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Kistler Rods now Includes Fishing Reels

Kistler Rods now Includes Fishing Reels

Magnolia, Texas. For immediate release. Media Contact: Trey Kistler

Kistler rods releases a new line of fishing reels to complement its handcrafted fishing rods.

"After 3 years of research, development, and testing, we're proud to offer a premium Kistler reel to perfectly balance with Kistler rods," announced company president Trey Kistler.

Two new series of reels offer the discriminating angler choices in the most sought-after price ranges under $250. The Series 1 retails for $250 and the Series 2 retails for $150.

Each series exceeds expectation in their respective classes. The Series 1 includes standard features many other reels require after-market, custom upgrades to equal Kistler reels’ features such as carbon disk drags, clicking star drags, cast control tension knobs and audible drags. 

The premium clicking drag’s feedback increases confidence when fish go on a run. You can hear if the drag is set right and not sticking. The reels’ compact, palm-able shape helps your fingers rest around the front of the reel so you can drape line over your finger for increased bite sensitivity. The thumb bar fits comfortably to maintain contact and reach the spool to feather casts and expertly control drag when a fish surges.

The deep anodized aluminum spool provides maximum line capacity and 31-inches of line pick-up per turn of the handle. The strong one-piece aluminum frame eliminates flex and comes with an extremely durable high gloss paint finish.

The centrifugal brake system is designed for a wide range of lures, including ultra-light and never requires internal adjusting. An oversized, 4-inch, carbon handle with rubber contoured knob provides a solid grip. 

The Series 1 has 10 of the highest quality stainless steel ball bearings, hardened Zirconia line guide, brass pinion gear and arrives factory tuned, tested and lubricated. 

The Series 2 also features multiple Teflon disk drag washers for 12 pounds of drag power vs. the Series 1’s 19 pounds of drag. Star drags and spool tension knob also have audible click, fine-tune adjustments. Deep-set anodized aluminum spool maximizes line capacity. The strong one-piece aluminum frame is finished in an extremely durable matte paint that gives you a non-slip grip. 

Eight high-quality stainless steel ball bearings will provide more than a million smooth casts and retrieves. 

Real world feedback is exceeding expectations. Recent customer Tom Ruth attests, “Man, what can I say about this reel? First, it looks mean and ready to get to work … that flat black gives it that ‘I don’t play look’. This reel is legit, if you're not sure because it's new, STOP with that nonsense, you can tell it's not just thrown together and shipped.” 

The launch models feature a 7.3: 1 gear ratio: Other gear ratios coming soon include 6.6:1 and 8.1:1. Reel models include the popular 100 and 200-sized frames. 

Both reels are backed by the Trey Kistler Warranty Promise of One Year — Free Repair or Replacement.

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Kistler Series 1 Fishing Reel
Kistler Series 2 Casting Fishing Reel