more than a year to test and develop each BFS rod concept. 

“We wanted to get everything perfect–even down to the guide spacings on each rod,” says Hunt. “These BFS rods have more guides that are spaced more tightly than other rod manufacturers because that helps keep the line from rubbing against the rod and reduces friction when you’re fighting a fish.” 

The guides on each Hunt BFS rod are made with Fuji Alconite rings which feature 'tangle free K-frames' and stainless steel micro guides which also further reduce friction and maintain the integrity of your fishing line for longer performance. 

Kistler’s aim in designing their new BFS fishing rods was not only to focus on durability, but also geared toward maximizing an angler’s finesse fishing abilities. The rod blank’s construction and high-modulus carbon material makes it possible to feel each minute detail of what your lure makes contact with, as well as the ability to feel even the most subtle bites. 

“These Hunt series BFS rods feel like an extension of my arm and transmit what the lure is doing better than anything I’ve ever used,” says Hunt. “There’s really no limit to what type of lure you can use with these rods. You can fish a Ned rig along the bottom, or get the perfect action out of a topwater popper without needing two separate rods.” 

In addition to functioning as an ultra-light, ultra-tough and ultra-sensitive rod, the Kistler Hunt BFS series rods feature incredibly comfortable, grade “A” cork handles with an EVA butt cap and Fuji trigger. 

Made for Each Type of BFS Fishing 

Each of the four different Kistler Hunt BFS series rods were created to specialize in various finesse fishing scenarios. Hunt noted that the length and blank strength is directly tied to the rod’s performance when it comes to fishing in different environments for all kinds of fish species. 

“We designed these BFS rods with each type of finesse fishing in mind,” says Hunt. “For instance, the 4x-Ultra-Lite 6’ rod was crafted with the intention of being able to fish in tight creeks or streams for bass or trout. This makes it short enough to make accurate casts, yet still capable of giving you that leverage you need when you have a big fish on the line.” 

Likewise, the 4x-Ultra-Lite 6’6” rod is made with added length for fishing in open water while still allowing anglers to use very small, lightweight BFS lures. The 4x blank is made to cast BFS lures weighing as light as 1 gram and as heavy as 6 grams. The Hunt BFS 4x-Ultra-Lite 6’6” rod is ideal for casting small lures and catching big fish. 

The Kistler Hunt BFS series 3x-Ultra-Lite 6’8” rod is a true workhorse when it comes to bait finesse fishing. This is the specific model that Hunt describes as his “everyday BFS rod.” The 3x-Ultra-Lite 7’ model gives added length, which makes this rod well-suited for longer casts. 

What Action-Rating are the Hunt BFS Rods?

The Kistler Hunt BFS series rods truly don’t conform to any previously-set rating in terms of action. Each rod maximizes the sensitivity and lightweight benefits that accompany carbon blanks, yet they perform with the strength of a glass blank when it comes to fighting bigger fish. 

Unlike the traditional fast-action spinning rods that are commonly used to cast small, lightweight lures, the Hunt BFS rods bend throughout the entire blank in a way that allows for much longer casting with less effort. Hunt says finesse fishing is about smoothness and accuracy–not power. The Kistler Hunt BFS series rods feature soft action while also providing plenty of backbone to fight and land trophy fish. 

Why Choose a Bait Finesse System Rod?

The Bait Finesse System creates new opportunities for catching highly-pressured fish using small, lightweight lure presentations. Instead of being forced to rely on a spinning rod and reel to cast such lures, BFS rods are specially-made to cast the same lures using a baitcasting reel. 

The differences between a spinning reel and baitcasting reel are virtually like night and day in terms of smoothness, sensitivity and casting distance. A quality BFS rod and reel makes it possible to cast lures weighing less than 1 gram significantly longer due to the lack of friction associated with the line leaving the spool. 

Anglers also enjoy much greater sensitivity using a baitcasting rod and reel as the line sits on top of the reel, remaining in constant contact with the blank and allowing anglers to feel more subtle bites, as well as differences in structure along the bottom. 

American-Made BFS Rods 

Kistler brings more than 30 years of rod-building expertise to the table when it comes to designing their products. Each rod is hand-made in the company’s Magnolia, Texas facility and each individual rod is also backed by the Kistler "Bend Strong" 5-year warranty. In addition to this, the Kistler offers free replacement of the rod during the first year of ownership if there is any construction-related issue. The brand also offers prorated replacement for the second, third, fourth and fifth year of ownership. 

“These rods are newly-designed from the ground up using entirely new blanks,” says Hunt. “The Hunt BFS rods are different from anything else I’ve ever fished with before, and they are definitely cutting-edge in comparison to other BFS rods on the market today.”