Kistler Line Tips

More To Come Soon!

Here are a few FAQ's for you:
Which product line is the BETA 1 original fluorocarbon? 
Guten Tag is our premium fluorocarbon line, and Ringen is the BETA 2 fluorocarbon line.

When will we have 300, 600, and 1000-yard spools available?
Our plan is to see how the demand is for our 200-yard spools, and then we could possibly offer those larger spools in January.

What is the difference between the two fluorocarbon lines?
Guten Tag is designed for a hassle-free 'good day' of fishing, whereas the Ringen is designed to 'wrestle' big fish away from cover. You can read about the different features on the website.

When will you have different pound test options in the Schlick braided lines?
January 2025

Which knots do you recommend?
We recommend searching YouTube and learning how to correctly tie the Palomar and Triline Knots. This is the most critical connection between you and your next personal best trophy fish. Tied incorrectly could cost you heartaches and us bad reviews ;)