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Kistler Introduces $150 High-end GRAPHITE Rods

Kistler Introduces $150 High-end GRAPHITE Rods

Kistler Introduces $150 High-end GRAPHITE Rods

Magnolia, TX. — The Kistler Rods™ brand is a leader in quality, hand-crafted fishing rods. Anglers enjoy fishing with highly sensitive, strong and quality-built Kistler Rods products. Kistler Rods are fun to use and less fatiguing; and they put more fish in the boat.

Kistler is well-known as a top-of-the-line fishing rod manufacturer with great features. To complement the high-end rods the company is famous for, Kistler Rods designed a rod series at a very sought-after price point — without sacrificing style, sensitivity and strength.

"At $150, the Kistler GRAPHITE rod is our most affordable rod. We're proud to offer a rod crafted in America at Kistler headquarters in Magnolia, TX,” says company president Trey Kistler.

New Kistler GRAPHITE Rod

Every GRAPHITE rod is Kistler-Crafted™ by hand — built, wrapped, glued, and finished by the team in the Magnolia, Texas facility. The rods are backed by the Trey Kistler Warranty Promise for one-year free replacement.

More than 60 anglers used the GRAPHITE rods in real, on-the-water testing for several months prior to the full release. The feedback is overwhelming:

"After several trips to the lake and really giving it a true test, I can honestly say you will not be disappointed. The rod is super light, extremely sensitive and powerful,” reports Kevin Patin.

Greg (RAPPAYAK) Rappaport added, “I’m impressed and didn’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars the other pro rod manufacturers charge. … A winner all around Kistler!!! Thanks.

Kistler is proud to offer these crafted-in-America rods. Learn more about the GRAPHITE rods.