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The Kistler Fishing Rod - The Gold Standard

The Kistler Fishing Rod - The Gold Standard

The Kistler Fishing Rod - The Gold Standard

What's In A Rod?

Being in business over 20 years has taught us that anglers across the globe take pride in their fishing gear, and ultimately want the best.

The best fishing rod isn't the shiniest, sleekest, and most expensive. The best fishing rods are ones that fishermen rely on, day after day and year after year. It's a rod that is sensitive, comfortable, perfectly balanced, has great backbone, and gets results. And that is exactly what we set out to make every day at Kistler Rods.

Supplying anglers worldwide with fishing gear that stands up to the challenge of the next trophy fish is our goal and passion. We understand the addiction, the joy, and the competitive challenge of fishing every day.

The fishing pole has evolved to increasing demands of anglers like you. It needs to be lighter, more sensitive, stronger, more affordable, technically advanced, and beautiful. We understand that and every year take Kistler Rods to the next level.

Kistler Z Bone Fishing Rod

Kistler Rods as The Gold Standard

There's something glaringly unique about Kistler Rods. Yes, Kistler fishing rods are made by hand in Texas. They're put under intense scrutiny and quality control (every blank is stress tested). They're reinvented year after year to help the angler. 

But most importantly, Kistler Rods is set apart because of the man at the helm, Trey Kistler. You'd be hard pressed to find a rod company owner who is still involved in every day operations like Trey Kistler. 

Trey's involvement in research and design, building, and planning for the future, strengthens the whole team and gets Kistler customers the best fishing rod shipped out of our factory doors. 

When people call us, they still will often talk to Trey for a personal rod recommendation.

You simply cannot get this kind of attention from the big rod brands, and it's this extra attention to detail from the very top all the way to the bottom, that makes Kistler Rods the gold standard in fishing gear. 

Looking for your next baitcaster rod? Fish Kistler.

Need a spinning rod for your weekend fishing trip? Fish Kistler.