Welcome to Team Kistler [hidden]

Congratulations !

I’d like to extend an official invitation for you to join our Team Kistler Family. You've been officially invited to join our PROMOTIONAL TEAM.

Watch The Welcome Video ↓

We believe you will be a valuable contributor to our growing community of competitive and recreational anglers.

Please accept this invitation and follow the steps below within 3 DAYS.

Here are a necessary few steps you must take as you begin your Team Kistler journey.

1. Watch the Team Welcome Video

2. Create a kistlerrods.com account if you don't already have one. Then Pay The Processing Fee. This is required before you get access to Team info, deals, and more. (NOTE: The kistlerrods.com account you use to pay for your processing fee will be the account we attribute your Team discounts to.)

3. Read The Team Packet. Reference the “Getting Started” Section to get started.

4. Order with your Team discount! Your Team Pricing reflected in the Team Packet
Team Kistler Rods Family is proud to call you a friend, family member, and partner!

- Trey Kistler