Rod Usage Tips

Please Read These Important Rod Usage Tips

By paying attention to these basic rod use tips, we guarantee you will experience less headaches and land more and bigger fish. By avoiding some of these bad habits, you are sure to never break a rod and loose that personal best fish of a lifetime.

1. Never high stick your rod while setting the hook or fighting or landing the fish. Use a net to land big fish instead of picking the fish straight up with the rod. You can easily break your rod if it is bent in an arc that is tighter than its design will allow. 

2. Do not place your hand above the reel seat while fighting the fish in order to give more leverage or grab the tip area while landing a fish. This will cause the rod to break at that point of excessive pressure, rather than allowing the rod to distribute the pressure of the fish over the entire length of the blank.

3. Do not exceed the recommended line rating for your rod. Doing so will cause excessive stress to your rod and void your warranty. Graphite blanks are designed for catching fish and do have a limit.

4. When transporting your rod, be careful not to damage the blank or components which might cause weak spots in the blank, bent guide frames or knocked out ring inserts. Use the KISTLER PROTECTOR to cover your rods while not fishing. Nothing else can protect your investment quite like our PROTECTOR covers.

5. If your lure becomes snagged, do not pull the rod back as if fighting a fish, but rather pull straight back while pointing the rod tip at the lure. By putting the stress on the line instead of the rod tip, you will never break a rod on a snag. It's better to loose a bait than break your favorite rod...and less expensive too.