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Just in Time for the Holidays, Kistler's New KLX

In today's market, when considering a bass rod between $150 - $200, there are a couple of factors we take for granted as givens. One is, at that price point, the rod is most likely built outside of the United States. Costs in the US are just too high these days to have a finished product built domestically and priced at under $200. There are exceptions, but that brings us to our second point, components for these sub $200 are usually low level or sourced from off brands because something along the lines of Fuji's Alconite line of components or better are just too expensive.

Caption: A sub $200 rod with name brand components made entirely within the USA?

There are exceptions to the last factor as well, which brings us back to the first one. It seems, if you want a quality stick in that $150-$200 price range, you have to come to accept either factor number one, factor number two, or in many cases, both.

Caption: Yes, Kistler Rods, partnered with North Fork Composites, has done it again.

So imagine our surprise when we were contacted by a rod manufacturer claiming to have spec'd out and ready to go, an entire line of rods built right in their factory in Texas from blanks rolled in the state of Washington featuring Fuji K-series Alconite micro-guides all priced between $149.95 - $179.95.

Caption: The new KLX features cork handles and a Fuji ACS reel seat.

With their new KLX series of rods, Kistler Custom Rods has done exactly that and judging from the sample they sent in for us to check out first hand, these rods have the potential to be a game changer.